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  1. In the world of humans life is based on fact and reality. The common folk work their days in fields of in shops producing goods of all sorts. It is a simple life with little to worry about. That is unless fantasy invades reality. Legends and folklore live on in the books and words of the elders told to children to warn and entertain. In these legends there is tales of the faeries and their magically kingdom within the realm of dreams. It is said to exist in that blur between reality and fantasy, before you wake up and before you sleep. But these legends like all others was merely a tale to tell children. To scare them or thrill them.

    Or was it? Did the realm of the fay really exist?

    Long ago the faeries once lived on the same plane as humans although they kept to themselves in their woodlands or savannahs far away from these curious creatures. But the terrible humans destroyed all they touched including animals and plants. To save their kind the faeries of all the lands banded together to move their kingdoms into the realm of dreams. Here they lived and prospered away from the devastating vile touch of man. For thousands of years they lived here and soon humans became just as much as a legend as the faeries were to humans. Never the two shall meet.

    Most fay only thought of the tales about humans as something to entertain their children. But one fay held these stories close. Wondering if they could be true. After all, all legends started from a small sliver of fact. This particular faerie was different than most. More adventurous, rebellious, and curious than most. And being the prince, Illithien got away with quite a bit. Like the rest of his woodland kingdom his skin was pale, and his features thin and elegant with elongated ears much like an elf. His body frame thin and lithe but also fit. Also like most of his woodland people his hair resembled that of the woodland. His hair hinting to the time of his birth, it was long and flowing and held the colors of orange autumn leaves. His eyes full of rebellious mischief were the color of honey, a soft yellow color. In appearance he looked to be early twenties though most fay didn’t show their true age and always looked young.

    Vines acted as jewelry and twisted and spiraled up his arms, the green leaves matching the green silk tunic and flowing pants that he wore. Bare foot he darted through the forest with his wings magically hidden. He hid them often, being trained in close quarters fighting meant they could become a hindrance. Illithien snickered as he heard the far away voices of his personal guard. It was common for him to leave them behind. They did after all spoil his fun. He liked to travel to the edge of his kingdom’s territory. He felt if maybe he watched long enough the human world would one day shimmer into view. Little did he know he was about to see more than a glimpse of the human realm.
  2. The scent of coffee and baked goods filled the air of the small café. Tables were crowded with old men discussing the old days and hack writers hoping this next article would be their big break. Men and women rushed in and out of the door on their way to their early morning meetings and appointments. All in all, the day was average at best.

    Only today wasn’t ordinary; not for Ciara. This afternoon she was going to drive far out into the county and visit her mother. They hadn’t spoken for nearly three months now, or more specifically Ciara hadn’t answered her letters. With her graduation from high school on the horizon, their relationship was growing more complicated.

    “Ciara, pick up the pace,” her manager barked.

    She blinked, realizing she’d zoned out for a moment. She resumed her work with vigor, pushing the thoughts away from her mind. There was still a whole day of school ahead of her before she needed to worry about her mother.


    Unfortunately that day went by faster than Ciara anticipated. Her mind continued to wander through the day. Before she knew it, the final bell rang and it was time for it all to begin.

    She left the classroom and made her way to her locker, collecting her things before making her way toward the door. The halls cleared out quickly as many rushed to begin their weekend. The parking lot was nearly empty by the time she left the building. The only car still at the curve belonged to her father, Kieran Mulloy. He gave a wave, but didn’t smile as she entered the car. It wasn’t a surprise; neither of them was looking forward to this trip.

    “How was school?” He asked as he set the car in gear and pulled out into the road.

    She shrugged as she dropped her bag onto the floor, “Fine. How was work?”


    She glanced down at his phone which sat in the cup holder, “Has she been calling you?”

    “All day,” he mumbled angrily under his breath. A sigh escaped him as he got a hold of his temper, “No need to worry about, Ci. Just focus on having a good time this weekend, alright?”

    She nodded though she doubted it would possible for her to have a good time. Not only would she need to deal with her mother and her moods, but there would also be grandmother to deal with. After their separation, her mother had gone back to live at her childhood home.

