Wake up, it's time. (OOC)

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  1. This is the OOC for "Wake up, it's time." For questions, comments or anything else please discuss here. Please stay on topic with RP. For ideas I stress that you make them heard here to further advance. Thank you and follow the Iwaku rules and guidelines.

  2. I jump!
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  3. Writing something up to post shortly. d(^_^)

    EDIT: Up. I... maybe got a little carried away.
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  4. @dreamshell It's not to carried away. Keep in mind that your thoughts and memories are a bit jumbled at the time, making it difficult to recall where you are or even how you got there in the first place. Some things may be easier to understand than others. As for your writing, it's not terrible, but attempt to consolidate your sentence structure and turn them into more proper paragraphs. Otherwise it is totally readable, just the numerous sentences dangling there by themselves is difficult to read, but that may be my own personal issue. But we'll continue forward, I'll have something up later this afternoon.
  5. Not really sure what to do with the new stuff you wrote for me, Slam. All seems like stuff to avoid, so I probably wouldn't end up writing much besides more of Jodie's confused ruminations and desperation to find her daughter and I'd like to have a bit more substance to include in a post.
  6. @dreamshell, just setting a scene and possibilities. Pursue what it is your character desires or needs.