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  1. Hello Ladies~


    I'm looking to roleplay! Please check out my roleplay resume to see what I will and wont do.

    Here's the stuff I'm interested in!

    Original Pairings

    Angel x Demon
    Princess x Hero
    Student x Student
    Android x Human
    Android x Android

    Or I'm really up for anything, I'd love some suggestions! :D


    Dota 2
    Team Fortress 2
    Dokapon Kingdom

    **You can also send me fandoms you'd be up for, and I can tell ya if I know of it or not.**
    **I also love doing crossovers; Like, absolutely love.**

    Send me a PM if you're interested; I can't wait to roleplay with ya!​
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  2. Blame Waluigi but I'd be interested in doing something with you. You strike me as fun and funny. So yeah I'd be willing to do something with ya. Whatever you'd like to do most is fine with me. XD Also hello, I'm Arius LaVari. -bows politely-
  3. [​IMG]

    My sexiness is overwhelming, I know,
  4. I-I'm sorry the laughter. XD
  5. I'm open again,
  6. Hello! I'm interested~!!
  7. So you pretty much gave up on the RP you and I were doing? That's fine I just would have liked a warning have fun with whatever else you can find okay? See ya~
  8. This might be the gif of the otter flipping out, but I'd love to work something out.
  9. Hello,

    If your fine with it id be up for the Angel x Demon or Android x Human. :3