Walk of Fate

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  1. "Nikolai"

    The streets were busy in the early morning, the bustling city life stirring with the waking of the sun and from his vantage point on the turret of the clocktower, Nikolai could see for miles around. No one knew he was here- no one knew he was even out of the castle and as the castle prepared for his birth-day celebrations, the former crown-prince enjoyed his solitude. This was his place after all- his place was among these people, on the streets with the runners and the friends he had made here.

    And soon, he would no longer be here.

    His betrothal had snuck up on him- he'd been searching for a way out of it for months and none had arisen. So today- today was the day he left behind his freedom to marry some old man. For surely, the man who had saved him must be old now, somewhere near forty. Nikolai had no desire to marry him but- his father had promised him.

    He stood and then shimmied his way off the turret, making his way down the tower with the sure-footed fleetness of familiarity and was inside the castle in moments, dressed and ready to meet his father in the hall, where he would meet his match.

    "Good morning, Father." His father, Marcus, nodded benevolently to him and gestured to a small chair to the left of the throne. And together, they waited.

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    The dragon prince had traveled a long way just to meet his match, now in his 18th year of life, awaiting to see what he would look like now. When the man, Nikolai, was just a young child, Caius was visiting the kingdom and had come across a pond where there was a drowning boy. With nobody around, he used his magic to lift the boy out and bring him back to the kingdom, where in return, the king offered anything to the dragon. Caius, almost unaware of himself, wanted to bring the prince back with him. So, here he was, standing outside the grand palace, being granted entry by the guards.

    Eyes were upon him immediately as he walked, his long robes trailing behind him on the smooth stone steps, billowing around like the very pond of water he rescued Nikolai from, his silver hair flowing past his pale skin and long face. He looked the same as he did when he was here, a long time ago, earning much surprise from many who remembered him, but he continued on as he entered the court, sage eyes landing on the young man seated in the throne besides the king. More surprised was the king himself, a smile gracing Caius' thin lips as he approached.

    Caius got on one knee in front of the royals and his partner, showing respect before he stepped forward along the marble steps, covered slightly by a marvelous rug, gently reaching for the prince's hand and bringing it to his lips. He pressed his lips to the surface of Nikolai's hand, his own slightly calloused from over the years, standing up and stepping back while keeping his eyes on the prince. "My, you have grown into a handsome man..." he spoke smoothly, turning his head to the king. "It is my greatest pleasure to be able to be in your presence at this moment."​

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  3. Nikolai waited patiently, his mind running over the book he had read just the night previous, the lore of the ancient religions of this land.

    The goddess Instr, the Goddess of Joy and Names. Known as the Happy One, She Who Decrees and the Keeper of the Book, her message is the light of the world and the lightening of the soul. She blesses the needy, aids the just and heals the weak, all in good time.

    The information churned in his mind, over and over until it became no more than background knowledge and he moved on, reciting the Codes of the King and the what little he knew of the kings of old. It was habit of his, developed during the tedious class lessons his father forced him through and it had served him well through many a long wait or meeting. And in turn, it kept his mind as sharp as a razor and twice as likely to cut. For there were few that could withstand the blood-drawing sharpness of his bitter tongue at times.

    He waited with well practiced patience and when the doors finally pulled open, Nikolai hid as much of his shock as he could behind a veneer of calm but underneath a curiousity as fiery as a volcano bubbled to life. For he had not aged a day and though Nikolai's face had changed, his hair grown long and dark and eyes lightening into their natural luminous green- this man had not changed an iota. His hair was as long as it had been when he was rescued, eyes sharp and silver, that same thin smile upon crooked lips. This was the stranger and as he knelt before them, Nikolai took a deep breath to calm himself. Then soft lips brushed his hand and he nodded, as was custom, before turning the stranger's hand over and brushing his lips over his wrist.

    "It is indeed an honour to finally meet you, so many years later. But we are both at disadvantages- I do not know your name and you are blind as to mine. May I enquire your name, Lord?"

  4. Caius placed his arms behind his back, robes covering his hands now, still keeping a smile on the prince. He had grown into a fine young man indeed and it had been such a long wait for them both. Over the years, the dragon had been contemplating whether to go through with this rash decision or not, but he settled on going forth with it to not disappoint the king or the sprites waiting at home for him. They had prepared everything for the newcomer, their fluttering voices discussing wildly about who their ruler's spouse would be, some of the refugee dragons even curious. A banquet was going to be held once Caius returned home as a celebration after so many years of waiting.

    "Oh, there is no disadvantage that I possess," he responded with a low rumble in his chest, a sound akin to a dragon if one were to hear one or know the sound, still smiling crookedly as the king just watched the interaction between the two silently. "I know of your name, Nikolai. Your name has possessed my thoughts for all these years. My name is Caius and more will be revealed to you in due time. However... I have something I would like to present to you..."

