Wait- A Harem?!

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It would be easy, he told himself, grinning as he rounded the corner to go to the classroom. Just pick a girl, take her out, have a good time. They would be crazy about each other in no time. He would have a girlfriend, and he'd get his mother off his back. Two birds, one stone.

"First girl I come across at lunch hour," he swore when he was preparing for school, when he had come up with this crazy plan of his.

However, as he entered the school, he realized he had doubts. What if the first girl he saw was, God forbid, not interested in him at all? He was too pleasing to the eye for that not to be a case, and he was charismatic and smart. What girl wouldn't be interested? But there was that chance... And he wasn't sure he wanted to take it!

"I'll just scout out a girl during the day, narrow down who I might be interested in, and BAM! Things will be awesome from there."

Yeah, that plan would work, just like all his plans worked. He was, after all, the smartest in his class.
Nuri glanced around her, straitening out her black corset dress. Her long waist length hair bounced a bit as she walked forward. This place was a bit strange for her, seeing as she had been home schooled her entire life. There were lot's of people and some very cute boys. She made her way into the school, clicking of her new knee high, black stiletto boots in the halls as they started to empty. It was nearly lunch time. The teen realized that she had missed her first half of her first day. Lunch would be before her next class so she decided to head that way. Hopefully this whole "school" thing would work out…Her icy blue eyes portrayed her un sureness as she bit her lip and stepped into the lunch room.
Nikolas was practically stewing with excitement as he walked into the lunch room. He had found several candidates for dating, and he would approach them here.

However, then he found himself looking at another girl.

"Never seen her before."

Grinning, he decided to approach her. She was by far the prettiest of his candidates.

"Excuse me, miss. Might I join you?" he asked. Neither were seated nor holding any food. So joining her would include those actions, but he didn't seem to notice. He was focused solely on this girl.
Nuri almost jumped out of her skin as she heard someone call out to her. She turned around and looked at the boy curiously. He asked to join her for lunch.

"Um...Who are you exactly...?"

She occasionally glanced around, hoping for a familiar face while she waited for his awnser.
He grinned and bowed dramatically.

"Nikolas at your service!" he said, coming up from his bow. "And your name?"