Wake up, it's time.

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  1. You've awoken with your mind in shambles, unable to make heads or tales of anything. Surrounded by corpses, seemingly killed inmany ways, the dead line the streets where unknown horrors await. In the distance there is a great light shining on the cloudy sky from the Earth, powerful and radiant yet surrounded by an overwhelming sense of vertigo and darkness. You've but one urge eating away in your mind; and that is to reach the tower of light by any means necessary.

    In the distance you hear the sound of horrors screaming out in the distance and the sky is becoming dim.

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  2. Kent woke up in his patrol car. It had been been flipped upside onto the side walk. Shattered glass littered the roof. Every bone in his body hurt. He let out a few moans as he undid his seatbelt and slid out of the vehicle. He brushed shards of glass out of his shirt hair and off his police uniform. The dead surrounded him, filling him with anxiety. He looked up to see the light and then back when he heard the sound of somethings shrieking in the distance. Quickly, he put his hand on his radio. It was broken.

    He didn't know why but that light looked like the best place to be. He walked to the back of his car and opened the trunk. His rifle fell out onto the ground. He picked it up and prepared it and made sure he had all his ammunition. Only 2 magazines. His breathing was heavy and he could feel his heart pounding. He had to find others. There were probably still some left alive. But where?
  3. Oscar came to with a start and hopped to his feet only to be met with a surging headache. In horror he recoiled and fell back to the ground. He pressed a hand against his mouth and resisted the urge to vomit. What the hell!? He shook the nerves down a bit and stood back to his feet straining to remember what he'd been doing before... this. In all the daze he noticed the tower of light beaming toward the sky but a few blocks away. It was then shivers crept up every hair on his body as ferocious screams sounded out in the dimming light of day. Scrunching his face in confusion and fear he felt the light seemed an appropriate place to go. Checking his surroundings he had a good idea where he was and his house had to be half way across the city from here.

    He ran to the nearest vehicle with an ajar door and hopped in and to no surprise the keys still hanging from the ignition. He gave it a crank but the engine wouldn't turn over. Gave a second try, the battery was obviously dead. He hopped out and tried another car only to peer down the street and realize he wouldn't be going anywhere in a car. Most blocked in or badly damaged. Jesus, whatever happened here... Another roar sounded out in the distance and Oscar took off toward the light.

    @Cheeki Breeki : The sun is ready to set shortly, less than an hour of sunlight remains and the light tower appears to be roughly two miles away. The sounds in the distance continue, otherwise silence seems to grip the suburbs as hardly a soul seems to stir. Down the street toward the light you notice another police cruiser, a soft light emanates through its windows from the dashboard console.
  4. His body heaved automatically, jerking it violently enough to wake him. Dan opened his eyes just as the vomit launched itself onto the face of a person next to him. Dan nearly gasped except he heaved again, quickly turning away though he wanted to profusely apologize. He coughed a couple of times and wiped his mouth with his sleeve, turning to see if the person wasn't too angry. They were not. They couldn't be. They were dead. In fact, as Dan looked around him, they all were.
    If he hadn't just emptied his stomach he would have done it just then. The only thigh caught in his throat right now was a scream, barely contained by the crawling away of his body except, there were more bodies behind him. Dan screamed. So did something else in the distance and Dan was screaming no more. What ever that had been, he didn't want to attract it. It did, however, cause him to look everywhere around him. He could hardly believe what he was seeing, but the man's mind quickly grasped onto the ray of light lest it snap. Whatever that light was, to Dan it was hope; a place away from this nightmare he'd woken into.

    With shaky legs and a weakened spirit he stood up and began to walk.
  5. @Mglo Roughly a few miles away you've awoken in a small cul-de-sac. The sun sets quickly now and only the faint light of flicking street lamps lights your way. The fierce screams and growls in the distance serve as a constant reminder of what is to come. Ahead of you lie an intersection, small suburban houses residing on all sides. Further in the distance the flickering of moving lights cautiously moves further away down the street. The tower of light is but a six blocks away in the same direction.
  6. Jodie's attention had been divided between her research work — tedious but critical fact-checking and citation — and her young daughter, Zooey, on whom her eyes flitted back to frequently as the girl roamed across the technicolor playground amidst other hawk-eyed mothers and their carefree prides and joys. But the prosaic nature of her reading and note-taking had been like a sedative to Jodie and she had soon found herself drifting off...