    They hit the highway after weaving their way through traffic. They chatted about mundane things, both avoiding any more talk of Ciara’s mother. Kieran eventually turned on the radio. Ciara didn’t mind; she could use the time to think. The time passed by as fast as the other cars did. Before she knew it, they had arrived in the small town near where her mother lived. It took only a short fifteen minutes more to reach the small farm.

    Even as they pulled up, Ciara could feel a sense of dread creeping in. Her father put the car in park, but neither of them moved. Eventually she reached back to get her duffle bag and pulled it up front. She started to open the door, when a hand grasped her shoulder.

    Kieran gave her a firm look, “If you need anything while you’re here this weekend, just give me a call. I’ll be here in a heartbeat.”

    “I know, Dad,” she replied, forcing a smile, “But there’s no need to worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

    “I’m sure you will be,” he said, leaning over to kiss her forehead, “Be safe, Ci.”

    She gave him a quick hug before she grabbed her backpack and duffle bag, and got out of the car. Just as she stood, a woman came out of the door, “Ciara, is that you?”

    Ciara waved, “Hello, Mother.”

    Her mother smiled in relief, but quickly glared as she approached the car, “Kieran, why didn’t you call and tell me you were going to be this late? Mother and I were worried.”

    Kieran met her glare with an annoyed groan, “Hello, Orla. You look well.”

    “Don’t give me that,” Orla went on, “What if something had happened? I would never have known because you never answer my calls.”

    “Never answer your calls? What have I been doing all afternoon?”

    “You ignored half of them.”

    “Because you called at least twenty times.”

    Ciara sighed as she made her way toward the house, leaving her parents to argue. It wasn’t a new sight. They’d tried to hide their bickering from her when she was younger, but now they didn’t bother. She entered the house and made her way to the kitchen. There Grandma Brigid sat chopping vegetables. Fresh bread sat on the table along with crisp apples likely picked that very morning. Despite being in her nineties, Brigid could still get around quite well.

    She looked up from her task, pulling down her knife and wiping off her hands when she saw who it was. “Ah, my Ciara, come give your grandma a hug,” she said as she came round the table with outstretched arms.

    Ciara returned the gesture, doing her best to respond as she had the air squeezed from her lungs, “Nice to see you again, grandma. How are you?”

    “Fine, just fine. What about you, my dear?” Grandma Brigid asked as she released her.

    Ciara took a few breathes before responding, “I’ve been good.”

    Brigid stepped back and took a look at her, “You look more and more like your mother every day.”

    This was partly true. Ciara was shorter like her mother and shared her delicate bone structure and small nose. They shared the same eye color as well, dark brown just like her grandmother. However, she was nowhere near as thin as her mother. Ciara also had a different hair color. Ginger hair that fell in loose curls as opposed to her mother’s light blonde hair.

    The voices from outside drifted into the kitchen, bring a frown to the older woman’s face, “Fighting again. Mercy alive, it was never that way for me and my Brian.”

    The sound of a car driving off signaled the end of the argument. A few moments later, Orla appeared in the kitchen, “I’m sorry about that, sweetheart. Why don’t you bring your things to your room? We’ll call you when dinner is finished.”

    Ciara nodded and headed back toward small guestroom that had once belonged to her uncle. He’d died many years back when her mother was still young. She dropped her bags onto the bed and pulled out some of her schoolwork.

    After an hour or so, her mother called Ciara back to the kitchen for dinner. They began with the usual polite conversation. Before long though, the conversation began to veer in a direction Ciara hadn’t anticipated. They had been talking about grades when her mother asked a rather bizarre question.

    “Sweetheart, you haven’t noticed anyone following you, have you?”

    Ciara blinked, stopping mid-bite. She glanced up from her food to her mother, “No…why? Is there something I should know?”

    Her mother glanced away uncomfortably, which meant whatever was going to follow was going to be something Ciara would not like. She sighed, “I know you don’t believe as I do, but the forest has been restless lately. I was worried it might have to do with you.”

