Walking Dead/Buffy

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    it has been one year since the remaining survivors of woodbury joined team prison, though they would not be the last. back in the buffyverse the scoobies has assembled to fight their own forces of evil. they won the first round but not the battle. buffy and a handful of her crew were transported to another time and dimension. a realm that had its own war, enter the zombie apocalypse.

    in a world with no magic and no way home, buffy and her friends had to fight to stay alive. they were determined to find out what in the hell was going on and if there were any survivors. one highway to the next would lead buffy's group to rick's, where both exchanged horror stories and began to collaborate together in their efforts. during the past year, the governor was taken down with help from new friends.

    training was exchanged on both sides and the scoobies became full members of team prison. the prison itself has been cleaned out and new barricades put into place. they all scavenge for supplies, hunt down survivors and ban together to combat the walkers. there is still hope that they will rise above this, maybe find a cure and search for answers to the many questions.

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