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  1. Bennett Angoria is not a normal human. He possesses powers that allow him to traverse the various planes of existence, the alternate timelines, the universes parallel. People with powers like Bennett's are often referred to throughout the realms as Planes Walkers, or just Walkers, for short. Through the years and across the dimensions, He has encountered others like him, other Planes Walkers who stroll through the Alternate Existences.

    "Where to now?" he asked himself as he walked around the realm known as Midpoint, basically a tall room of marble with various portals to all the different Existences. This was the hub where all Walkers gathered to discuss the various happenings in the realms they visited, giving their colleges tips and guides on how the various worlds work, which are must-sees and which to avoid entirely. He looked down the various halls that led to other rooms in Midpoint, rooms also filled with portals. He peeked into one of the portals, which looked like a pool of water with a view of the world it leads to instead of a reflection. It was a barren desert wasteland with a large group of people fighting amongst the rocks and desert fauna. "Not this one." He walks off to look at other portals, searching for one that looked interesting.

    ((Rules: No explicit, can be other species (including fantasy and aliens), can have powers, so long as there are limits (no godmoding), can introduce characters from other RPs, as the are from Alternate Existences, can be multiple characters. Enjoy!
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    Rinne Tanger is very tricky. So tricky that Rinne Tanger probably isn't even her name. It's just the name she's using at the moment.

    She's a woman of many identities. Some know her as the Skin Changing Witch which is just one of the very many titles attached to her. It's quite difficult to trace where she came from or what she is, so people would rather speculate. No one knows what she does in her travels or why. They just know not to cross her, it never ends well.

    Her favorite title of speculation? Goddess of Illusion. You can guess she can be quite confident of her abilities.

    "Hel━lo Bennett." Rinne called as he searched around for a portal. "I'm Rinne Tanger. And you are a very interesting fellow."
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  3. Bennett looked up at the girl introducing herself to him. He had heard many legends of this girl. "Hello, Rinne. If you are who rumor would lead me to believe you are, I have heard much about you." he asks. "And thank you, I have been called many things, and so far today, 'interesting fellow' has been the most complimentary. Paid a visit to Earth EKG62385, the extremely verbally aggressive one. Needless to say, I'm never going back." He ran his hand through his short, black hair before sticking it into the pocket of his black blazer. "So, how goes the Walking?" mysterious multiple.png
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  4. Rinne's lips curled into a smirk. "Interesting as well. I was named goddess again in AOE23340, could you believe it?" she expressed her amusement in a high pitched sassy laugh that she hid behind the back of her hand.

    With her renown abilities and reputation, she can't help but look down on the mundanes of each Plane. To her however, it wasn't arrogance, it was honesty. "Rid them of some abomination and they're keen to kiss the dirt I walk on." she added with a little chuckle.

