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  1. Steve and Tony have known each other for their whole life. They are now in their last year of High School when they both starting to realize that they are indeed attracted to each other.

    Tony Stark, 18

    Steve Rogers, 18

    Howard Stark - Tony's Father

    Maria Stark - Tony's Mother

    Jarvis - Stark family's butler

    Sarah Rogers - Steve's Mother

    Joseph Rogers - Steve's Father

    Natasha Romanoff - Steve's Girlfriend
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  2. The first time they met, they hated each other. None of the grownups believed the two boys would ever get along, their despise of each other were too strong. No one even knew why.
    Their daily hair pulling and brawling ceased one day when Tony, deciding that he wanted the blond as his pillow, curled up beside the smaller boy and Steve being the perfect human being he was, forgave Tony. Since that day they had been inseparable. Tony had always been clingy when it came to the blond. He refused to stay on his own mattress during nap time and they were never shy to touch one another. It stayed that way through school, however friendly handholding and random hugging turned into boyish wrestling and random tackles. Even if they got older Tony never stopped snuggling up beside Steve when they crashed at each other’s places. Tony had always been the one holding puny little sick Steve close in a brotherly embrace, but as Steve started to bulk up he was happy to rest in the safety that was his best friend’s strong arms. It seemed like he had a thing with nuzzling Steve’s hard chest.

    Steve’s mom Sarah was sure her son was gay and in a relationship with Anthony Stark. She constantly reinsured her son that they would still love him if he were gay. This would always prompt Tony to laugh his ass off. Steve was as straight as ramp, their clinginess was totally platonic and besides he had a beautiful girlfriend. Knowing his best friend right he would probably marry that girl if she didn’t told him to piss off first. The large man always had a heart of gold. Steve Rogers was the definition of perfect human being.

    Fondue? You know it’s still called sex right?” Tony answered as Steve asked him about his boyfriend. He weren’t sure if they even could be labeled as a couple, all they did was sleeping with each other. The teens were for the moment at Tony’s place. His father was dealing with a company situation in Italy while his mother was tending fashion week in Paris. They were currently alone in the mansion. Well excluding the staff, but Jarvis rarely disturbed him.

    “And no I’m not banning Johnny anymore. You know what that means? Commitment free sex, and you know I love commitment free sex” He continued as he took a mouthful of the whiskey he was usually hiding under his bed. They were just chilling out after school. He was a bit sour of getting dumped, and that was probably the reason he was drinking for the moment. Normally it was just away for him to unwind after a fight with his father. Tony was the reason for all of Steve’s bad habits. The blond was late because of him, started drinking because of him, hell even got high because of him. The only thing Steve hadn’t picked up from him was his smoking, and he was sure the perfect bastard avoided it because of his love for sport. Smoking would be bad news for his lungs.
  3. Steve listened to his best friend since childhood rant and rave about a new relationship, well a new relationship ending. A huge smile was plastered on his face as he watched Tony pick up a bottle of whiskey and down a mouthful with ease. Yeah he drank, but he never drank as heavy as Tony, and plus he was a total lightweight so a simple glass or two of vodka could get him tipsy. After Tony had finished what he was saying, Steve had finally put gave his input with a burst of laughter he had been holding in while his friend was talking.

    "Awe Tony...is someone mad about being dumped, it's okay you can tell me the truth" of course they had this conversation frequently with Tony finding himself into and out of relationships. But Steve was always here to nurse him back to emotional health, with a laugh here and a stupid joke there. It had always been hilarious thought, seeing him so riled up. "I thought Johnny was a cool guy, what happened this time..." He had spoken to the guy a few times and he had seemed pretty cool and really into Tony, and when Tony was happy he was happy.

    Their friendship, was on the unusual side and people sure as hell didn't have a problem pointing that out. Steve found himself answering the same question over and over again day after day. Are you and Tony a couple? And each day he answered with the same answer, No. They were just really close and honestly Steve hadn't had an issue with the falling asleep in the same bed or hugging and holding hands regularly. In fact if it hadn't happened he would think something was wrong with his brunette. His Brunette. Steve found himself laughing internally at the thought as his phone vibrated in his pocket slightly.

    Pulling his phone out she looked to see that his girlfriend, Natasha, has just texted him with a time for tonight's date. Tonight was the night that marked three years with him and the fiery red head. Him and Natasha had started dating in 8th grade but eventually broke up because he hadn't seen the point and neither had she, but a year later they had picked up their relationship again and have been happy ever since. A small school boy smile came across his face as he texted her back excited for her to see what he had planned tonight.

    Alright beautiful, I'll see you at 9pm then ;)

    Natasha had always been a bit jealous with the way that Tony and him had interacted with each other but honestly Steve hadn't seen the harm in it. "Well if you need any help finding another boy toy, I'll be happy to help" he said his eyes still glued to the phone as he eventually turned it off and shoved it right back into his pocket.
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  4. "Tony Stark does not get dumped! I'm the one doing the dumping, you should know this by now, geez man and you call yourself my best friend!" Tony complained as he let his body slump down onto his bed. He offered Steve the bottle, his friend had always needed a push to drink. A part of him wanted Steve to get drunk for his date with Natasha. He didn't want to be alone in his empty house and had hoped Steve would spend the night with him. However It was an important date for them, he couldn't remember why even if his life depended on it. Like he ever could remember an important date. The only reason he remembered Christmas was because how much his friend beamed whenever it came around that time of year. But he did remembered what he gotten Steve, the professional art supplies the well trained guy couldn't take his eye's off. He had of course never said anything nor dared asked his parents for something that expensive but for Tony it was nothing, it was like getting himself a pair of new shoes. Steve had thought the present was too much, but after a while they had settled with Steve cleaning Tony's car to pay some of it back. However they never agreed on for how long. Maybe he should relieve Rogers from his duty, Tony reminded himself.

