Walking In Another's Footsteps

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  1. So my idea goes like this.
    You'll be able to play as an animal.
    Though the catch is, your character will be randomly selected.
    You would be able to decide it's personality,
    and more importantly, it's life choices.

    I would play as nature; this includes predators, prey, natural disasters, etc.
    If enough people are interested, I'll search for another gm to help me.

    An important thing to note is that everything will be based on random generators and facts.

    This is how it will usually play out:
    @______ was born as a male African Clawless Otter! You were born in December, and your birthplace was a lake located somewhere in the southern part of Africa. You feel three presences next to you. Sadly, your father has already left you. But don't worry, your mother is here!

    The short above will usually be how I'll start this.
    From this, you should be able to gather that you are with 3 other siblings and your mother.
    I left the place really vague so once you open your eyes you'll be able to choose what your habitat will look like.
    Though make it reasonable, you can't just suddenly see snow everywhere if you're in Africa.
    I'll also let you know important things before hand, so it won't be completely unfair.
    But be prepared for something like this:
    Your mother is training you to swim, and catch food. Your mother is also teaching you about predators. But be careful, because in 60 days you'll have to fend for yourself. Because you're male, you'll most likely leave the raft, like your father had in the past.

    I'd also like to make your siblings playable.
    So when I make the sign up sheet, somewhere I'll include a list of siblings. Other people would be able to pick one up, and they'll be able to play with you as well.

    Naturally, you'll be able to play multiple characters. I want this to be a type of learning experiance as well. I mean, I only knew one type otter in the world, and now I figure out there's like 6. So, yeah, feedback you'll be great.​
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