    "Say, what occupies you, handsome?" Rinne's voice was a flirtatious purr as she flounced beside him, flipping a mane of thick brown waves.
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  5. mike was a common earth street thung dipping and dodging cops .. he would call it 'livin the life'.. until on day he was cornered(switching pint of view) 5 cars coming at me goodness what am i going to do as i look up the sound of the helicoptr i herd came close so close that it was above me .. behind me a ence behind hat more cops on foot ... "just my day " te cops call out "drop the bag and weapon and put your hands o your head. all i hink is im dead "clikk bomm" i pulled te trigger hit a cop go home go home i thik... all of the offcers releae bullets upon me.. eyes wide open evry bullet went blue a they hit me i was gone dead where was i a marble roo haven ...
    year go by he lers to use some of his power then learns that stealing isnt the way to go but doe it any ways.. hes not a bad person just does not work for wat he nees . he only steals what he needs. Wat surprised him the ost was that tere ar alkers that are like spis for certin relms that find criminals.
    alex discovered his power young. he was a pusher.. what his power is supposed to grant him is telekanitcabilite to push pull influence people to do things he wants mae them forget and even fly also teleportation .. well wth out a proper teacher he was only able to learn the push and pull .
    mike was on a trip to earth A335m1 he herd that this was te earth where everyone was always sad and nothing could make the happy. while robbing a bank he bumped ito alex who tried o stop him .. alex pulled him in just as mike opened a ortal to the hub they both went .. they talked for a while and decided to travle together.
    5 days later 'present time
    ales sees a female "mike thats the goddess of illusin " he walks p to her mike follows close eind..
    "hi uh are you the godess of illusion ?" he pauses"im alex and this is my friend mike."
  6. Korvan was out of breath once he reached Midpoint. "Damn village people...lucky I'm not feeding today," he muttered under his breath. Korvan ran his hands through his thick black hair, he then noticed two beings. He called out to them. "Excuse me! Is there any peaceful realms I could go to??? I'm fasting, and I don't want to kill anyone today," Korvan simply waited for an answer.
  7. Running huffing and puffing, how the fuck did he get in this situation. People with pitch forks and torches chasing him, all he did was try and save the princess but apparently that was the bad idea. He ran around a corner and jumped through a portal and skidded into the hallways, He looked around and brushed his hair letting a small sigh go. He see's the other Walkers in the room and he begins to ignore them, His crimson hair that reaches down to his shoulders and his crimson eyes swaying in the other direction. He was known as the lightning traveler, He moved as fast as lightning and that was true because he was blessed the power of Raiton. His eyes when activated turn a lightning blue and have strikes in them. He then stops and looks around at the portals, he has no clue what to do so he turns back around and approaches the group a small smirk on his face.
  8. mike notices the red head "hey you look like u just came from zenovia (its a planet made if water and its inhabitants were all amphibious)"he was refering to the sweat on his forehead. He chuckles. Mike was 6ft black hair brown eyes he had a leather vest over a black hoodie over a t shirt on his lower galf he wore black pants and some old tennis shoes (nike) ..
    Alex just watched waiting for a response he laned on his heels with his hands in his shor pocket.
    alex ares a rench coat lime geen and under basketball shorts and a t shirt.on his fet are a pair of high top jordans..
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  9. With her characteristic coquettish smile, she turned to the newcomers while tucking her hair behind her ear. "You can call me that if you like." she said with a little giggle. "Or you can call me Rinne. Rinne Tanger."

    She surveyed the group, looking pleased to herself. "Well, well, what do we have here? Dashing young men in search of adventure?"
  10. Korvan smiled widely. "THE Rinne Tanger! It's so great to finally meet you! You're infamous in so many places!" Korvan's smile would not fade as long as he was with Rinne. Korvan was always good with the ladies and he felt that he could get any woman he wanted which was true most of the time, but Rinne Tanger was the only woman he thought was way out of his league. "It's an honor to finally meet the amazing Rinne Tanger!" Korvan's voice trailed off, and he immediately started growling. He sniffed around, and smelt blood in one portal. "I haven't eaten in days...I think fasting was probably the worst idea I've ever had. I need to feed, like now!"

    Korvan was a renown werewolf. Known all over. He became famous due to how powerful he was. He was the first werewolf ever to be immune to silver, he is the biggest and strongest werewolf born, and he has killed way more than the average werewolf. The werewolf race looked up to him and his father, but now that his father's dead and gone they want him to be king, which is something he had to turn down, he was still a teenager (489 years old) and he wanted to live before moving into the royal life, that's when he was granted his ability as a walker, so he could live as much as he could until the day came to be king which would be once he reached the age 1000.
  11. There was something venomous in Rinne's smile this time as her lips revealed a set of pearly whites. "You're very generous with words aren't you? You are called Korvan, if I'm not mistaken. I must have met you several times under different identities." She slid a slender, red-nailed finger along his jaw to his chin. "My, my. You've grown. And with an appetite of a man now, too."

    She let go, tossing her hair again. "I don't know what you're in the mood to eat, really. Try Cyllian cuisine, two portals ahead. They have the most scrumptious meat dishes...of course...I never ask what kind of meat is used." she laughed in her signature manner again.
  12. Korvan lost feeling in his body when he felt her nails move along his jaw. "I erm....I-I guess I could go eat now...How long have y-you known me?" he asked. Korvan's whole body was numb at this point. Her beauty over through him like it must have in the past with those other identities of her's.
  13. Rinne giggled again as if Korvan was an innocent child who unknowingly said something precarious. She put a finger to her lips. "It's a secret, baby love."

    It has to be a secret. A woman's age being a mystery is part of her charm isn't it? Rinne mused. Why must she tell that she's as old as the rise of Walkers? If there's one thing she would not want to be known as, it's for being old.

    Civilizations old.

    Walkers had their own standard of time because of their unstable nature with Planes. And Rinne was there when this was still being discussed. When Midpoint itself was created. Rinne had everything to do with Walker history, not that she wants that to be spread.

