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  1. I'm guessing i post here and wait, ANYWAYS! Looking for some fun, missing those awesome anime fandom RPs that i love doing so much. Anyone doing those please post below i would love to join. :)
  2. So, do you want Anime-themed or do you want something more based off an actual series?

    If the latter, a Campione RP has been at the back of my head for quite a while.
  3. What is ''campione''? A Mafia anime based?
    and yes i only do anime based RPs.
  4. It's far from Mafia-based. It has all these gods and shyt. The namesake of the anime/LN is a title that is acquired by slaying a god. You get all kinds of god powers by doing so.
  5. I don't see the use of creating such a RP unless there is a very advanced system so people don't go over board with said powers. I know how some people are with these kind of RPs, I use to do them a lot 2 years ago and i know the types that come with it. If there is such a anime based god RP with a advanced system then i might join it and see how it works out but i tend to try and avoid those kinds of RPs. Although maybe a mafia RP like Katekyo Hitman Reborn sounds like a good original RP, i haven't seen that idea done here yet. But unless someone is willing to work with me to create it i probably will wait to see if that god rp is available unless your trying to throw ideas.
  6. Remember the Cartoon Network television series of TDI? The campers divided in two teams will be challenged every week. The looser team will vote to kick out one of the campers, but you can always come back as other camper. Here are the details if you are interested:
    Total Drama Island | IwakuRoleplay.com
  7. I don't watch kid cartoons, sorry but i don't like ''cartoon network'' nor do i like its shows. I did like them when i was 10 but i grew out of it. Plus i didn't state i was searching for a ''cartoon'' RP, i'm searching for a adult/mature anime thing. Anime is japanese cartoons which vary but since well i am a adult i do search for mature and serious RPs.
  8. INTEREST CHECK - Ryuuseigun - Visitors from the Stars | IwakuRoleplay.com

    How about my planned RP, 流星群.

    It's a Mecha Musume Roleplay. While Stars and the main five(I may consider reducing it to main 4 or main 3) have to be all female, other roles can be male or female. I plan to integrate some slice of life elements around here and there, but there'll be fighting around and around.

    If you question about balancing, the only ones whose power levels stick out like sore thumbs are the Celestials, but being Raid Boss level powerful is the entire point.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Hero Club's Misadventures! | 勇者部の災難! | Yuushabu no Sainan! | IwakuRoleplay.com

    There are combat abilities, that is true, but this roleplay prefers to focus more about bonds between the members of each club and their activities, although there will be inevitable cray-ass fighting around. I'm seeking for people to fill the empty spots in, rather than make more empty spots.
  9. The second one is interesting but i don't understand it at all.
  10. How do I put this...

    ... ah yes.

    There are two clubs, the Hero Club and the Occult Society. The Hero Club hosts many 'protagonists' and the Occult Society hosts many 'antagonists' or 'rivals'. Someone described it as 'basically a Crossover with Original Characters and Original Stories' so let's go with that.

    Basically, you play a member of one of these clubs, and your other club counterpart is your 'rival', 'foe', 'opponent' or something from the same tale/story as you are from.
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  11. Okay i will sign up for it soon
  12. Thank you for the feedback.
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