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  1. So gais, who do you think is gonna die tonight?

    I am really hoping it is Abraham. He is kind of getting on my nerves lol.

    Darryl has a slim chance of living, he was shot in the shoulder chest area but in an awkward angle that looks like it grazed him pretty bad.

    And there is Carrol. No idea what the hell is going on with her but she is also a possibility.

    I really don't feel Glenn is gonna be up, just too obvious a choice lol.
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Daryl is gone. I read somewhere that Norman Reedus said this was going to be his last season, and with Boondock Saints 3 in the works, that's probably why.

    They're not going to kill of Carol if Daryl dies. Killing off two members from season 1? That would piss off a whole lot of people, and with the possibility of Daryl being dead, killing Carol off would put the show in serious jeopardy of losing viewers.

    Considering that they make it a point of drifting away from the comics I'm going to say that Glenn has a 75% chance of survival.

    My predictions? Maggie's going to lose her baby. Daryl's a goner, and Carol's fate is going to remain a cliff hanger. Glenn is going to get a beating, but we'll have to wait till next season to see how things go with him. Rick and Carl are going to come out alright. I think Michonne might end up on the chopping block. Rick can't cut a break with love interests and the minute she decided to play house with him, she pretty much sealed her fate.
  3. @Nydanna but remember, at this point Michonne is taking Andrea's place as Rick's lover in the comics. I haven't read much of the Negan arc but I believe Andrea was still alive?

    Also, I am pretty confident that they are going to out in that scene with Lucile because it was a big event in the comics that changed everyone. I just dont think it is gonna be Glenn.
  4. No, but I think it's a sacrifice sort of thing. For Glenn to live, his baby has to die.

    All I know if Dwight doesn't fucking die, I'm going to riot! I really hate that fucker....
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  5. Glenn's going to die, most certainly out of all of them if they want to stick to the source material the most. While TWD has deviated from the comics (in some more-than-minor ways on some occasions, most notable the whole Governor story arc), they've ended up more or less at the same end point. His death as it happened in the comics has been hinted at in the show in some less-than-subtle ways, and while I'd like to think they're pulling a classic misdirection trick, it may also just be them saying "Yeah, sorry guys."

    But. Barring that, as the more obvious choice and the one they're most likely to change for shock value to keep the show's hype and intrigue going, I think one of two things will happen. Choice one, nothing is resolved this season finale in classic TWD poorly-placed cliffhanger style. Choice two, Daryl is the one who gets beaten to death on Dwight's request assuming he pulls through the gunshot wound.
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  6. Andrea is totally alive in the comics, and a total sharpshooting badass who has a kill count that dwarfs literally every other character.

    I don't watch the show, but I eagerly await to see the amount of butthurt from fans in the morning; I have a feeling it's going to be a very "Red Wedding" type reaction. That sustains my withered husk of a soul.
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  7. That I have to agree with. Nothing is going to be resolved with the finale. We're going to spend the next six months wondering who's still going to be breathing when it comes back in October.
  8. You are so cruel and yet I adore you for this 8D
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  9. I aim to please.

    And so does Negan.

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  10. Who can say no to that smile?
  11. Rick, maybe. Maggie, definitely.
  12. I got a Widow x Hulk vibe from that....no Avengers/Walking Dead crossovers please....

    Although thinking about that...wth would a Walker Hulk be like? That's scary....
  13. My favorite moment in the comics <3
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  14. [​IMG]

  15. That's the stuff of nightmares....
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  16. Well....

    Looks like we won't know till next season who bit the dust!
  17. I think it was Abraham. I knew what the episode was going to be about, but damn it was still nerve wrecking. The game Negan played was sadistic, gave me a nervous gut feeling and o gad I loved it.
  18. That ending.....

    That turned my fucking stomach.
  19. That cliffhanger tho...Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a good fucking Negan though, goddamn.
  20. Rick isn't going to die for a long while. The Walking Dead is his story, it has always been about him and his relationships with his people/enemies.

    Maggie is also suppose to be a main character in regards to Hilltop, at least in the comics. They have set her up to be a leader in the show as well.

    So those characters are definately safe along with like Michonne who tends to balance everyone out.

    So it is literally between Eugenie, Abraham, Sasha, Aaron and Rosita at this point.

    Honestly I am really betting on Abraham or even Sasha because NO ONE GETS A HAPPY ENDING IN THIS SHOW!

    Also, where the hell is Tara and that guy with the dreds? They just disappeared at this point omo
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