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[BG=#008B8B][DASH=white]Accepting New Characters: Yes!
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Modern Fantasy [Sci-Fi Setting]
Atmosphere/Mood: Drama, Romance, Serious to Silly (depending on situation), Psychological
Basic Plot: In a futuristic world plagued by governmental corruption, a strange kind of magic ignites the beginnings of an unlikely rebellion.
The Wishmaker will grant you one wish, but only if you grant another's.



ωєℓcσмє тσ кѕαяια
мαкιηgѕ σƒ cσяяυρтιση
ѕραякѕ σƒ яєвєℓℓιση
тнє ωιѕнмαкєяѕ
υηℓιкєу мιяαcℓєѕ
тнє gяαη∂ cσмρєη∂ιυм

welcoмe тo ĸѕαrια


It is the year 3010,
a futuristic age of technological advances beyond our imaginations.

Everything is electronic
, from your houses to the cars to everything you use.

Ksaria, the city you live in,
is one of the greatest the world.

It's a beautiful, well-equipped city, but
isolated from the rest of the world by oceans.

Life in Ksaria has recently taken a drastic turn; the government is trying turn communist.

Several high ranking public officials are calling for total government control.

People have tried rioting and striking, but every attempt to rebellion has been put down.

In the midst of this, you will become a Wishmaker & change the world.

ωєℓcσмє тσ кѕαяια
мαкιηgѕ σƒ cσяяυρтιση
ѕραякѕ σƒ яєвєℓℓιση
тнє ωιѕнмαкєяѕ
υηℓιкєу мιяαcℓєѕ
тнє gяαη∂ cσмρєη∂ιυм


мαĸιɴɢѕ oғ corrυpтιoