Walking the Plank

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  1. Character Exercise: Walking the Plank!

    So, it's Pirate Month, which is pretty much the best thing ever. That's why this week's character exercise is pirate themed! Yay! So, instead of the same focuses that we've been having the past few times, I want something new from you guys. Take a peek at the pictures provided and do up a character sheet OR write a short story/introductory post for the character. Or both, if you're feeling brave!

    Psst.. Both earns you extra credit ;D

    For the girls! (open)
    For the girls! (open)

    For the boys! (open)
    For the boys! (open)

    ALSO: The past few Character Exercises have not been receiving any contributors! Extra credit and much love to those who want to go back and submit to them!
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    Salty Drake, the terror of the high seas. Many a merchant would soil their breeches at the mere mention of his name, many a naval officer would reach for his flintlock if he even thought Drake was nearby. The man held Georgian Europe in the palm of his hands - tales of his vicious reign of murdering and slaughter had travelled just as much as he. Through the length and breadth of the continent, stories about how crews met their demise at him and his men's hands had been spread, and there was not a single soul with an ounce of sense who would want to cross paths with him. Only the foolhardy tried to take him down, those who thought with their weapons - not their brains. Those people were accused of having seawater flooding the brain - even more so when their lifeless corpses were tossed callously into the briny depths.
    Some say that the smoke constantly surrounding him is a result of his flintlocks always being so active. Others said it was actually a ghostly mist, the result of him killing so many - their souls now attempted to haunt him, but to no avail. Some even said that he just liked to set his beard on fire to scare the living daylights out of whomsoever had enough folly to come within three feet of his line of sight. Nobody but Salty Drake himself knew - and nobody had the gall to ask him. Not even his lifelong friend and first mate, Tom the Terror, wanted to ask. Perhaps he just didn't want to know. In any case, it was fair to say - Salty Drake was a seafarer who would go down in history.
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    I think I'll try my hand at this, hopefully I do it right.

    Name: Captain Renae White
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Personality: Renae had a lot of good aspects for a pirate. She was born loving freedom, danger, and money. She also had very little regards for rules that were not her own. People were so different after all, how could they be expected to follow one man's rules? She was pretty, and knew it. Something she'd use as a weapon, as she'd be as likely to kiss you as cut your throat. Her crew was an unruly bunch, and seeing as she looked down on rules, she wouldn't have it any other way. A true anarchist at heart.
    Background: Renae was not born a pirate, but a gypsy. In fact, she wasn't properly introduced to the sea until her teenage years, when most people like her left the care of their parents and struck out on their own. It was when she met Julian White that she traded in her land legs for sea legs. No, they never married, but rather she took his last name as her own out of respect. He was perhaps the closest thing she had to a real "loving" relationship. He was a man of the sea since his birth, and though a bit older, was infatuated with Renae the moment he set eyes on her. Renae stood no chance either. Traveling in a ship, seeing things she'd never otherwise see and perhaps even one day become rich enough to have whatever her heart desires. She fell harder perhaps at the idea of him rather than him himself. As the years passed though, it seemed that Julian was content with being a second mate to a Captain with some notoriety, and did not share all of Renae's ambition. After more than a full year of fighting, Renae finally set out on her own once more.

    (I'll do an introduction post as well.)

    Renae jumped down from a large barrel full of grog. It was sort of her makeshift throne. It allowed her to see most the going's on on the top deck of her ship. "Evalyn!" She called out, her voice carried in a way that belied her petite form. "Might we be makin' land soon?" "Aye! Twelve more hours and we be layin' anchor!" The response came from another woman by the bowsprit, not far from Renae who was amidships. Most of Renae's crew was female, though there were a few men scattered about. It was rumored that Renae preferred female company, in more ways than one, now a days. Evalyn was one of those females who could vouch for the truth of this rumor. Renae turned to the face the bow and shoot Evalyn a smile. The intimate moment was soon disrupted as Renae felt a presence behind her.

    "We be laying anchor?! Ye haven't told half of ye crew!" Ah, it was Kendra. Renae could tell without even turning around. She knew this would come up. "Aye, and this be my ship, yer all jus' on it. It would do ye all well to remember this." She turned around to face the angry dark skinned woman. She was a beauty herself. Easy to recognize for those who were searching for her. Renae was known to take in women who needed help, even if their skills were lacking. This is how Kendra came to her. She murdered a man who had taken advantage of her. Unfortunately, because of Kendra's race the law wasn't on her side. They were headed to the port where Kendra was wanted.

    "We be needing supplies. Ye stay on this ship, an' no one will find ye. If ye don't like me rules, yer free to go." Challenge glinted in both their eyes, until Kendra finally faltered. "Aye, Cap'n." she said grudgingly before angrily stalking off.
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    Name: Aurora Blacksmith
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Personality: cruel, she doesn't care about other people, she wants power and does anything to make people follow her. She wants people to fear her and kills without hesitation.
    History: Aurora's mother died when she was born and she grew up with her father that were a pirate. Her father was one of the most horrible pirates that had sailed on the seven seas, and when he died from being poisoned by his own daughter, she took over the ship. She wouldn't let a man rule over her life. At the age of sixteen she was already the captain of the ship. Every day she trained with the other men to become stronger. Some of the men wanted to take over the ship from their captain, a woman couldn't be a captain, especially not on a pirate ship. But one of the strongest men on the ship happened to be her uncle and he didn't allow anyone to harm a single hair on her body and half the ship followed him blindly. After some time she realized that even her uncle would be a problem, in the end everyone on the ship would force her to let him be the captain instead. So when she knew she was strong enough to handle the crew she killed her own uncle too, then put the blame on the people in the crew that were a threat towards her. After that she replaced the most of the crew and at the age of twentythree she had one of the biggest pirate ships, most feared crew and were the most feared pirate over the seven seas.


    A woman watched out over the waters, it was silent and no other ships were visible. Luckily everyday weren't like that, it would bore her to death if she never got to do anything else than watch the sea. Her blood screamed after a fight, an epic battle that would get her into the history books. Lately they had only plundered and killed without any effort, she wanted more. To kill weak people and plunder their villages just weren't satisfying anymore. But plunder another pirate ship or take on the government, if she and her crew could do that, then they would get feared.

    "Captain, we have spotted a ship." One of the crew members shouted, a smirk appeared on Auroras face. "It's a pirate ship." He continued when the ship came closer. Her smirk became bigger, finally some action.
    "Get the cannons ready." She ordered some crew members, this would become one of many battles that the world would learn to fear her for.