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    Welcome to The Hideaway. A place were we can live a normal life and stay safe. A place where we live our daily life without fear of those monsters outside our doorstep. A place were we can live and die without getting attacked from those monsters. A new dawn...

    For now...
    It's been about four months since the last attack...The day we all lost our Immunity. Their was a man by the name Jake Abner. He was the one who thought of the idea of a safe haven, he was a good friend of mine. Jake and i were friends before this hell broke loose, no we were brothers, that's how close we were. Jake and i were with a group of seven, the group changed a lot, their was Jake, Devon,(Pronounced Dee-Von) Jordan, Diane, (Pronounced Lee-Anne) Jesse, Christian and Brandon, that's when we all agreed to making the safe haven.

    It was an abandon High school, but a good size for one. it was guarded by a caged in fence. walkers weren't getting in. Christian cut the lock off the cage door and they all ran in. Once we all finished the walkers on the fields and pavement, we decided to go to the inside next. We went in groups, Jordan and Diane went together, Christian went with Devon, Brandon went with Jesse and finally Jake and i went together. He was fifty three years old and i was fifty. At first i was not alright with the idea Jake pitched that we let every single survivor outside come in, but it eventually grew on me.

    Once we all worked together to kill the walkers inside, we all met up in the cafeteria, Jake told the rest of our group about the idea and they were all happy with it, but the first thing we had to do was to burn those bodies. Once they burned them all, we put the bodies in the back of the yellow school bus and unloaded them in a house's backyard and drove it back. We all felt safe, until the walkers started getting through the slim steeled fence's. We stopped them from getting in and realized we had to do something and quick.

    We fixed the fence's by taking wooden fence's from house yards, the fence's were strong and were going to hold the walkers, it was perfect. After that we went to the next level, we found a great name for this place, something safe and something strong, we called it The Hideaway. We spray painted the sign and wrote it on the walls. Our next plan was to go to a local radio station that we could turn on and announce through the city and to the city across the river.

    Jake, Brandon, Christian and i went to the tower. We traveled on the yellow school bus. Once we got their we went to the door, at Jake's command we burst through the door and killed the walkers inside. If your wondering, we called them walkers by a few men that were on the road from Georgia. We traveled to the top and Christian and i went to the basement to fix the controls. Christian was almost bit, thankfully i stabbed the walker at the nick of time. We found the control panel and fixed the tapes. The lights turned on and everything was powered including the stores and houses close to the tower. The school was across the street and turned on the High school power, they reconnected the universal mike that projected through the city and the one nearby.

    They all made it back to the school. We parked the bus in the fenced in parking lot and made it inside where we set up the announcement and had Jesse do the announcements. Person by person came and it came a huge community around fifty. We all had rolls in the group. Christian was the leader of a small group of scavengers in the community. Jordan and Diane guarded the community and learned how to use a sniper, Diane mastered it. Devon and Brandon were the leader of a group in the community that made houses and fixed buildings. Finally Jake became the leader of the community with me as his right hand man.

    It was perfect for the last half year, till a group calling themselves the Assailant. They wanted that place for themselves, at first that's what i thought they wanted, until i figured out that he just wanted to kill everyone inside not the place. I said to him that we should go, but Jake disagreed, he said that we weren't leaving and they were bluffing. I knew it was a bad idea. but i didn't argue, the men came back with police trucks and cars. They crashed through the front fence and began shooting victims. His name was Eli Jackson, he gunned down about half of everyone. But Jake took the ultimate sacrifice.

    Jake took out his M-16 rifle and gunned some of them down. I tried to help but he strictly told me to stay, so i stayed. Jake killed a lot of the men, maybe three quarters before it happened. Eli came up behind Jake and sliced straight through his brain. The men were now outnumbered when we decided to join in after Jake's death. The last remaining Assailants ran away into their vehicles and left including Eli. We buried him beside the school.

    After his death, we all decided for me to take over as hero since i was his right hand man. I decided to expand the area to the neighbor hood. We fenced in the whole neighbor hood and the homes fence's, it was a New Dawn. Everything went to normal. It is now two months since his death, the next time i see him i will kill him with my bare hands. Many more people came, and we have been expanding very slowly, people come each day especially since the winter is coming. We all welcome you to The Hideaway.

    Wow that was long, sorry well if you skimmed through it or just was confused the story revolves around a small community called The Hideaway where people come to escape this hell of a world of The Walking Dead. The main leader Jason (Me) is the new leader of the community. So you may be in the Good group, The Bad group and finally the Loners. All loners must come to one of the groups by a specific time, or you must kill them off all up to you.

    -You must choose from the three. {Good, Bad and Loner)
    -Their will be character deaths and i will PM you if its alright with you.
    -You must PM somebody if you want to kill off their character, you may with their and my approval.
    -No godmodding or supernatural beings. (Unlimited ammo, instant headshots and randomly find a shotgun with a hundred bullets.) or (Demons, monsters or anything on that route.)
    -No fighting in the OOC.
    -If you would like to be a Pre-made character you may do so, if you have any questions about them then you can PM me.
    -Same walking Dead universe, so no such thing as zombies.
    - And the most important, Have Fun!

