Walking Dead Role-Play Needs Survivors

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"Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise. You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy. For your dew is a dew of light, and the earth will give birth to the dead." -Isaiah 26:19

Welcome to Survivor Stories, an interactive Role-Play set within the award winning universe of 'The Walking Dead'. The collective stories told here will exist apart from the canon within an alternative universe created by the GM's and fellow writers. Here we will persistently strive to tell immersive tales of fiction, both enjoyable for those taking part and those simply reading along. Without further delay we humbly welcome you to, The Walking Dead.


No one truly knows where it started or how it began. A disease, virus, some sort of weapon. Overnight a typhoon of change washed over the world, hitting all corners of the Earth and sparing no one. The theories were everywhere, but none could be validity. It was like overnight everything people thought they knew about life and death was radically changed. For the dead had began to walk, and no mortal man was prepared to face such horror.

Authorities were overrun, either by lack of preparation or nerve to deal with such a threat. Before anyone knew it entire cities had become filled with the dead, both of the corpse and walking variety. In days all mankind knew came to an end, leaving nothing but ruin for them to push onwards into. As always though, there were the resilient few whom refused to give up their lives. Scattered and beaten, clinging to life by a thread.

One week after the carnage had begun the wounds of this new reality still freshly linger in the hearts of those whom emerged unscathed. A motley band of strangers, mere passerby's a week before, have found themselves thrust together in the midst of all of the chaos. Now they must set aside their old world diversities in order to make it in their new one, for only be relying on one another can they hope to make it now. They are survivors, and these are their stories. It now rests on them and them alone to see how long they can last.


Hello potential Role-Play participant! So as you can see we are starting up a Walking Dead Role-Play and, as the title suggests, are in dire need of survivors to form the initial group of our Role-Play. We currently have three people signed up and we need at least five to start things out. We will be accepting a total of ten people for the start of the Role-Play, but as we gone on new character can be introduced and included into things.

As a GM I am very active with my Role-Paly, driving them on at a quick pace and giving my writers enough content to carry on and write great stories. I'm always open to suggestions and criticism from those involved with the Role-play so if you have concerns about things just let me know.

This Role-Play will be a lengthy endeavor should it get started, one I hope will last for a long long time. Characters will come and go, just like in the actual series, so things will stay fresh. The Role-Play itself will be set in California only a week after the events of the outbreak so if that interests you please check it out.



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Is there room? I'd love to join and take part in something like this.


Of course there is room. I will be setting up the IC thread today, so join quickly if you are interested.
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