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  1. Nathan Sykes bounded off the tourbus, and waved to the guys as they drove off. He was back in his hometown of Abbeydale, Gloucester, and he was so excited to have this week back at home while he recovered from his throat surgery. The other guys were going to do some promo for the band's latest video, but Nathan was just happy to be able to spend some time with his family, and old friends; one in particular..

    His best friend from when he was little, still lived here, and he was planning on surprising her after he saw his family.

    Just then he spotted that familiar shock of hair, which he instantly recognised, coming out of the post office and he grinned. Surprise time. He quietly crept up behind her, and then wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. "Guess who, babe?"
  2. Nayeli-Ada (pronounced ay-dah) Haynes or just goes by Ada most of the time. She was made to go to the post office to post a letter but to also pay some money into her own account. Yeah she was best friends with the Nathan Sykes, the Nathan Skyes that was in the famous boy band, The Wanted. She hadn't seen him in a long time in person because he had been in America and hadn't gotten to see him either when she found out he was having his throat surgery and it didn't help that he could talk at the time either, so she had called Nathan's Sister Jessica to see how he was doing and texted him a lot.

    She had no idea that her best friend was coming home. She put her hands in her pockets as she walked out of the post office and screamed when arms wrapped around her waist from behind but turned around to punch the person. "Nath-" she stopped and realised it really was him. "NATHAN!" she shouted and wrapped her arms around him tightly and buried her face into his neck. "I missed you so much"
  3. Nathan couldn't help but laugh at her reaction and he hugged her back. "I missed you too, Adey, and I'm staying here for a week to make sure my throat has really healed before I go back to singing next week." He kissed her head. "So, how has things been in Abbeydale? I haven't been to see my family yet, since I just got off the tourbus, literally five seconds ago."
  4. Ada smiled and gave his cheek a kiss with a smile. "Only a week? i only get a week to spend time with you and catch up with your famous life and how is your throat afterthe op?"she asked him and smiled when he kissed her head. "Mmmm not much really, it's been boring without you here Nath and your family are fine, i spent a lot of time with Jess"
  5. "It's still a bit sore sometimes, but it's getting better." Nathan grinned, and wraped his arm around her shoulders. "How about tonight we go to the treehouse for old times sake? Like we did when we were kids?" He suggested with a smile.

    Ada had really gotten so much more beautiful in the time since he had last seen her, he thought wistfully to himself. He had been harbouring a secret crush on his best friend for years, but this was something that would have to stay a secret.
  6. Ada nodded with a smile."I'm glad that it is getting a lot better then and do you know how much i cried when i knew the time when you went into surgery" she said to him and wrapped her arm around his waist. She giggled at what he said and nodded."I like that idea, how about a picnic as well up in the tree house? we used to do that a lot" she said smiling.

    Oh how she had a huge crush on her childhood best friend and he had just grown to a gorgeous 20 year old. Her crush washer secret between her and Nathan's little sister; Jessica."So how is it being chased by all your fans huh?"
  7. As they headed down the street towards their houses - which just so happened to be next door to one another - Nathan replied, "It's weird; I'm just Nathan Sykes from Gloucester of all places, and these girls and even some guys, are chasing after me at different times." He shrugged. "So, how about you? How's your love life going?"
  8. Ada smiled as they walked back towards their houses and she giggled. "you are Nathan Sykes from the wanted" she said smiling. "you must love the attention though, I mean you get beautiful girls abd even get to meet other celebrities" she said smiling before shrugging. "it's alright I guess, in just pretty much finishing off my last year university and it's looking good but other than that nothing has really happened in my life, broke up with an ex boyfriend"
  9. "Come on Ads, you know that you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Nathan grinned, and ruffled her hair up. "And that ex boyfriend doesn't deserve you. You're too good for anyone who doesn't treat you like you should be treated - like a princess."
  10. Ada blushed at what Nathan said to her and ran her thumb over his clothes on his waist. "oh come on nath, you and I both know you have seen more beautiful girls than me, you can get any girl you want" she said and giggled. "he wasn't worth my time anyway and that's why I couldn't wait for you to get back, so I could spend time with my favourite guy"
  11. "I'm offended - using me to get to Max." Nathan teased with a grin, and started tickling her. "Say that I'm the sexiest guy you know, and I'll stop tickling.."
  12. Ada raised her eyebrow at him and laughed at what he teased. "Nathan, i'm not using you to get to Max" she said and started laughing when he tickled her. "N-n-n-nathan, s-s-stop" she said laughing. "YOU ARE THE SEXIEST GUY I KNOW" she shouted between laughter so he would stop tickling her and he always done this to get her to do or say things. "N-nathan please i said you where sexy"
  13. Nathan laughed but he stopped tickling her. "See? I am sexy." He winked, and then moon-walked up the pavement towards their adjacent houses.
  14. Ada let out a breath and held her stomach that now hurt from laughing so much. "I never said you wasn't sexy Nathan, come on Sexy Sykes" she teased with a smile and gave his bum a slap before he turned moon-walked up the pavement and she shook her head laughing. "You are such a douche Nathan Sykes, did the surgeon do something to your brain while he was doing your vocal cords?" she teased with a smile.
  15. "Hey! I can dance better than Zayn Malik." Nathan pointed out with a grin. He was actually quite good friends with the 1D boys, and liked them, which was more than his bandmates did. He was the peacemaker of the two bands. "And my brain is perfectly alright, thank you very much. What have you been up to? Still wreaking havoc on Abbeydale?"
  16. Ada laughed at what he said. "Nathan you never dance and Zayn Malik isn't even that bad at dancing" she said smiling and knew Nathan knew a lot of famous people and had met them but he was famous as well. She giggled at what he said and nodded. "Whatever you say Nath, ppppst i don't cause havoc here" she said smiling "Are we going to yours so you can see your family?" she asked and gestured towards his front door.
  17. "It's only noon, so Mum and Jess will be away at work and school, so we could go to yours first." Nathan smiled, and ruffled up her hair. "God, how do you not have hundreds of guys wanting to date you? You're absolutely one hundred percent sexy, Ads."
  18. Ada looked at the time on her phone. "OKay, so it is only noon we can go back to mine then" she said smiling and frowned when he ruffled her hair up. "Still as annoying as ever you are" she said and opened the door to the house. "Becuase most guys want me to get into bed with them and be their little play toy they can have sex with and then dump the next day and anyway i can say the same as you, i don't see no girlfriend Nath" she said smiling. Oh how she would love that to be her.
  19. "That's because I have a crush on this girl, who isn't famous." Nathan countered as he followed her up the path and into her house. "Dionne and I broke it off because of that. She knows who it is that I like, and she understands."
  20. Ada glanced at Nathan. "How come i've never heard of this girl you have a crush on huh?" she asked him and closed the door behind her. "So that's why you and Dionne broke up because of this other girl and she knows who it is? hey how come i don't know who it is, i'm meant to be your best friend" she said pouting a little at him. "That's not fair Nathan James Sykes!"
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