W-i-t-c-h with a B

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  1. Siren Engel sat at her school desk, staring dreamily out the window.
    It was a dark, rainy day, but she found it beautiful.
    The rain was calming, and it washed everything away.

    Most days, Siren stared outside instead of listening to her lessons,
    but she did well in school anyway.
    She smiled to herself and pulled out a sketch book to draw in.

    A lot of kids around her disliked Siren, but she didn't seem to care, or notice.
    Most of the time, she was in her own little world.

  2. Makoto was often a confusing child. He seemed to always know about people's secrets, and his hand was always part of the rumor mill, even if he didn't start them. He was the type to know about every rumor before it started- and one of the recent ones was about a young girl in his class, by the name of Siren Engel. Because of the rumors, Makoto had a slight interest, though not much, in the mysterious girl who always had her face towards the window. The rumors said she was a witch, but most likely it was because she wasn't one to talk much, if at all. To Makoto, it wasn't an especially big deal, however he did realize already that he didn't recall ever hearing her voice. However, as he pondered this, the teacher was already frustrated with him.

    "Mikamura, get your head out of the clouds and answer question five."

    Question five? That's...
    He thought back to what they were doing and answered correctly, though with slight hesitation. The teacher let a sigh out as he returned to the lesson. It's not like I particularly worry about my grades...But at least this class is pretty simple. That girl though...She's much more complex, I'm sure, than even the rumors allude to...
  3. Class ended, and Siren made her way slowly out of the class, and to the lunch room.
    She got in line and grabbed a strawberry water, and nothing else.
    She went outside and walked around, sipping her water slowly.

    Someone walked by her and shoved her, making her spill her water down the front of her herself,
    and today she was wearing a white ruffle dress.
    "OOOPS, SORRRYYY...!! Maybe you should pay attention, idiot."
    The person said to her, and laughed.

    Siren sighed and put the cap on her water, then sat down on a bench.

  4. Makoto entered the lunch room around the time that the water incident had occurred. He knew the girl that had shoved her, vaguely. Wasn't there a rumor that she was sleeping with older men? He shook his head as he went to Siren and held out a handkerchief he happened to have in his pants pocket, frowning. "Ignore her. She has known low self esteem and likes to pick on others naturally from it. After all, there's no way someone who has good self esteem would have rumors she's selling herself." The girl he spoke of looked at him with a glare, but he merely smiled to her and waved her off before returning to look at Siren. "You should dry off before you catch a cold."
  5. Siren grabbed the handkerchief softly and dabbed at her dress.
    It was going to stain.

    As he spoke, she looked him in the eyes, but said nothing.
    She shrugged when he told her to dry off.
    Her eyes wandered over to the sky again, like they typically did.

    Another girl walked past and laughed.
    "It's no use speaking to her. She's a mute. A retard."
    She laughed and walked away.

    Siren's eyes flicked to the girl, and then back to Makoto.
    She shrugged again and handed him the handkerchief.

  6. "Whoever said she needed to talk?" He asked, turning to look over his shoulder. "I may like listening, but I can talk just as easily." He waved it off, not worried anymore about the other people, instead returning to look at the girl before him. He pondered for a moment, noticing how he'd seen her often looking out the window, as if towards the sky. "You like the sky a lot, don't you? I know someone who takes a lot of pictures of the sky...Is there something that draws you particularly to it?" He smiled in a slightly false demeanor, taking the handkerchief back to stick in his pocket. Pondering for a moment, he held a hand out.

    "I know you don't feel comfortable speaking, so you don't have to...But you can always write your answer, if you can't speak it, if you ever want to talk, alright? I can't read sign language, but I can read writing. And I know you can write. I've seen you take notes."
  7. Siren nodded, and grabbed out a notebook and a pen.
    She wrote quickly, but her hand writing was cursive, and clean, beautiful.

    "I don't speak anymore. My voice is gone."

    She handed him the notebook.
  8. He peered at the page carefully. Her handwriting was gentle and easy to read, yet she wrote so quickly it was hard to conceive it possible. Reading it with care, he gave her a glance. "So you're mute, huh? But see? I can hear you without words this way. Even if you can't physically speak, you can speak in other methods. So use this if you ever need to speak, at least with me. If you're afraid to do it with others, then give me a note and I'll do it for you."
  9. Siren grabbed the notebook back and wrote again.

