Walking Dead role players!!

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  1. Hello role players! I'm looking for people to roleplay the walking dead with me. Here are some things first:

    I am an understanding person. If something comes up, please let me know and don't just disappear. Makes me sad. :( I am a college student but I am constantly on since I'm doing this on my phone. So it would be awesome to have people who are on a lot. If you're not on a lot but are interested, you can still rp with me. Just let me know ahead of time that you are a frequent visitor.

    Roleplay: If you've been watching the walking dead, you know what I mean. The zombies are walkers, not crazy animals that leap and run like cats. If bitten, you will get sick and turn. You will even lose characters. However your character can only die if we both agree. And of course more can join. We can use characters from the show. Go Rick! Lol

    1. No god modding

    2. I appreciate no cuss words

    3. You will have multiple characters to play. Of course we will both play walkers.

    4. We can do either PM or Thread. However I prefer PM.

    5. Only M/F please

    That's about it. PM me if interested. Thanks! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.