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  1. Not fully Walking Dead because I do not play cannon characters (hate it with a passion). But I want original characters made.

    It does not have to be:



    -Over four paragraphs (I sure the hell am not doing four)

    -Taken as one of these flimsy love stories. It's nice, I get it, but when things are trying to eat your flesh I think that it puts a damper on your creepy back ally spaghetti dinner)

    It can have romance in it, but I really want to base on the plot to rule over smut scenes if there are any. Anyways, onto the actual plot. If this doesn't turn into a group roleplay and more like a one on one, fine with me. A group, partner, or just turn to fanfiction when all else fails, I'm going to be happy anyways.​


    Everything is gone. From the neighborhood girl scouters, to the elder home, everyone you knew and loved is dead unless you and whoever managed to survive, but everyone has lost someone. Whether by walkers or by someone else's hand, everyone has lost someone. Nothing will be the same again.

    In time, people begin to realize that there is no safe zone. No matter where you went, there were walkers. The more heavily populated cities across the world had been hit the hardest, and those who survived it didn't get out without a bad memory. Gangs form to fight for every scrap of food, shelter and weapons. Competition is running rampant, and loners hardly last long. It's a dead wish at this point to be out on your own, no matter how 'badass' you are. Nobody is safe. So on goes the search for survival, and somewhere in a lab, a cure is being worked on. But that cure might come too late; more than half the population has been effected by this deadly disease.

    There are two main groups;

    The City Slickers aren't a group that you could ever take lightly, they are also incredibly cut throat. They would oust one of their own to create a diversion or as a punishments. They fight with the other group for territory and territory evasion. But they are an efficient group; they handle walkers pretty well in a group, but that does not mean by any reason that they are invincible. They live in the city.

    The Wild Ones may not be as cut throat as the City Slickers, but they are every bit as vicious. They take care of their own, but they tend to never trust new comers. They shoot first and ask questions later, and do not hesitate on killing someone to gain what they need. They live in the woods.

    Obey basic roleplay rules (if you don't know what they are, stop and go look them up)
    Don't kill someone else's character without permission
    If I tell you that something shouldn't be done, listen. I don't like repeating myself, and if you stall, the zombies will eat you.
    Don't trip your friends in an apocalypse; trip your obnoxious neighbor.

    Character Sheet

    Relationship Status
    Description/Picture (sort site if picture)

    Alliance (City Slickers, wild Ones, other)
    City Slickers


    Wild Ones


    If this just turns out to be a one on one I might be a little sad after coming up with all this.

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