Olivier Oktant Sterwell

Olivier, for preference not Olly, is an odd duck. Perhaps some sort of manic goose. He certainly has the long neck and hair trigger excitable aggression.

Olivier was once so privileged as to be a clockwork maker's apprentice, but stumbled down a rabbit hole of late night adrenaline and hyperviolence when he inquired as to why his master was supplying highly modified clockwork crossbow cranks to some kind of be-trenchcoated crossbow crank. Finding himself embroiled in the affairs of the Tethered, Olivier embraced the Great Lantern flame out of a mixture of despair at the horrors which he had witnessed, and the secret desire to indulge his own growing mad desire to hunt the dread things which lurk at midnight.

Once, he thought he might be some kind of supporter or craftsman for his fellow Tethered. Now, he knows far better, and would not accept such a role even were it offered.

Olivier looks like a compact young man wearing layers of trenchcoat and jeweller's waistcoat, with tiny round glasses and an absurd, manic, fearless grin. He drags around an absolutely massive clockwork clanking monstrosity of a modified glaive and mancatcher device.

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