Walking Dead: ATILF [IF]

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    to fight, to survive, to live

    The events leading up to season two, episode seventeen "Judge, Jury, Executioner" of The Walking Dead have all occurred...but there are some changes as we are alternate universe. Rick and Shane had their little dispute but are making amends. Randall escaped the custody of the group rendering further discussions about his stay of execution useless. Daryl and Rick are getting closer and Grimes see's him as a good wing man. Hershel has allowed Rick's group to reside with his family inside of the house. Carl has not wandered off and Dale is very much alive and well. Shane and Andrea have elected to remain with the group as everyone is working to fortify the farm as a more permanent place to stay, especially with Lori's baby on the way. Rick has not been able to reconnect with Morgan, however Duane is alive in this rp. Horrors await everyone and the threat of walkers never goes away. Now it's about finding all that your living for, fighting for and trying to stay alive with pending horrors around every corner. Are you ready to be a survivor?

    We are AU which means we pick up from the story at a different point and take it in a whole new direction, enabling players to create the story as we go along. Note: Character death is not allowed. It is fantasy after all and we're all here to have fun. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse. It just got real. Have fun!

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