    “Mother,” Ciara sighed, “Not this again.”

    “Ciara, this is not something I say lightly. I’m worried about you.”

    Ciara frowned, “I appreciate your concern-“

    Orla frowned, “No you don’t. You think I’m crazy, just like your father.”

    “Do not be so quick to dismiss the old ways, young one,” her grandmother added.

    “I don’t think you’re crazy, mother,” Ciara reassured her, “But these things are not real.”

    “Yes they are and I think you may be in danger,” her mother replied, almost desperate.

    Ciara sighed, but kept herself under control, “Listen, I’m kind of tired, so I’m going to go to bed early. Good night.”

    Without another word, she left the room and headed for the door. She decided a walk would do her some good before she locked herself up for the night. Her mother’s superstitious beliefs were not new. It was one of the reasons her parents had separated, though she was sure exactly how that played into everything. She let her mind wander as she walked, losing herself in memories.

    After what felt like only seconds, she looked up, not realizing just how far she’d gone. She was by the riverbank on the edge of the woods, across the field behind the house. It was nearly dark. Though she would rather walk a little longer, she knew her mother would worry if she was out past nightfall. She turned to go, but had to pause. Something had moved in her peripheral vision. She glanced around, but saw nothing. That was odd. Then it happened again. There was something down by the water. She walked closer, squinting to see what it was.

    Suddenly, she felt her foot slip. She tumbled forward, down toward the river bed. Her head hit something hard as she landed in the water. The last thing she felt was the cold water closing around her as she lost consciousness.
  3. While the prince wandered through the forest away from his personal guard, his father had plans of his own. Namisaus, the king of the faeries, moved through the thick wood on a mission. There was purpose in his steps as he moved from branch to branch. Those he passed would only see flittering glimpses of his vibrant autumn red hair. Burning like the flame of a dying leaf. His amber eyes narrowed in determination. There was a vengeance in his eyes. His face stone cold and his lips pressed thin as he stood a moment to listen. The leaves rustled and it caused the pale fit fay to stand still. A wicked smile slithered upon his face as he heard the winds words. “Retribution is neigh, Orla. You soul will shatter… just like mine did.” His deep voice promised as he moved again.

    Moving between the land of the mortals and the land of the fay was not an easy one. Only those whom knew of to make themselves visible in the other world could do it. Something Namisaus was well versed in. He’d used this rarely taught ability to visit the human world once before. Something that changed his life forever. Though this adventure was forbidden and he kept it secret. His dragonfly like wings hummed as he fly through the thick woodland. His target was near, although the wind rarely gave precise locations Namisaus still knew where about to go to catch her. Her whom would be the victim of his vengeance. Orla had every right to fear for her daughter.


    Illithien stopped before a haze line in the trees. He stood before a creek, staring in awe. Trying to see something, anything beyond the veil that covered their dream realm. So focused on this he didn’t hear his guard come up behind him. Suddenly a form tackled him to the ground. Hi warrior instinct kicked in and he pulled a blade from his side, swinging it at the attacker. But his blade clashed with another as the attacker defensively threw theirs up. He paused and gave a scowl as a familiar face scowled back at him. “Did you really think you could lose me your majesty?” The female voice snarked. “Mehalyn! How dare you strike my royal body!” He retorted as he showed the woman off him. “I didn’t strike you. I merely tackled you, your majesty.” She mocked as she stood up, offering her hand to his.

    Mehalyn was a small faerie, as far as fay went anyways. Though to judge the woman by her size would have been a fatal mistake. Her form was stocky and very well fit. Her round face and almond shaped eyes seemed to smile mockingly at Illithien, her sun yellow eyes just looking at her prince. Her green hair was tied in to a pair of buns atop her head. She had the same pale skin although her clothing was made of thick tanned armor with a pair of this daggers on her hips. Illithien grumbled as he took her hand and stood up. “You still knocked me down.” He pouted at the simple fact of being caught. “To stop you. You know it’s forbidden to venture this far…” Her words trailed off and a frown came to her round face as the prince rolled his eyes.

