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  1. This is my request for anyone interested in the gritty and survivalist rp known as Walking Dead. Originally I would like the rp to be set in the TV Show Universe with OC's that come across Rick's Group in the beginning of the outbreaks. Our OC's would have the power to intervene and alter some events of the series, but also bring forth new consequences. Preferably I would like the counterpart character to be a male to my female, but if the character is interesting enough I'd be open to a female partner as well.

    This rp will be as dark, cut-throat, and gripping and the series and show so it will be pretty intense. That being said anyone interested please feel free to respond so we may discuss further details.
  2. I would love to do this if you still want to
  3. How often could you post? :]
  4. I'm always up for a good survival story. Though I'm not familiar with the TV show walking I do have Omnibus 1 and 2 on my shelf I wouldn't mind perusing.

    Feel free to glance at my roleplay resume to see anything else you may want to know! C:
  5. I could post quite often
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  6. PM me details please!
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