Waking Up: Stolen Shore

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  1. beachvacation.jpg

    Not even the fighting could spoil this utterly divine nap.

    It's not the type of fighting you might expect from an underwater clan and a shore hugging group. It isn't being fought with swords and teeth. The method is more along the lines of deeds and political bureaucracy. Blood hasn't been dumped in the seas...yet. Only time will tell if the tensions of the Old Great Wars still burn in the hearts of those too old and scarred to care about how their choices will trickle down to the ones that have yet to be born.

    Until then, this body will rest...

    This will be our intro! So get ready! =D
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  2. My character!

    Basic Info (open)

    Full name of Character: Gabriel
    Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: It means “Strong man of god”, and both of his parents were priests from different churches.
    Nickname: Gab
    Reason for nickname: Shorthand, tends to talk a lot.
    Race: Caucasian
    Occupation/class: Former dishwasher for a small buffet (Currently on the run)/Fighter or Ranger if being used for tabletop
    Social class: Former middle class. Currently lower working class
    Physical Appearance: Burly overall
    Age: 22
    How old they appear: 30
    Eye Color: Blue
    Glasses or contacts? Glasses
    Hair color length and style: short fade, dark brown
    Weight and height: 5‘9 250lbs
    Type of body (build): Burly/beefy with a bit of a belly
    Skin tone and type (i.e., harry, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): a bit fair, hairy, and does not tan at all
    Shape of face: strong chin, big nose, beady eyes, average sized lips and little ears
    Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): Dimples when he smiles, freckles on his shoulders and upper arms, circle birth mark on right leg, tiny circle birthmark on his right butt cheek.
    Predominant feature: either body shape or nose/ followed by the baby blue eyes

    Family (open)

    Mother: Akara (Deceased)
    Relationship with her: Lets just say he is a momma‘s boy
    Father: Vahn (Living)
    Relationship with him: Not exactly good but it could be worse.
    Siblings, How many, relationship with each: 0
    Children of siblings: 0
    Other extended family: He is from a big family. Nuff said.
    Close? Why or why not: Some, because sometimes people refuse to close rifts.

    Traits and Talents (open)

    Optimist or pessimist? Why? Depends on mood because his feelings run him
    Introvert or extrovert? Why? Extrovert, because he has learned over time that if you don‘t make the first move...nothing may ever happen.
    Drives and motives: He just doesn‘t like the idea of evil winning. Good is Good. Life is hard enough without some fuckface trying to rob you. People shouldn’t be treated as inferior just because their deity of worship is different.

    Extremely skilled at: Fighting, using his transformation, singing, being silly, thinking on his feet
    Extremely unskilled at: dancing, cooking, building, keeping balance, planning ahead
    Good characteristics: Focused, likes attention, Good poker face, enjoys making others happy, people person, bold, competitive, empathetic, enthusiastic, steadfast, caring
    Character flaws: feelings tend to run him, doesn‘t like to show weakness, loud, clumsy, moody, reckless, over sensitive

    Background (open)

    Gabriel is the only son of a union between a worshipper of the ladybug and the rhinoceros. It was a legitimate union, in terms of how the couple felt, but their respective churches didn’t see it that way. In fact, the “apparently secret” union was so frowned upon that, after it all came out, both priests were banished and forced to live lives as drifters. Six years after he was born, Gabriel’s mother was killed. The caravan they traveled with was believed to have been aiding a sworn enemy of the Wasp, once a unique type of honey was found in one of their wagons. She was pummeled to death, by Wasp extremists. Following that, the caravan was burned and his father had to escape into the brush. The former priest took his son to a house of a close friend. There they stayed under his home for 12 years. They both were fed and clothed as to keep from arousing suspicion. Gabriel was taught the finer points of fighting/music/stagnant life and proved to be a quick leaner. His preference to fighting led to many underground tournaments, much to the dismay of his father. These tournaments were not regulated and were even less safe. After winning a rigged fight, he was taken up into the alley and beaten. His father came from the shadow to his aid. Many men were slain that day…including his father. It broke his heart. His father’s friend was so angry that Gabriel was then sent away to be on his own. A few years later and some experience under his belt, he finds himself working for wealthy nobles as their body guard.

    Animal: Rhinoceros Beetle

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  3. Full name of Character: Marella (Means: Shining Sea)

    Nickname: Marlie

    Race: Caucasian

    Occupation: Fish seller (Helps sell the fish caught by her father and his men)

    Social class: Middle Working Class

    Physical Appearance: http://s2.favim.com/orig/33/beautiful-blue-jacket-curly-brown-hair-girl-Favim.com-266972.jpg

    Age: 21

    Weight and height: 5’6” 160

    Family: She lived with her parents and her one brother who is younger than herself. All of them are well and none of them are ill in any way.

    Attitude: She keeps to herself when she is working but when she is around people who she is familiar with, she is very kind and open and friendly. Around strangers she can get a bit nervous and shy though she does try to still remain polite around them.

    Philosophies: Believes in good and evil, doesn’t have much other belief than that. Also believes that the issues between different religions is rather foolish for in the end they are all believing in something that was made from something greater, life.

    Background: She was born to a fisherman and a merchant woman whom fell in love. Both were believers of the dolphin so there was no trouble getting their marriage accepted. However, they are of lower class and have never really gone that far in society but become as rich as their work would allow them. She has gone to school and learned much, but now she works with her family and is often introduced to other men of the dolphin belief. All of whom seem to think she is nothing more than a house wife in some way.

    Animal: [​IMG]
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