    "Nah, it's cool man, I was thinking to take it easy for a while. Besides I heard that you could get great orgasms during your sleep if you don't have sex for a while. Something you can tell me about Rogers?" He didn't want to admit it but his breakup with Johnny had been harder than he originally thought. He liked the guy and he thought it was going well. The sex was great and he enjoyed spending money on him, what more did you want from Tony Stark? However Steve made it all better with his stupid jokes and his pure smile. His best friend was way too good for him, and here he was wishing him ill on his date. He must be the worst best friend in history. Steve didn't deserve him or his fucked up shit. Steve Rogers, perfect human being.

    "Let's talk about you, I know this date is important for you. You should my card and treat her with something fancy. You deserve it" The Rogers weren't as well off as his own family. He knew the family was struggling to go around, and still Tony ate their food. It made him feel like crap, the Rogers were the nicest people he ever met. Sarah was constantly trying to feed him up while she complained that he was too skinny.
    Even if they were struggling they had way more compassion than his own sorry excuse of a family. This was his way to thank Steve for his friendship and his mother's hospitality. He knew his friend would never accept his money, but a part of Tony hoped he would do it for this date. Maybe it would take away some guilt from his own heart. Worse case Steve would be cleaning his car for another half year. Though Tony had to admit, he was getting accustomed to how his car shining now a days.
    "Get her something nice while you're at it, girls loves shiny stuff. They are just like crows."
  5. Steve had stayed quiet for a while before he shook his head rolling his eyes at Tony. "First off just because I don't screw everything that walks doesn't mean I get oh so fantastic orgasms while I sleep, and secondly...my girlfriend isn't a crow" Steve had loved Natasha cause she wasn't like the materialistic girls he had known. She loved him for him without all the money and the fancy cars and shiny trinkets, and it was a plus that her mother just loved having Natasha over. She would sometimes beam at the idea of them getting married abd having children in the future. "Plus I would never take any money from you should know that, and you call yourself my best friend" he threw his line back at him with a toothy smile as he looked at the bottle in Tony's hand.

    Of course he wanted him to stop the drinking, it was as if every time he had seen him it would become more and more. But he hadn't said anything about it cause he would be a hypocrite himself. He never drunk as heavily as Tony had but he drank a bit. But when Tony had offered he just smile and waved his hand turning it down, he needed to be completely sober for this date tonight. "And I really don't need the money...I saved up enough from the jobs I've been working lately so I'm taking her this this spot she's been dying to go to...I even worked a bit overtime to get her a necklace she's really wanted."

    Steve felt himself swell with pride as he brought up all the hard work he's done just for one person. But it was their third anniversary and he had to get her something great, she had proven time after time that she hadn't cared for the fancy things but he still feared that a guy like Tony would come in and swoop her off her feet. He always feared that she would leave him for Mr.Moneybags and thrown every cheap gift he gave her right back in her face. But no, not this time...she had been eyeing this necklace for the last two months and last week he had saved up enough to money to get it for her. "But really Tony, I'm sorry about the whole breaking up thing, I may not screw you on occasion but I'm always here for a cuddle or two" he teased chuckling softly at his own joke.
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  6. “You, Steven Grant Rogers, are one stupid fellow” Tony said as he made a very bad imitation of a Brooklyn drawl. He loved making fun of Steve’s very attractive accent. Even though he had done it a few times it always ended up sounding more as cockney. Steve’s accent weren’t really that strong, however it always became thicker whenever the youth was tired or really excited over something. It was something Tony couldn’t help but to find adorable however he never admitted that, boys were not adorable. “You’re best friend with Tony Stark and still you refuse to use me for my money. Really what is your end game? Are you and ‘Tasha Russian spies who are paid to kidnap me and force me to make weapons for terrorist or something? It’s the best explanation. It’s either that or you really are the best human being out there”

    He finally relaxed and took another sip from the bottle once his friend made it clear that he wouldn’t drink more today. Steve would soon leave and he would be alone in the large mansion. He knew he could invite the school for a party, people would show up even if it was in the middle of the week. But he weren’t in the mood for a party. All he wanted was to get drunk, and maybe work on his bot. The damn thing took up half of his room, which was saying a lot since his room weren’t exactly small. There was still a lot to be done, and despite his efforts he never seemed to get the damn thing to work. He usually referred to the half-done bot as “that dumb thing”, later it just acquired the name Dummy.
    “Thanks dude, you’re way better than I ever deserve. Are sure You're not a terrorist?” The cocky guy said with his signature smirk as he let his arms wrap around the best friend he ever would have.
    Normally Tony would said something along the lines of: ”Jesus Christ blondie, You will have to stop growing like this, Soon I won’t be able to hold you” or “Dude you have even bigger boobs than your girlfriend, sure she’s not jealous?” However he didn’t make a snarky comment like that this time which only showed how upset he actually was. The trace of sadness that had managed to slip out from his arrogant mask was gone just like that. “Maybe I should try Pepper again, that would be fun. Both of us dating redheads… really scary redheads” He was joking, his relationship with pepper didn't end well, it was amazing that they still were friends. They both had agreed to never start anything like that again.
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