    “Yes yes, we’ve all heard the stories. Doesn’t it prod at your curiosity? Why is it forbidden?” Mehalyn rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over one another. “It’s to keep us safe. And no I’m not curious.” She replied in a droll tone. Though the prince wasn’t listening.


    Namisaus had come to his destination, it was a place of power. An ancient part of the wood filled with huge trees, gnarled roots, and grasping vines. Carved stones circled a small clearing where a small puddle of glowing blue water stood still. A soft exhale left the king as he walked slowly towards the puddle. His fists clenched as his heart thundered in his chest. He slowly stalked towards the glowing water, kneeling as he reached it. Uttering ancient words he whispered to the water, his breath causing ripples to form. From those ripples an image immerged. His breath left him as he gazed upon a girl. At first he thought it to be Orla but the hair wasn’t right. No this was her daughter.

    The king gritted his teeth and almost snarled at the image of the pretty human. She was walking near the creek where he first met the one that broke his soul. “How fitting.” He remarked. “To lose her where I found you.” He said reaching his hand out to the water. He inhaled and started to meditate, summoning all the magic he had as he held his hands over the puddle. The water began to ripple violently as if being pushed outwards. Slowly it acted as though being poured out, forming something like a mirror or portal. In fact that is what he did, opening a portal between his world and the human one. Though the door way into the kingdom was never predicable. Where ever Ciara landed would be a mystery.
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  4. “Ciara!”

    Awareness returned to Ciara slowly. The first thing she registered was the dull ache in her head. Her hand moved up to touch the sore spot, rubbing it until the sensation disappeared. She groaned, forcing her eyes to open. Everything was fuzzy, but she could tell she was still in the forest. She sat up, squinting as she took in her surroundings. The last things her remembered was going into the water, but somehow she was on the other side of the stream somewhere in the woods now. Not only that, but judging by the light it was almost noon. How long has she been unconscious?

    She looked around again, sighing as she did. The fall must have given her a concussion. Perhaps she’d wandered into the woods and then passed out. It would explain why she was so far in. Her mother must have been worried sick. Ciara would be in trouble when she got back to the house. Best case scenario, half the neighborhood was out looking for her. Worse case…several towns and the police were looking for her. Her mother tended to overreact even in small matters.

    After assessing the situation, she began to check herself over. Surprising she didn’t have a scratch on her. Her clothes were dry despite having recently fallen in a river. Considering she wore a dark stripped sweater and denim pants that was quite a feat; even her tennis shoes were dry. She blinked, slowly becoming irritated with her blurry vision. It seemed her contacts had fallen out during her wandering or perhaps when she’d fallen in the river. Either way, it made seeing anything more than four feet away from her a chore. She dug around in her pocket, smiling as she withdrew a case. Thankfully she’d had her glasses with her as she prepared to relax for the evening. She placed the simple black frames on her nose, grateful for the clarity they brought her.

    She got to her feet slowly, careful to test her limbs before putting pressure on them. Just as she’d thought, there was no damage that she could feel. Now she just had to find a way out of the forest. There was no way for her to be sure which way was home, she just started to walk. Hopefully she would find something. She cursed herself as thought of the cellphone sitting back at her grandmother’s house in her room. Of all the days she had to forget it.

    About fifteen minutes went by of silence. She couldn’t help but notice that this part of the forest seemed a bit odd. There were plants that she’d never seen before and even the trees had an odd quality to them. She was not exactly the outdoors type, but she knew enough to know there was something off about this forest. Perhaps that was a reason to fear it after all.

    Her attention was drawn from the plants to the path ahead of her. There was something in a clearing ahead of her. She walked a bit slowly, but continued to approach. It looked like a frog of some sort. He was a big too. She glanced around at the bushes, wondering if she could chance leaving the path. Though she wouldn’t say she was afraid of frogs, she preferred to avoid them. This one in particular looked like a particularly nasty specimen.