    Sexuality: (
    Weapon: (Guns,blades)
    Group: (Good,Bad or loner)
    Role: (If on good, Scavenger,hunter,guard, or Civillian)
    Personality: (Traits,flaws,fears)
    Bio: (At least a paragraph)

    Jason Cadwell//Leader//Good group// @justice hunt
    Eli Jackson//Leader//Bad group// Open
    Christian Smith//Scavenger//Good group// Open
    Devon Darwin//Decorator/builder//Good group//Open
    Brandon Rose//Decorator/Builder//Good group//Open
    Jordan Lasender//Guard//Good group//Open
    Diane Colburn//Guard//Good group//Open
    Jesse Clifton//Announcements//Good group//Open
    Liam Knight/May become a scavenger//Loner// @Enderdeman
    Faith Hill//Hunter//Good Group// @xxGreenKiwixx //
    George Williams//Civilian//Bad group// @Kitsune //
    Kyoya Jackson//Scavenger//Bad group// @TheBountyHunter

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  2. CS:
    Name: Jane Arkensaw
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Weapon: Butchers Knife
    Group: Loner
    Role: Survivor, Murderer
    Personality: Jane Arkensaw is a very unique person, Also known as Jane the Killer. Before the Apocalypse she was basically one of the most feared mass murderers. But now she's just trying to survive like everyone else. She is very handy in close quarters. Using her Butcher's knife to kill off her enemies. She's very beautiful as well.
    Bio: Jane the Killer before was a mass murderer. It all happened when Jeff killed her family. She went off to kill Jeff and killed anybody who got in her way. But then the Apocalypse comes along and ruins everything. Now she has to fight off zombies and try to survive. It wasn't going to be that easy because she knows that everyone still remembers who she is. It was going to be a real challenge.
  3. um if you don't mind, can you use a real pic?
  4. Accepted
  5. Thx. Will you let me know when the rp is up?
  6. yup
  7. thumb.jpeg


    ^This is a voice version of the Character Desc.

    Name: Liam Knight

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Gay

    Weapon: A Wickedly Sharp Katana. (He carries a sharpening stone and sharpens the blade when he's idle and bored.)

    Group: Loner, may eventually become good.

    Role: Would be great as a Scavenger

    Personality: Liam is a tough one to get into. He, like a Knight, has mental armor to protect him from any emotional stress. So, he tends to come off as cold and unemotional, almost malicious. But, he cares for those he's close to and will sacrifice his life to protect them.
    If you get through his walls, hes kind and cannot stand killing, and will only do it to stay alive or protect friends (This only refers to humans). He doesn't care who you are or what you've done in the past, he will still consider you a friend. But break his trust, and he'll never show you kindness again.

    Bio: Liam lived a peaceful life before shit hit the fan, he had a loving family who rooted him through life and supported everything he did.

    But one day, he came home to find someone munching on their organs. After barely scraping through the walker. He collected the katana from his shelf and took the sharpening stone from the kitchen. He packed a few supplies and began to leave the house.

    But the doorway was blocked by none other than his parents.

    It wasn't easy, bringing himself to kill his family. Nor was Iit easy to leave their corpses behind without a proper good-bye. Hell, nothings been easy since that day. Every day was now a fight for survival for him.

    A few days ago. He caught wind of a safe haven that supported many people off a static filled radio. Having his doubts, he headed that direction knowing that it would fall eventually.

    They always do.

    You can't keep the walkers out forever.

    So, he decided to stick around until the place was put to shambles and scavenge off the leftover supplies.

    But this place seemed strong, lively even. And Liam was having major internal conflict on whether or not to join the community. He fought with himself about the consequences.

    Because he knew, for a fact,

    You can't keep the walkers out forever.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Jeffrey Woods
    Age: Unknown (appears to be a teenager)
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Weapon: Large Kitchen Knife
    Group: Loner
    Role: N/A but will make excellent Hunter
    Personality: Jeffery Woods is considered a psycho for not many would find themselves beautiful after being bleached white from alcohol, bleach, and fire. Let alone after burning your eyelids off and carving a smile into your face, then again we're not Jeff. Jeff is sly and cunning, he will say what you want to hear before quickly turning on you. He isn't afraid to speak his mind though half the time what he says is flat out rude. Jeff is capable of being unseen and unheard as he 'hunts' his prey. Still being a young boy Jeff will often become playful and often mock and fool with those around him.
    Bio: Jeffrey Woods aka Jeff the Killer was once a infamous murder he would kill who ever saying "Go to SLEEP!" His enemy Jane the Killer would often fight him If they happen to cross paths. But now that there Zombies his fun is now gone, and killing Zombies is just an everyday thing. Something that has to be done to live.
  9. (Ha ha ha. Hey. ^_^ Jane and Jeff the killer.)
  10. i can not accept since im trying to make a good and serious RP, not creepypastas. So i would like for you to choose a made up character and nothing with any creepypastas
  11. love your bio, accepted
  12. Well, That wouldn't be fare because Jane the Killer is a creepypasta.
  13. well i just searched jane up and didn't know she was jane the killer, so sorry but i have to remove you from the list.
  14. I'll create another character later. Busy right now.
  15. Why thank you sir. ^.^
  16. np, this is gonna be a good RP if people join, is there anyone you know that would like to join?
  17. Heheh. I'll look around and ask a few friends.
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