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  1. I made this thread for the Walkers thread. Well, here you go.
  2. Thanks a lot!
    I wanted to discuss Midpoint's troubles somewhere.
  3. Ok so it looks like it is just the three of us ? Whats the plan ?
  4. Alright, the general plot is excellent, there's so much freedom in the story but soon it pretty much lacked the depth to keep everyone in, nothing was moving it. I decided to throw in conflicts here and there. It never really worked out.

    The latest conflict I cooked up came from the new joiners who pretty much vanished too. Midpoint is somehow collapsing out of balance because of a First Generation Walker that betrayed the um, whatever governing body there is for Walkers. For some reason, this traitor is leading separatists on a battle against Walkers.


    Plane- dimension that Walkers can enter via portals in Midpoint. it is a place in any planet in any timeline and in any reality.

    Planeswalk- is what we, Walkers are capable of, entering and leaving Planes.

    Walker- an individual with the ability to Planeswalk

    Walk- another term for Planeswalk, the act itself. Planeswalk/ Planeswalking is the ability.

    Midpoint- the center of all Planes, one that unites everything. all Walkers except 1st gen cannot Walk into another Plane from another Plane directly. They must cross Midpoint first. The shutdown of midpoint means the eternal separation of planes

    1st gen Walkers- as the name itself suggests, these are the first Walkers. They established Midpoint, appointed Balancers, Cleaners, etc.

    Balancers- individuals who served as pillars of Midpoint. The founders and preservers of the Middle Realm, as they called Midpoint. They were linked in their existence to Midpont, feeling the pain of Midpoint's damages.

    Cleaners- they are walkers who made sure that traces of walkers were not left behind in the planes.

    Separatists- anti-walkers. some peoples have become aware of the existence of walkers. some revere them as deities, some believe them to be mythical and others simply hate them for messing up their world. Cyllieans are highly likely to become Separatists after their encounter. check page 2 of the ic thread for Cylliea incident

    Rifts- a phenomenon that occurs when a new Walker discovers their powers, usually resulting in existing walkers being temporarily blinded, deafened, and with a headache.

    Mentor- a FirstGen who teaches a NewGen the way of life of Walkers, how to use their abilities, the set of rules, etc. There is only one for every NewGen and they stay together until the Mentor sees fit.

    I hope i didn't leave anything out.

    Important stuff Rinne said:
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  5. *claps* Wow, Lor, I have to say I'm impressed by not only your grasp on the multiverse in this RP, but how much you have contributed as well. Bravo.

    By the way, your signature, 'Nil manet aeternum', what does it mean?
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  6. She pretty much summed it all up, we now need to come up with a plot to go from here.

    Things I think need adressing,

    - What thread do we continue in ? There is alot of stuff we do not need in our current thread, we could make a new one with all the important infomation.
    - People. We can either continue as a strong trio and go from there, or we can try to find a few more GOOD RPers looking for a long term RP.
    - Do we have an open storyline were people can input their own plit as we go ? Or will we have someone guiding the plot as well as playing their character, FOR EXAMPLE what Rinne has done so far.
  7. -I could make a new thread in which all the real stuff happens.
    -It would be excellent to find some new people, but if no one gets interested I suppose we could go on as a trio.
    -I think, seeing as how we three have the best grasp on this, will be the ones to guide plot as well as play our character, but leave it open enough for others to add their input. I designed this as a open world multiverse, so there is an infinite number of possibilities that could exist. Magic: The Gathering could be real in one realm or something, while everything is made of metal in another. Whatever can be imagined.

    [MENTION=4780]Lorchenne[/MENTION] -You forgot a term:

    Rifts- a phenomenon that occurs when a new Walker discovers their powers, usually resulting in existing walkers being temporarily blinded, deafened, and with a headache.
  8. I thought you might have got the rift walkers IDEA from magic :')

    Yeah, this is just one story, we are pretty much open to do whatever we like.....
  9. I posted before the hacking, aaaaaand it's gone.

    But I said I'd added rifts and i thank you both for appreciating my hard work. I did an all-nighter.

    Anyway, I think we should name the big bad and the governing body of Walkers.
  10. PLANESwalkers, and yes, I did get the idea from Magic: The Gathering, fused with multiverse theory and Sci-Fi.

    Governing body: The Ethereal Syndicate
    ... or something of the sort.