    "I'm not afraid to speak. I just don't want to. I'm not mute either."

    She sighed and handed it back. This was tiring.
    Maybe she should just speak.
  10. He looked at the note with curiosity. "My bad. You said your voice was gone...That sounds more like being unable than being unwilling."
  11. Siren sighed and shrugged.
    She got up as the bell rang and looked at him.

    She cleared her throat.
    Opened her mouth-
    She took a breath and turned to walk away.
  12. He sighed in and scratched at his scalp, surprised. Moving cautiously, he let his other hand catch her shoulder. "I told you not to push yourself. Until you can or want to, just write what you want to say. At least then it gets the point across." Letting go of both hands, he walked ahead past her, turning his head over his shoulder. "Later."
  13. Siren watched him walk away, then she made her way out to the parking lot, and to her car.
    She didn't feel like going to school now, so she drove to her old Victorian style home.
    Her family wasn't in right now, so she went up to her bedroom, climbed outside, and onto the roof.
  14. Makoto, unlike Siren, stayed at school until classes ended. His house wasn't far from school, so he tended to just walk- that, and he was co-habitating with a few friends to be closer to school since his parents had supposedly left for a business trip earlier in the year. The house was meant for a family, and only had two bedrooms- so generally, the two boys shared and the two girls did as well. However, the four seemed to work it out easily. And as usual, one of the others was trying to nag him into taking a stroll through town with her. Feeling a bit sporadic, he had ended up doing so, and was laughing at her while walking near the Victorian house he rarely passed, but seemed to catch his attention.

    "Something wrong, Mako?" The girl mused. He smiled to her and shook it off.

    "Something's familiar about that house I guess." He looked for a name on the house or the mailbox, but didn't seem to notice one. "Hm...It seems lived in though..." The girl ran ahead, and he followed her momentarily, before looking up and noticing a figure on the roof. "Isn't that..." He moved closer to the perimeter of the house, trying to see if his eyes were deceiving him due to his tendency to mix up images farther away.
  15. Siren noticed the boy from earlier walking by her house, and looking up at her.
    She stared back down at him and walked to the edge of the roof, looking down.

    She smiled slightly at him, and then jumped off.
    But, since she was a witch, she softly floated down to the ground, unharmed.
  16. The girl with him seemed to be frustrated that he wasn't paying attention to her, and huffed off soon enough. Makoto had little interest in going shopping which he knew she'd want, so it was almost a relief. However, his mind was startled still as he saw the girl floating after jumping from such a large amount of height. The rumors said she was a witch, but rumors were rumors right? Though they were helpful and interesting, he'd never thought those ones were even possible to be true until that moment.

    Waving to her from the edge of the property, believing that he'd be thought a trespasser if he took a step closer, her called out. "Don't do dangerous things or your lack of a voice won't be a choice anymore." He was referring to her earlier statement that she merely didn't want to speak, but also of the fact that danger was clearly in her actions. However, he said little more than that, waving once more time before starting to turn to walk off. He'd talk to her properly the next day, most likely, but unless she called for him or came to him, he wasn't going to get closer out of safety of legality.
  17. Siren looked around.
    She bit her lip, and walked forward a bit.

    Her throat was sore from not using it much, but she walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder softly.
    Quietly, painfully, she whispered to him.

    It was hoarse and rough, but it was understandable at least.
    She coughed loudly.
  18. A surprised expression caught his mild yet clear features. It was one word, but it was spoken. It was plenty to make him stop- actually, the pat on the shoulder would have been enough. However, he could tell it had been hard for her to speak the one word she had, and decided to pat her head lightly, like a puppy who learned a new trick. "I told you not to force it...But I'm proud of you."
  19. Siren didn't smile- she didn't smile ever, really.
    But she nodded.

    She motioned for him to follow her, and started walking towards her house.
  20. He was being invited onto the property? It both surprised him and yet didn't, but he wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth- and he'd been quite curious about the house for some reason. So, he followed her diligently. "Do you have a big family? Ah...Hm, I don't want you to hurt your throat, so...Maybe I shouldn't ask too many questions?" It was troublesome, since he wanted to know more naturally- but he also didn't mind snooping instead. "Either way, I hope it won't be a bother, my coming."