    Appalling scenes had plagued her usually phlegmatic mind, but disappeared like smoke when again she awoke. Remembering herself and her surroundings, Jodie started at the realization that she had lapsed into boredom-induced slumber while watching over her daughter (in front of a coterie of unforgiving stay-at-homes, no less!).

    Jodie exhaled. Maybe I wasn't out for as long as it felt, she thought. Replacing her glasses, which had slid off her face to rest against her chest on their chain, she meant to track Zooey down among the crowd of children only to be met with a sight that made her stomach drop.

    Before and all around her, all the children were lying still — perfectly, wholly still — on the ground. At first, Jodie's mind grabbed onto the idea that one of the more domineering mothers had instituted some playground-wide naptime, but then she noticed women who were lying down, too. And others who were... not. Others whose heads lolled, arms dangled, legs splayed. Others who looked...

    "You're... you're all dead..." she stammered quietly to herself. A shiver ran up Jodie's spine that spread through her body and wouldn't stop. Trembling, her legs seemed to stand up of their own volition, carrying her past the inert little bodies as her tearing eyes darted about in frantic search for Zooey. But none of the crumpled forms belonged to her daughter.

    She called Zooey's name suddenly like a klaxon, like a train whistle, like a siren hoping to lure in its prey. Once she'd began, her mouth and vocal cords wouldn't stop. Jodie staggered about, moving further and further away, possessions, research and life forgotten as she pleadingly repeated her daughter's name. She thought maybe she'd gone insane.

    She finally ceased her cries when there arose the gruesome sound of others. Were they even human? Jodie didn't know, didn't care. She wanted away from them. She needed to keep Zooey away...

    The sky was growing dark. Had it gotten so late in the day? Jodie was drawn to a brilliant beam of light in the distance that etched the clouds above in a gloomy, foreboding way. She felt dizzy when she stared at it too long.

    She didn't know what had happened, or how. Some sort of terrorist strike, perhaps? A wave of poison gas that had somehow not claimed her? It didn't matter. But if Zooey was still alive, if she had thought her mother one of the dead, she might have fled herself to that light... Yes, it was the only thing that made sense. Like rowing towards a beacon out of the stormy sea, like a moth fluttering towards the flame. Whatever that light was, Jodie surely must find her daughter there. Surely, yes, surely.
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  7. @dreamshell The tower of light but five blocks away, in front of you lay a grid of fenced yards. One house a raging fire, slowly spreading to the surrounding would be homes. Many of the street lamps devoid of light, but a few remain flickering and the shadows grow long unto nothing. The sun is setting and daylight runs but a few grains of salt before diminishing. In one of the small townhouses before you a powerful banging rocks back and forth against the doors, walls and windows. The house itself seemed to shiver. The screams and snarls in the distance dim down for a moment and the city becomes eerily quiet. Only the fire a few yards away crackles seamlessly, all other sounds mute and void.
  8. Dan weakly walked through the few corpses that littered the small area he found himself in. It was dark and he could barely see anything. He turned the corner and found himself holding back tears as he watched more unblinking faces. It was like those dead bodies were judging him reproachfully for being alive. Why him? Why wasn't he just another part of this frighteningly surreal scenery?
    A tear silently flowed down his cheek by the sudden heave of his body, except nothing came out. His stomach was already empty. He felt sickened by his sudden fixation on the light. On the hope. A hope none of these people could have...

    The flicking lights gave him chills but it was not the worst part of his view, the sounds however, those gave him an unease he couldn't explain. In an attempt to forget those details, Dan focused on the ray of light ahead. It didn't look too far away. If he hurried he was sure he'd be there in no time... provided nothing, uh, well. A whimper escaped his lips as Dan bit his arm to stop his thoughts with pain. He had never done well with scary movies, Halloween and their hunted houses. A light flickered in the distance and he could have sworn there had been something there a second ago.

