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  1. I am currently: Open


    Hello again ladies,

    the SexyBass is back and ready for nerdy roleplaying action!

    PM me or post below if you're interested,
    Things I look for while roleplaying:
    1-2 Paragraph posts
    Spelling and Grammar
    Partners capable of driving/adding to the plot. I do not want to be the only one doing so, and it turns off my interest in the RP.
    Fleshed out characters, if it's an original setting.
    I like my roleplays with 50% romance, 50% story. Romance is fun, but I feel a good roleplay is one with a tasty plot. Be prepared for contributing story ideas, twists, turns, villains, settings, stuff like that.
    my current Pairing Ideas!
    with my rating of interest
    (Note: I'm flexible with many 1x1 ideas, so if you have any of your own bring them up! However I would highly appreciate it if you would see my own interests first.)
    Hero x Princess*****
    Fictional Deities*****
    Inventor x Invention****
    Rivaled Heroes (fantasy)****
    Thief x Knight****
    Anything Fantasy related***
    Demon x Angel***
    "Supernatural" Students**
    my favorite Fandoms!
    with my current rating of interest
    Shovel Knight*****

    (Characters from separate universes)
    Gijinka (Pokemon)*****
    Dokapon Kingdom*****
    Dota 2****
    Team Fortress 2****
    Resident Evil***
    Kingdom Hearts**
    Street Fighter**
    If you have any other ideas, questions, sexy compliments, just post below! Or PM's are awesome too.

    I can't wait to meet ya!
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  2. I'm Open again,

    send me a PM if you're interested! :D
  3. Still looking.
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