Waiter, there's a ______ in my soup!

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  1. Okay, so I have seen this game on the magical land known as the internet, so I decided to do one of these myself on here xD
    Basically how this is going to work is I'm going to give a complaint about something in my soup, and then another person would give a solution to my problem and post a new problem, and another person would give a solution to that person's problem and post a new one, etc, etc, etc.

    CoolGuy101: Waiter, there's a potato chip in my soup!
    Kira: Then take the potato chip.......AND EAT IT!!!!!!
    Waiter, there's an illegal human experimentation gone wrong in my soup!
    XxNightmarexX: KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!
    Waiter, there's a...........you get the idea

    Now let's begin, shall we?
    Waiter, there's a gameboy in my soup!
  2. Quick, save it.

    Waiter, there's a soup on my fly.
  3. Eat the soup and brush the fly under the table.

    Waiter, there's a facehugger in my soup. Also, the bowl's dissolving.
  4. Put it in the incinerator before it is too late......

    Waiter, there's a portal in my soup!
  5. No, there's a portal in your bowl. All the soup fell through it. That counts as you eating it. Here's the bill.

    Waiter, there's a waiter in my soup.
  6. Wait for him to get out.
    Waiter, there's a Nuclear Weapon with Korean on it in my soup.
  7. Put it on my neighbor's lawn, I never liked him anyway......

    Waiter, there's a Gaben in my soup!
  8. Tell him to get his butt back to Valve, and make Half-Life 3.

    Waiter, there's a Heroic Servant in my soup!

    Waiter, there's a weapon if mass destruction in my soup!
  10. Sell it to Iran.

    Waiter, there's soup in my Salad!
  11. Weclome to Amercia kid.
    Put it in a drainer, with a bowl under it.

    Waiter, there's a pokeball in my soup!
  12. Then use a pokemon to catch the pokeball

    Waiter, there's a ticket to Hogwarts in my soup!
  13. Then, it's BS. You don't get a ticket to Hogwarts.

    Waiter, There's a Porkchop in my steak!
  14. Eat it, you'll regain health.

    Waiter, there's a Diamond in my soup!
  15. Use the soup to transform it into it's final form

    Waiter, there's a soup in my banana!
  16. Oh, no. The banana peel is just to hold the soup. We're out of bowls so we picked that out of the garbage.

    Waiter, there are jelly babies in my burger. Also, this weird old guy is trying to get me into his phone box.
  17. The cops have been contacted, just sit tight for a new burger.

    Waiter, There's a sword in my stone!
  18. Pull it out and rule all of England.

    Waiter, there's an egg in my rabbit.
  19. Which came first?

    Waiter, there's a country on my planet!
  20. Just one? Terribly sorry, sir.

    Waiter, I've swallowed my fork!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.