Waiting on the Charge

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  1. It was the 1950's, and she was once of the most giving people. She was the heiress of the Wealthy named Thomas Luis Silverfall. Her Father was a stock broker, and made very good and very many investments. You would never know, she had money. Tayen, never went to private schools or had expensive clothes. Though she was always in the Newspaper. She supported and gave money to many many charities.

    She died Dec 25th in 1955. She had just turned 20. A few days before Christmas, having walked home on a slick and snow covered surface. She walked slowly and softly. Watching cars passed as some fished tailed, but got control. Just about 30 minutes from home, a man who had to much spiked Egg Nog at a Christmas Eve party, lost control of his car on the slick, iced over streets, jumping the curve and hitting her. She didn't even have time to react, cause it happened so fast. It was several hours before she was found by the Police. She had been suffering from internal damage, plus she was out in the freezing cold. That Year had been a very cold one.
    Once found, she was rushed to the Hospital, where her loving Father, never left her side. He stayed at her side, night and day. He didn't go into work for the 6 days that she was in the hospital. She was in a coma.
    Midnight on Christmas, she woke up and looked around. She saw her Father holding her hand, Weakly she gripped his hand. Waking him up from a dead sleep. Tears poured from his eyes as he was so over come with emotions seeing her awake. She had never once saw her Father cry. Not even when her Mother died. She smiled to her Father and she asked him to come lay with her and to read her something from one of the many Christmas Carols she loved. He did just that, slipping into bed with her. Her head pressed to his chest as she could hear her Father's heart beat. She smiles weakly as she heard his soft, soothing voice read.

    She knew she wasn't going to make it another day. She could feel her body shutting down. Looking up to her Father, she told him just that. He shook his head, and told her that she was silly. She needed more rest and recovery. He kept reading to her, knowing himself that she was right, he could see it her face, that life was slowly fading away, but he was going to make the best of the short time they had left. He read her favorite Christmas Carols. Hours passed, with many laughs and tears. She had gripped her Father's shirt, where is heart is. As the sun came up, she drew in her last breath and released it, her body falling against her Father's. He just held her small, pale hand close to his chest. He said he loved her and that he would see her soon, that it wasn't goodbye. A huge funeral was planned a few days later. Her Father placed her in her favorite dress (in picture above),

    For what seemed like days, were just mere moments later. She woke up in her favorite dress. Looking around, Being in a solid white place alone. She stood to her feet as she said hello. A voice answered her. The voice told her of why she was here. Cause of her caring, loving humanity, that she was given a chance, to share the same abilities of caring for others she had to the new world of humans, who had forgotten the meaning.
    Waking up in a room, she looked around the place. She had been placed in a apartment. She stood up from the bed and headed out the door, down the stairs and to the streets of the City, nothing looked the same. She walked around and found a newspaper stand, picking up the paper, looking to the date. Seeing it was 2155, she couldn't even believe it. She ran back to the apartment she had been placed in. Trying to understand everything.
    Still to this day she doesn't understand, why she is here. She has met the people who call themselves The Elders and they explained a little bit to her as to why, who, and what she is. She is called a White Lighter, she is able to heal people, orb from place to place, but she would need practice on it all, so she would be getting help from another fellow White Lighter.
    After a few months, she understood her purpose. She understood everything she needed too. Now all she had to do, was wait until she was given a charge to help.

    ** Would like a guy to help take part in this RP. There is a open of things that can be done, and take place. I am open to suggestions. Character Sheet is optional. Not a must. A picture of your Character would be nice. Remember its now 2155. So what the future holds is endless. Anyone has any ideas, and wishes to place this out. Drop a line. :) ***

    (This is Tayen Silverfall)
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