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  1. Camp Wahatamachee...
    A strange camp. In the middle of the Wahatamachee National Park.
    All camps have their legends, and Camp Wahatamachee is no different.
    Theirs is known as the Man of Wahatamachee. He was a man who lived in the middle of what is now the camp, where the Camp Director's house is now, who murdered several Hikers with an axe. He is now a ghost who can open pocket dimensions.Now, three days after Camp has started, All the campers and several counselors have disappeared leaving no trace. To not worry anyone, the common story is that everyone went hiking, and fell into the Lake. This is after several messages such as "I'm back" and "There will be Consequences." appeared all over the camp. After they disappeared, the words"There were Consequences" appeared. This was also after groups of hikers had gone missing. Now, it is up to the Rangers of Wahatamachee National Park to figure out what happened.
    Seems like an easy job, because Ghosts aren't real, Right?

    If you read the above story, then you know this is an RP where we play Park Rangers investigating a disappearance of Campers and Hikers. There will be small unconnected cases throughout the RP, such as Vandals, Skinnydippers, Illegal Hunters, and other stuff.

    Welcome, to Wahatamachee National Park.
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  2. The CS:


    Age: (Over 18)

    Appearance (Anime or real is fine.):





  3. [​IMG]
    Rules for Rangers at Wahatamachee National Park

    1. Buddy System: A least two Rangers together at all times. In case of accidents.

    2. wear your weapons: If an animal attacks, you'll be glad to have your weapon on you.

    3. flashlights at Night: You don't want to take a Spill, and end up in the hospital.

    4. Report all Suspicious Characters: These people can cause chaos through the park, so report them, and if you have at least three people, arrest them.

    5. Always be Willing to Help: If a Civilian comes up to you, and asks for help, help them if it is in your power.
  4. Will make mine now!
  5. {Name}
    "Mark Voichek at your service"
    "Kid...Im 26 now any other stupied question?"
    "well...not much"
    Mark always wears Goggles over his head and kinda always has a stick or somthing on his mouth to chew so it helps hom,but what he ALWAYS carries is a Ace of spades Card on his Boot...dont ask.
    Mark is slightly cocky and aswell always brave,if he sees somthing creepy he just dosent give a shit,if he hears somthing,was just the wind,he is serius and takes job serius so no Mr.Funny here...well kinda,and always acts like the Mature and the adult one.But get on his good side and he is a Nice man and funny somtimes
    (If im correct this is OK for a Park ranger....I have seen some people be VERY equipe...But not sure :/)
    "well...lets see here *Bag Opening*"
    *Mark carries with him for defence a "Savage" Bolt action sniper rifle with camo,Mostly for animals.
    *15x 308.Cal Rounds for his trusty Rifle
    *A Elzetta LED Flashlight For the Dark Nights
    *A Bushmaster Survival Knife Kit if they get lost
    *A Handy Small First Aid Kit
    -heart of a Lion
    -Marksmen with Rifles
    -Survival (Duh)
    -Easy to Disract
    -Getting Cocky gets him hurt somtimes
    -Not geting scared leads him to somtimes dangers
    -He is heavy sleeper
    He ussually never use his rifle but wen he dose he alwyas make every hot count...well if he even gets to fire it​
  6. Approved. Yeah, we are a Special Park, so we get cooler gear.

    Name: Kellyn Alton

    Age: (Over 18): 28

    Appearance (Anime or real is fine.):


    A Brave and Loyal Ranger, Kellyn is the one you want in your park. He is Quick thinking, and Logical. He can solve problems just by talking. He has an infectious sense of humor, and can make anyone laugh. He also gets very emotional. He is OCD and ADHD, s he gets distracted and wants things in a proper order. He also gets headaches for some unknown reason.

    Supplies: A Flashlight, a pack of gum, some batteries, His Lined Duster, An AR-15 and some rounds, A Swiss Army Knife, a Tactical Light.


    Is Quick Thinking and Logical.

    Very Charismatic

    Is good in Hand to hand combat.

    Very good at Wilderness Survival.


    His OCD and Paranoia get to him.

    Gets Migraines frequently.

    Gets confused very easily.

    Not very stealthy

  7. The CS:

    Name: Clover Pitch

    Age: (Over 18) 25

    Appearance (Anime or real is fine.):[​IMG]

    Personality: Clover is an overly upbeat young lady who is nervous when speaking with others face to face. She is by no means shy, Clover is very open and loves people. Her problem is she doesn't know who's talking, the person in front of her or a voice in her head. So it common for Clover to watch someone's lips rather than their eyes. She is also a very helpful person and kind, to a point. Clover has her rude days like everyone else and won't feel too bad about it afterwards. When she around people she trust, Clover well response to the voices and treat them like they're there. She is very opened minded about everything and well hear anyone out.

    Supplies: Survivor's book, compass, map, army issued knife, mace, water, lighter, walkie talkie, flash light, batteries, and a taser.

    Good runner
    Open minded
    Very good memory

    She gets distracted by the voices
    Can't have a gun
    She loses track of conversations easily
    Not physically strong
    Other: Clover hates doctors and won't take any medicine if she thinks it'll make the voices leave. She also has a favorite voice, his name is Greg.
  8. Approved.
    Do you also want to be the one who sees the Strange Figure throughout the park and no one believes? Or no.
  9. Sure, it would make sense with her
  10. Alright. I should sleep now...
  11. Yes lol night
  12. Name: Katell Lillium

    Age: 20

    Appearance (Anime or real is fine.):[​IMG]

    Personality: Katell usually keeps to herself and is a bit shy, but when she does interact with others she uses sarcasm and does have quite a temper. Although she does like to keep to herself, she hates being lonely and would try to "stay relevant" and speak to others.

    Supplies: Flashlight, pocket knife, bag of M&Ms

    Strengths: I able to think quickly. Supportive. Creative. Persuasive.

    Weaknesses: Hates being alone. Temperamental. Clingy.

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  13. Accepted. Let's get one more person, then start.
  14. Is this rp still open?
  15. Yes. It's always open.
  16. Awesome :D i'll try to put a char up today.
  17. Name: Aideen Blake (nickname Aidee))

    Age: 24

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Aideen is overall a pretty nice person. She's a quiet type but she will make conversation and try to be friendly with others. If she sees someone doesn't reciprocate she'll keep quiet, guessing she's probably being a nuisance. She is a hard worker, not wanting anyone to think bad of her or fail their expectations.

    Supplies: She carries a backpack that has in it granola bars, nuts, two water bottles, a small first aid kit, packets of skittles, a notebook and a couple of pens. On her person she has a pocket knife, a small gun, her cell phone and her flashlight.

    Strengths: Although she looks a little frail, Aideen is stronger than she looks, arms and legs used to hard work like lifting boxes and furniture. She is a good follower and doesn't break rules.

    Weaknesses: Aideen's biggest weakness is her low self confidence, she thinks everyone is better than she is. She also takes things to heart easily. She's anemic so she often feels tired and on rare occasions dizzy.

    Other: She likes chocolates and most furry creatures like cats and dogs... squirrels and mice. The usual.
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