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  1. Hello, I'm Eric. I am an 18 year old gay man so I will mostly like to have mxm/yaoi. I'm not too picky on the topic, those are just some things I am interested in roleplaying. For the most part I would like 18+ only and a long term one on one partnership.

    I don't have many rules, all I ask is for there to be detailed sentences and to not get mad at me if I'm not writing as much as I do on other days.

    My character
    I have many characters so it all depends on what kind of rp we do. I am better at the role of an uke however I am able to do seme when asked nicely.
    My two main characters are twins, Claude and Nagi.
    Claude is a classy and well kept man who is very polite.
    Nagi is a man who only wants to have sex and never to settle down. Both are demons raised by Satan himself, however Claude is to take over when he dies so there is a lot of dispute between the brothers. They both have green eyes in the human realm unless they are mad in which case Claude has red and Nagi has black. Both have blonde hair however Claude keeps trying to dye it.
    If you would like to know about my other characters please ask~~ ^•^ have a good day!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.