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  1. I'll keep it short but sweet. This will be the most epic Walking Dead rp. The story will follow the origins of the outbreak into the actual apocalypse. The setting will be New York City (you can imagine how chaotic things will get). I had this rp up originally but it got really hectic and redundant in plot thread so now I'll be making a private section rp that will be played out in Volumes (Or seasons).

    I only want dedicated, creative, excited rpers who won't nag when it comes to death and spontaniety.

    Maybe when the rp gets REALLY established, we'll cross over with certain characters.

    Anyone interested, respond!!! :E

  2. -Raises hand- I am very much interested
  3. Putting up two of my characters here now (we'll have a chance to roleplay together after all)
  4. [​IMG]
    NAME: Tucker Cuffee
    AGE: 28
    GENDER: Post Op Transman
    SEXUALITY: Pansexual emotionally, Asexual physically
    OCCUPATION: Firefighter at station 29, Retired Foreign Legion Soldier
    FAMILY: His family threw him out when he came out. Later on (much later on) he found out that his family were all bitten (probably bit each other).

    Adoptive family:
    Marian McDonald (mother)
    Jared McDonald (father)
    Kyle McDonald (brother)
    Trisha McDonald (sister)
    Ryan McDonald (sister-in-law)
    Davi McDonald (nephew)
    Onnastasha (Onna) McDonald (niece)

    RELATIONSHIP(S): He's in no romantic relationship, and likes nobody at this current time.
    ETHNICITY: ½ Latin American, ½ Irish American

    Personality: He’s a pretty calm guy. He takes in account every bit of a situation and thinks fast of a situation. He’s not easy to anger but he is quick to put you back in place if you get out of line with him. He’s almost always calm under pressure, when he freaks out it has to be something very serious. He’s a brave man only because he knows that fear drives people to madness. He isn’t fearless though; he’s actually quite the coward when it comes down to it. But he has a common saying to him:

    “There would be no brave acts if you weren’t scared to do them. Brave people are really just chickens who got tired of hiding in the shadows and doing nothing.”

    He can be arrogant at times and get into a bad attitude when he gets over stimulated or pushed too far. He’s blunt with people, won’t let them forget what they did but he will forgive them for it. He’s a very quiet man; seldom will he argue with someone rather than just doing what he believes to be the right thing. He never gives up.

    5 Good Traits: Calm under pressure, Loyal, Compassionate, Brave, Strong
    5 Bad Traits: Won't let go at times, Blunt, Acts on his beliefs, Stubborn, Can be sensitive

    TALENT(S): He is a pretty talented singer. He's got a pretty smooth steady voice. He's a fair cook, but nothing to write home about. The gifted song writer as well. His talents vary but those are the bigger things.

    Inabilities: He's not very good with animals (cats seem to just hate him upon sight). He's not the best cook out there, and he's not good at language learning (took him forever to learn French). He has terrible hand writing, and a bit clumsy.

    FEAR(S): In all honesty he is scared about running into other people other than his friend Trisha, even before the dead began walking. He could only imagine what he would have to put up with now.

    HISTORY: He grew up until the age of twelve as a girl, but came out as transgender and was promptly kicked out. His friend Trisha and her family accepted him with open arms, even eventually signing adoption forums for him. At the age of eighteen, they paid for his full transition. While Trisha went to college, he went to France and joined Legion, an army build worldwide. He made it through the rough training, and became a fulltime soldier. But at the age of twenty six, he retired and moved back to America, becoming a volunteer firefighter (he stays at the station).

    Other: Has a bit better than a basic first aid kit from the station

    NAME: Trisha McDonald
    AGE: 27
    GENDER: Cisgender Female
    SEXUALITY: Lesbian
    OCCUPATION: Captain in the US Army
    Marian McDonald (mother)
    Jared McDonald (father)
    Kyle McDonald (brother)
    Tucker Cuffee (adopted brother)
    Ryan McDonald (wife)
    Davi McDonald (son)
    Onnastasha (Onna) McDonald (daughter)

    RELATIONSHIP(S): Married
    ETHNICITY: Irish, Cherokee, Hawaiian

    Personality: She has a wicked temper at times. She’s caring through it though, and always feels bad when she loses her temper. She’s a pretty funny woman, and very outgoing. Outspoken and a bit of a daredevil, she scares Tucker and Ryan both with her ridiculous antics. She tends to be rash with her decisions, but sometimes it works the best for her.
    She is reasonable and will listen to others when they tell her to stop, and she can calm down a mass panicking. She has a soothing tone to her, and a very charming side. She does suffer from depression however, which sometimes impedes her ability to see the positive side of things. She really looks up to Tucker.