    "Well, if Korvan's going to the Land of Everlasting Plenty, I might as well go too!" She looked at Bennett, Mike, Alex and the Lightning Traveler boy. "Would you men want to come as well?"
  14. Korvan bit his lip, she was such a sex symbol in his eyes. She called me baby love...my life is made... he thought to himself. He looked towards the others hoping they would say no. He would kill to have just a few precious minutes with Rinne.
  15. alex looks up at the question "uhhhh whats the land of everlasting plenty " a concfused look in his eyes... "hey mike can u put my jacket at the main house.
    Mike snaps three times then spells no im the air with his finger.. Alex hands him the jacket and a ball appears the jacket is sucked.jin .. the ball goes away
    "im down if mike is seeing as he is my transportation im not a walker I know how to work the system im just not .. " he didnt mind being telekanetic was good enough .. He just wanted to be close to rinne he liked her just didnt know how to express it just yet..
  16. "Like I said and like the name implied, boys." Rinne lazily gestured towards a portal. "Cylliea is a country in a cute little planet out in a galaxy in supercluster whats-the-name and ah, who cares." She waved a dismissive hand and bit her lip thoughtfully. "To put it short, it's definitely not a place for vegans. Ninety-five percent of the plants there are poisonous to any oxygen respiring life form. The rest are plants that are carnivorous themselves."

    She stood next to the Cylliean portal, watching the plane with her deep set midnight blue eyes. She put a hand casually on her waist. "I suppose I've been there a few times during the first plague in their history. But I went by a different identity." she winked playfully.
  17. "Well I'm not sure what the plan is here, but I'm ready to eat!" he exclaimed. Korvan began to walk towards the Cylliean portal, he then began to grow bigger, his mouth turning into a snout, his teeth becoming much more sharp, fur showing up all over his body, his clothes beginning to rip off. Korvan was left with only ripped pants, and he stood about 15 feet tall now. He looked at Rinne and nodded at her before growling and leaping through the portal. Once hitting the ground of Culliean he howled, and looked for his first victim.
  18. He walked in after Korvan and landed on the ground his body leaving a small gust of wind, He hadn't fallen in love with Rinnie because well someone who has people drooling over them doesn't need another person to do it to. He smirked as he took in a deep breath of the air, and absorbing the different feeling of his weight and the amount of breathing he used. He stretched a bit and a spark ran up and down his arm out his finger tip into the floor, It skewered across the floor fanning out into more sparks which continued to spread.
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  19. ((Shit, guys, let me catch up!))

    Bennett stared at the slowly forming group as more and more people walked over. As he observed their actions, he began formulating who they were. Rinne was obviously older than she let on, and a lot more experienced at Walking than the others. Korvan, the one drooling over her was a werewolf, and a ladies man, but found Rinne's beauty legendarily out of his league. Alex is not a walker, but can teleport. He knew he wasn't a walker when he walked up, he didn't have that 'aged traveler' look in his eyes. Mike must have found him somewhere along the way. Crimson hair was the fabled Lightning Walker, the Spark Man, the Blue Eyed Demon. He had heard many tales of this man. Most of them were not good. Bennett turned to Rinne as the rest sprinted off. "I don't see why not. Oh, and I think the wolf would really like it if you would just talk to him for a little bit, just the two of you. Nothing else, unless you want to. Now then." He sprinted towards the portal and leapt inside, landing on his feet in a crouch he stood up and looked around. He grabbed a handful of dirt, and pulled up a machete and a shotgun. Being a Terramancer in addition to being a Walker really had it's perks. He cocked the shotgun and looked at the jungle world with a look of a survivor. "Worlds like this remind me of video games from Earth77K5 (the 'real' Earth) like Left 4 Dead. Creeps me out." He shivers as he looks over to an area that seems to be a village.
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  20. (you have mike and alex sitched up but that just about sms them up. mie is the walker )
    "i guess we were't really doig anything real " they both run foward just as they jump mike touches alex. allowing him to pass through the portal.
    Mike lands and does a foward roll lnding low he looks around waching as te trees move like their is life to them noticing tat their is no breeze. . "CCould we stop somewhere so i can get a fancy gun like that." he looks over to bennett.. " hey i havnt cought your name. " he fells himself for a weapon and loos around his body like he is confused .. there is no weapon
    Alex lands and breaths in he moves tothe left a few steps his hands in his pocket he pushes some trees out of the way to get a better view of the horizon . the way the moutains were lined up with the sky and the brigh orange tint that met the rocky grey of the moutain made him think of pancakes. he smiled. placing his right hand on he right side belt on his dagger sheath.