    Then it moved, not away but toward her. It started hopping down the path in her direction. It was then that she realized just how big it was. And at the same moment, she saw this was no ordinary frog. It was bigger than her. She found herself rooted to the spot. Her heart started to race as the creature ran at her.

    It launched some kind of glob of spit at her, prompting her to turn and start running. She ran on pure instinct as she moved like she’d never moved before. It was chasing her and judging by the way it continued to shoot those things at her; it wanted to do more than have a friendly chat.

    Unfortunately, even in her adrenaline fueled panic, she could not outrun the creature. One of the globs caught her and sent her crashing into the ground. She screamed as she went down, caught in the sticky mess. Her breath came quicker and she struggled against the disgusting concoction. But the more she struggled, the harder it became to move.

    The creature arrived shortly after, looking down on its prize. It opened it maw, revealing several rows of sharp teeth. The sight prompted Ciara to start shouting, “Help! Someone help me!” She wriggled faster, praying someone or thing would appear.
  5. “Not even a little?”Illithien replied to her as he started to walk. Mehalyn sighed and shook her head. “No. Not even a little. I don’t have time to be curious when I’m chasing you all over the kingdom.” She replied with a smirk. Her words were the truth since a guard was supposed to never leave the heir’s side. But the prince was constantly giving her the slip, always finding some why to escape her gaze and adventure on his own. And tonight was no different. He needed to get away from his oppressive baby sitter if he was to venture outside the veil. But suddenly his thoughts were disrupted by the veil shimmering and pulsing as though it took a breath.

    Both fay whipped around and eyed the haze before them. Mehalyn instinctively drawing her weapon and standing before the prince. But even he was speechless for a moment. “What was that?” He said very slowly as he eyed the barrier. The woman shook her head as she stared. “I have no idea…” She replied cautiously. There was a silence between them before she spoke again. “We should leave.” Illithien was about to disagree but he realized this was the perfect opportunity to loose Mehalyn. “Wait… Maybe it will do it again…” He said. It wasn’t a lie, the veil very well could have shimmered again but this wasn’t his intent. Mehalyn focused hard on the haze while the prince backed away silently then with a clasp of his hands and poof of dust he teleported away. Mehalyn didn’t notice right away and kept staring at the wall.

    Several yards away the prince teleported to escape her gaze. Eager to explore the wall on his own. Without her worrying. He walked along the wall, entering a darker part of the forest. One that was more swamp than forest. A place where the greater warrior toads patrolled the walk ways. The huge amphibians were of no worry to the prince but they had been known to cause trouble of lesser creatures. Then suddenly he heard a sound. The thudding hop of one of the huge toads and the slamming of feet running. Was a toad after something?

    Then came the terrified scream. The sound drew forth a burst of speed from the prince. The damn toads weren’t supposed to eat other faeries but it occasionally it did happen. It was his duty to protect his people, no matter how tedious that task might have sounded to him. Needing more speed than his legs could carry him his clear wings shimmered as they appeared, buzzing softly as he flew with incredible speed. He then came upon a scene where a toad was about to engulf it’s victim. Illithien curled his lip as he drew a long elegant sword from his side.

    In an instant he was beside the toad and the poor woman. Just as the beast threw it’s sticky tongue out to slurp up Ciara into is cavernous toothy maw, the prince slashed his sword upwards severing the tongue. The creature let out a horrible groan and jerked backwards from the pain. The prince gave another quick sideways slash and cut the beast on the side of it’s head, causing it to flail away from him. He stood between the woman and the toad as the beast righted itself before quickly hopping away. Tossing his head to throw his orange hair behind him, his wings softly lowering as the threat limped away.

    Satisfied that the other faerie was safe he turned to help her up but suddenly he froze. This… was no faerie. Her hair was the wrong color, her clothing too bizarre and she looked off somehow. He cocked his head to the side as he did a double take at her, a confused expression taking over his slender face as he sheathed his weapon. “Are… Are you alright?” He asked as he looked her over more carefully. What was she?
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