    5 Good Traits: Funny, Merciful, Loving, Understanding, Brave
    5 Bad Traits: Rude, Aggressive, Quick to temper, Assuming, Pessimistic, Doesn't fully think things through

    TALENT(S): She's a master martial artist, pretty good at dancing. Great cook.
    Inabilities: Unlike Tuck she is a terrible singer. She can’t hold a note to save her life. She’s also not a very skilled artist (written or drawn).
    FEAR(S): Spiders and snakes

    HISTORY: She grew up in a very supportive family. So when she came out as lesbian, her family fully accepted her. She met Tucker (Tuck) in middle school. When Tucker's family kicked him out for being transgender, her family took him in and adopted him legally. They got him new clothes, even paid for his transition (her family were pretty wealthy). She met Ryan her freshmen year and fell in love; they have been together for fourteen years. She graduated high school and college, having married her high school sweetheart right after high school had kids during her fourth semester of her second year in college. They were twins, and Ryan became a stay at home mom. Trisha is in the military, serving for now as a recruiter.
    EXTRA: The family dog Regus (Ree-gus) (puppy)
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  5. -Waves- I'd totally be interested in this!
  6. [​IMG]

    April Jeanette Mendez
    Professional Wrestler and part time wrestling coach for young girls.
    Michael Mendez *Father*
    Anna-Marie Hernandez-Mendez *Mother*
    Phillip Mendez *Older Brother*
    Single, as of just recently her long time girlfriend was infected and turned not long after the outbreak.
    Puerto Rican/American
    April or as she prefers to be called 'Aj' is a very bubbly person, until someone does something to anger her then shes been known to get rather crazy. All in all shes a sweet girl, that tends to keep her emotions bottled up inside.
    Since Aj was a professional wrestler before the outbreak happened she is skilled when it comes to hand to hand combat, however Aj is also gifted in the use of swords. She carries two of them strapped to her back at all times as well as a knife on her belt.
    She's not very good at talking to other people, shes a bit of a loner.
    She's terrified of Snakes and Spiders.
    April Jeanette Mendez, grew up in a dysfunctional home. Her father was a drunk who abandoned her, her mother and brother when April was only a young child. Their mother began to sleep around and was never home, so that left young Phillip and Aj to take care of one another. At the age of seventeen Aj left home with her brother and got into wrestling through a small group and it didn't take long for talent scouts to notice her and offer her a contract and ever since then, up until the outbreak that's what shes been doing.
    This is what Aj typically wears.
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  7. Image (open)

    Full Name:
    Rivka 'Riv' Dahan




    Physical Trainer in Marines

    Elias Dahan - Brother (Deceased)
    Hannah Dahan - Mother (Deceased)
    Eli Dahan - Father (Deceased)



    Character Background:
    She was born in Israel to a mechanic and an unemployed wife. She had an older brother, Elias, but he was tragically killed in a suicide bombing when she was 8. Her father was also killed in the attack. At 10 her and her mother had moved to America and now she has a confirmed US citizenship but still holds a duel passport. She was an average-bright school student and majored in physical education. When she was 19 she began working in a gym. At 24 she finally joined the marines, first as a commando, then she moved careers to a physical trainer. At 25 she lost her mother to cancer.

    She is a very loyal character, hard-working, hot-headed, a leader. She can come across as uncooperative and stubborn, often thinking her way of things are the best. She doesn't like to be questioned, especially about her past. She can come across as quite tough and mean when under pressure.

    Ability to use several firearms accurately
    Above average Hand to hand combat
    High self control and discipline
    Highly skilled at wilderness survival
    High level of fitness

    Lack of spirit
    Unable to make tough decisions
    Unable to keep cool under pressure
    Cannot cook


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  8. Full Name:
    Thomas Greendale




    British Military Infantryman

    Catherine Greendale (Mother - status unknown)
    Colin Greendale (Father - status unknown)
    Reece Greendale (Brother - status unknown)

    White British


    Character Background:
    Thomas was a soldier in the British army, Corporal rank, Fireteam leader. Having just finished his second tour of Afghanistan, Thomas decided to spend part of his time away from active duty visiting the United States. His family hardly approved of it, well, apart from his brother, but his mind was made up. He decided he needed some time to himself and so the week after returning back to British soil he set off once again for foreign lands.