    As for the betrayed walker, Here's an idea:

    Show Spoiler
    Orn Brellfire, a Walker from AUE (Alternate Universe Earth) 4490238, a version of Earth governed by a shady religious organization aware of the existence of walkers and despised them as 'heretics'. He was the son of the leader of the walker-hating cult, until he discovered he was a Walker himself. A first Gen, to be exact. He reveled in his ability for a time, and upon returning home, was tortured for committing the high crime of heresy. For ages, he was brainwashed into hating the walkers and vowed to use the power of the ones he hated against them. And thus, he has incited a massive inter-universal uprising against the walkers and an assault against midpoint.
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  11. Maybe syndicate is a bit too "villain"? And the villain is great.
  12. True... I don't know. Think of something. I'm trying to, but the names of organizations aren't exactly my specialty.

    As for the villain, surprisingly I made him up as I went along, and that was the product.
  13. I like the idea of the villain too, the name for the bad guys, hmmmm.

    Are they an OPEN established anti walker organisation? Or are they doing this in the shadows? I think you mentioned that they are open about hating walkers?

    This means destroyer of evil. Latin always makes it sound cool....

    prædo malum

  14. The religious cult behind the uprising operates mostly in the shadows, but in the sense that they are well hidden. The cult is talked about by young walkers in terrified whispers and by old ones in warnings. Every walker who knows any history of Midpoint has heard of them and know they hate walkers, but no one knows why they do, where exactly they are, or what the name of it is. There have been many names for it over the millennia, such as "The Order", "The Brellfire", and "The Krell Szhistrom (Holy Deathstorm, translated from the Hrakkian language of DR6-4P)", but most Walkers just refer to the religious organization as "The Cult of Drall". Supposedly, Drall Wistfell was one of the first two walkers, which were a brother and a sister. Drall supposedly locked himself in that realm and started an anti-walker cult that, over time melded into a religious organization that engulfed the planet. His sister created more walkers, the Balancers, and tasked them with upholding Midpoint. From them sprung every walker in existence, and she herself became Midpoint. She sacrificed her life to create a connector between the infinite number of AEs and thus balance to the multiverse.

    As for the name of the council she created, I like that Idea, calling it prædo malum.

    Erm... that was more than I expected to do... so, any questions about/expansions on it?
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  15. Yes, the million dollar question: Why?

    Oh and I suppose we could open the villain role. We'll need a player for that.
  16. According to legend: no one quite knows anymore, maybe not even the cult knows anymore. The true history lies in the walls of Midpoint- literally.

    True Lore: Before Drall ran off and started a war against his sister, they were already rival siblings, always fighting for dominance over the other. Drall grew to hate his sister, and the powers they had been bestowed with. He used his power to get the people of that realm to worship him as a God, and taught them that any other with the power he has (the ability to Planeswalk) was an imposter and must be destroyed.
  17. Let's have him not openly want to be a god, instead, he masquerades in the side of equality, saying walkers aren't being equal to non-walkers and therefore they must be taken down.....
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  18. I like that idea. Alright, let me revise that:

    True Lore: Before Drall ran off and started a war against his sister, they were already rival siblings, always fighting for dominance over the other. Drall grew to hate his sister, and the powers they had been bestowed with. Once in that realm, he showed the people how much more powerful he was than they. The people followed Drall in his quest to "bring equality to all peoples in existence". They began using Drall's power to traverse the realms and gather followers, slowly building up and uprising against the walkers. By the time Drall had died, the movement he had started already had growing pockets of followers in at least 5,000 different AEs. Eventually it shifted from a revolutionary group to a religious establishment. With the discovery that the High Priest's son was a Walker, they used his power to gather even more followers and unite the different sections in all the AEs, since Drall was dead and there was now nothing connecting each group. Having already hated Walkers, he was only amazed by his newfound power for a sort time before vowing to his father to use his curse of inequality to unite the rest of the organization and then begin an assault on midpoint, thus destroying all walkers and bringing equality to all.

    How's that sound?
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  19. Muuuuch more awesome! Ohmaigaaaa should we like, recreate the thread or something to have a fresh start with an actual plot?
  20. I'll get on that after a little while, there's some things I have to do before.

    I'll most likely put it in the Sci-Fi signups section. I would be awesome if (after I make it, of course) you put in character sheets. I will, too, so. Yeah.