    The dragon reached into the side of his robe and pulled out a small box, made of smooth carved obsidian, stepping forward and ducking his head as he opened the box toward Nikolai, revealing to him a silver ring studded with jade, carved with intricate designs as well, clearly made of the best materials known to man. Caius carefully took the ring and reached out for Nikolai's hand, gently sliding the ring over the ring finger, which was as close to a perfect fit. Once the ring had been placed on Nikola's hand, Caius pulled away and closed the obsidian box, placing it back into his robes. "Consider this a welcoming gift. It is crafted of pure silver and the highest priced jades, crafted by the last dragon craftsmen. It is a treasure to behold."
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  5. The silver ring was a heavy weight on his pale hand, glittering in the light and as beautiful as the being who had created it. "This is a most opulent welcoming gift, a beautiful present to be sure and I thank you for the honour of this treasure." He peered closely at the workmanship, marvelling at the beauty of the detailing and nodding to Caius. His father was watching them closely, eyes calm and calculating as he methodically recorded their interactions. Nikolai sighed inwardly and knew no good would come of his father's political machinations. But his father seemed willing to let him lead the conversation with the newcomer and he sighed at that responsibility.

    "Caius, I thank you for coming today. My father has expressed a desire to send us off today, as the celebrations of my brother's birthday must begin soon and he does not wish us to be caught in the commotion. Is this pleasing or had you already planned for this day?" He toyed with the ring on his finger, twisting it back and forth. What Caius did not know what that Marcus wanted them out of the city, so he could focus the attention of the kingdom on the heir- Nikolai's younger twin brother, Valmide.
  6. Caius kept his eyes on Nikolai, specifically his hands as he toyed with the ring on his finger. "I am glad you like it," he responded. The ring was crafted by a dragon he had sought out years ago, leaving him a message for him to return to his temple where the dragon ever so kindly forged the ring out of minerals found in the mountainside. That dragon was interested in this celebration, as it was very uncommon and unprecedented. He listened closely as Nikolai spoke, sensing the mood in the air, mostly from the king himself. Was it... impatience? When he was given the explanation, he deemed it appropriate.

    "I have already planned, as I knew this day was going to happen. If you have all of your belongings packed, we will leave immediately. It is a long trek back to my home, yet I know of the quickest ways."
  7. Nikolai lilted his head, nodding and motioning to the doors behind and to the left of the throne, where two small bags were packed and full of his personal items. "I have the basics, as well as my personal luggage. I can assume I won't need to bring my entire wardrobe?" He smiled cheekily and subsided as his father shot him a glance. He stood and bowed to both of the men, leaving them to talk amongst themselves as he gathered his items and embraced his butler and maids, wishing them well and wiping their tears, as well as his own. They'd cared for him since his mother's death and he was loathe to leave them, but he had to.

    He returned to where his betrothed stood and waited patiently, smiling gently as he did so. "My Lord, shall we go? I should wish to see my new home soon."
  8. Caius smiled a bit more, yet he saw the stern look the king have his son and that smile disappeared. His own faded slightly, and he cleared his throat, waiting patiently for Nikolai as he bid farewell to all of those who had served him over the years, feeling a slight tang of pity for the pirince, but he had wanted to take him on his birthday. So, here they were now in the present day. Caius reached out and took the two small bags, offering to carry them, bidding farewell to the king.

    "You may call me by my name, there is no reason to be that way towards me," he spoke, motioning for Nikolai to follow him out of the throne room, walking out with him and into the refreshing air. " The travel would usually take many days, yet it will only take us a few."
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  9. Nikolai merely nodded to his father, his eyes cold and dark in his face. Frozen green as they were, he could not contain his fury like knives beneath his skin. He'd always wondered if this was reason his father had flinched at his long hair, at his wide green eyes in a pale face and framed by dark wavy hair, so much like his deceased mother that it had to hurt. But that was his father's problem- not his.

    He walked slightly behind Caius, thoughts whirling and troubled. "O-of course, My- Caius." The air was fresh but nowhere near as cold as it had been this morning on the tower but he refrained from mentioning that, knowing that few would approve of his wanderings. "How shall we travel? I had assumed by horseback?" He dearly hoped so- he loved riding more than many and his horse, Wayfarer, was to be admired.
  10. Caius smiled to himself briefly at the little mess up from Nikolai. There was no reason to call him Lord, especially when he did not rule over anything. As they walked down the stairs to the castle, the question of travel was brought up, sensing the desire to ride. Luckily he had thought about that, and Nikolai's horse was standing next to another. It was Caius' own horse, as white as the marble steps inside the castle, taller and thicker than the average stallion. This breed of horse used to serve as livestock for the dragons, yet Caius had tamed this one, and often conversed with him in dragon- tongue.

    "Your horse is quick, I assume?" he asked, reaching out with a hand to assist Nikolai on his horse, the guards stepping back once the prince mounted. Caius followed, robes draping along his body as he sat, peering over at Nikolai as his horse turned its head, peering at Nikolai with pure blue eyes, no other color found. "This is Jafai. Follow after me at a decent speed, there is no reason for us to rush."
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