    Thomas is a hard-working man, a true soldier. He was heralded as the crack-shot of his unit, having nailed the most kills in his time serving on active duty. His sarcastic nature was often the pick-me-up of the squad through some of the harder times and he is not unaccustomed to the stench and sight of death. Despite this, his temper is one with a short fuse and he has found himself in a fair few fights as a result of it.

    Skilled marksman with a variety of weapon platforms
    Substantial unarmed combat skills
    High level of fitness
    Affluent in military procedures and tactics
    Low level leadership skills

    Short temper
    No medical knowledge beyond first aid.
    Knowledge about the US and New York (e.g. directions, major military installations)

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  9. All your characters rock people! I look forward to rping with you.
  10. i am also interested, the last rp went hectic i know, i'm going to use that character
  11. Name:Darren Chaplin
    Weight:210 pounds
    Blood type:B-
    Occupation/job:New York Fire Department
    Hobbies/Interests:Basketball,Volleyball,Poker,Spending time with his family
    Family:Sharon (wife) AJ (Son) Nikki (Daughter)
    Flaws:can't use a gun/doesn't have good accuracy/isn't as fast as allot of people/ he won't follow someone's rules/claustrophobic in tight spaces
    Bio:Darren was born in Toronto Ontario,when he was three his family moved to New York because his dead had a business Deal,his mom passed away from Breast Cancer when he was thirteen,he grew up in New York,and met a girl named Sharon,they eventually got married and had their first child and Named him A.J,he then got a job as a fire fighter at twenty-eight and proposed a year later,when he was Thirty they had their second child and named her Nikki,He is currently thirty-two
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  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Dina Suzanne Martin
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Occupation: College student, cashier

    Andrew Martin (Father)
    Hanna Martin (Mother)
    Bailey Martin (Younger sister)

    Relationships: None at present.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian (Parts German and Irish, according to the parents)

    Personality: Dina is a friendly sort up until someone decides to be a prick, at which point she'll usually tell them off and/or walk away, or try to ignore them if the person in question is one she's on good terms with. If she feels betrayed, or as though someone is going out of their way to be cruel to her, it takes a lot to earn forgiveness. She's not easily offended though, there's almost nothing one can't get away with saying as long as it's in jest or out of curiosity. In fact, she'll laugh at a lot of things someone else might find offensive or distasteful. Dina is easily amused and her sense of humor is childish and often perverted, "That's what she said" jokes and innuendo wont be uncommon. She'll try to be helpful so long as it doesn't needlessly endanger her, though she admittedly doesn't bring a lot to the table. She's an open book and is terrible at hiding anything.

    Talent(s): Though not exceptionally so, she is rather perceptive. She wont hear footsteps from a half-mile off or spot someone blending in perfectly with their surroundings, but it is fairly difficult to surprise her. She also has one hell of an immune system and could probably count how many times she's ever been sick on her hands.

    Inabilities: Dina has a bad sense of direction, she's definitely not someone you'll want to send out on her own if you want to see her again any time soon. She's also a bit forgetful and tends to misplace things and sometimes needs to be reminded of tasks she's supposed to perform.

    Fear(s): Heights, large rats, large bodies of water (Or more specifically, the things that may lurk within them) and a number of other things that are much less apparent.

    History: Dina grew up in a home that was stable in all regards and was generally a happy and optimistic person, save for one unfortunate teen year where she and another girl were bullied for openly dating. At some point she was helped to realize it was better to just ignore/avoid those sorts that would judge her for her preferences and get on with her life. About that time was when she started taking less and less offense to things, to the point that she usually only cared if it was something upsetting someone she was close to. Dina's life has been mostly uneventful, the adult portion so far having been time wasted for the most part, half spent riding around with friends or gaming into the early morning. The most notable part of Dina's history is her recent leap out of the nest, so to speak. She'd left home to attend college a few cities away only a year ago and took up a job at a local gas station, but was still heavily reliant upon her parents for financial (And sometimes emotional) support. Just as most others, she could safely say her current chapter in life will be the most interesting, whether long-lived or (More likely) short.

    Other: Often writes things on her arm or writes notes to herself to counter-act her forgetfulness. It doesn't always help, as she'll sometimes forget even that.
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