    A high pitched scream filled the air and Dan's body dropped onto the ground. He was shaking as he knelt and held his head with both arms. The pit of his stomach felt empty and nauseous and he wanted this to be over. Dan cried. He howled. With a rush he stood up and ran towards the light, sprinting as fast as he could without tripping.
  9. @Mglo The moving lights fell out of view, disappearing around the corner of a small grocer. A whooping sound chilled the air, like a rabid gorilla with a throat infection crying out. The sound seemed to come from all sides, as if circling unseen. The sun nearly set, only the haunting sights and sounds coupled with fading and flickering lights hung in the air as your only companion. Then it rang out, a gunshot. Second, third then a forth. The whooping sound filled the air, becoming dense as the sound of feet pounded across roofs. The moving light down the street jolted back around the corner and began racing toward the light as well.

    Shit's like Nam. Oscar had begun jogging toward the tower of light, convinced he'd find salvation and safety there. His heart jumped in his chest every time he'd hear one of the inhuman wails in the darkness. What scared him even more was a simple fear of the dark. All he could think about were dark cramped spaces, trapped in a hole or a cage, blinded and deaf. His fear was boiling up inside of him as a cool sweat began embracing him. Far out in the distance a handful of gunshots sounded out, in all his fear he couldn't tell which direction the shots echoed from. It didn't matter, as the reality of the situation was no longer dream like and had begun settling in at a rapid pace.

    I don't want to die. Not here, not like this. Oh shit oh please oh God. He heard a whooping in the distance which sent shivers up his spine and his skin a shrill cool spread across his skin.
  10. Shaylly had been lying on the ground for awhile, palms flat to the earth where her back rested, eyes gazing listlessly at the muddled sky churning above her. Her ears felt clogged, sounds mostly muted and unintelligible. She didn't know how long she had been lying on the ground for before her mind began to catch up to the shock that was forcing adrenaline through her veins. A heavy breath exhaled through her parted dry lips. Her chest began to rise and fall heavily as her body desperately heaved for oxygen. Blinking rapidly for a moment, Shay turned her head from one side to the other, trying to understand her surroundings. Her body felt heavy, pulled down despite the surge of energy rushing through her body. With a small grunt of effort Shay pulled herself up in to a sitting position. A wave of dull pain rippled down her spine, as if her body had been thrown from somewhere far or high. A pulse began throbbing at her temples.

    Trying to recall how she ended up here, Shay lowered her head slightly and closed her eyes. Her head was filled with nothing but pain that seared any recent memories out of her mind. Routine was her guiding path; she always ran close to dusk for a few miles around the city each night. Based on the time and the clothes she was wearing she must have been out for one of her jogs. Looking back up she surveyed her surroundings and inhaled deeply at what she saw. Destruction. Her ears popped and more sounds became clear and much louder. As reality began to unfold around her she wished she hadn't woken up.

    Slowly she lifted herself up off of the floor, stumbling a couple steps before regaining her balance. Nausea lingered at the back of her throat. She clenched her stomach muscles and closed her mouth, breathing through her nose for a moment.

    It didn't take long for Shaylly to see the light. Her eyes were sensitive to it but she turned towards it anyway, realizing it was also not far away. She knew she couldn't stay where she was and, unsure what other course of action to take for the moment, she began walking slowly towards the light, struggling to keep her balance. A trickle of warm blood oozed down the side of her face, resting at the start of her high cheeks. She was used to pain through her physical training but the way her body felt now was different. Something terrible had happened here and she was in the middle of it.
  11. @Blox @Mglo @dreamshell @Cheeki Breeki

    There is no more sun, the light has all but faded entirely from the horizon and nights cruel embrace has gripped the world you once knew. An unsettling silence has gripped the city as the haunting and relentless torrent of screams and ghoulish sounds have ceased. A certain darkness was settling in, the lights of homes did not shine and street lamps are dimming out. Only the great tower of light offered some semblance of hope, yet even it's grand radiance seemed to be choked as it's aura could only creep. Each of you but a few blocks out from the light, your sight of it being fogged by some awesome presence.

    Above it began to ring out, as if the sky exhaled and the wind did follow. Trees stirring in the now soft wind, yet the sky beckoned and something harsh approaches. A deep thrum sent a paced beat into the sky, its bass great and wide. It is not a great storm 'nor natures perfect tantrum, but a threatening anomaly ready to fall with untold force. The earth seemed to bow, as did the trees and homes all around.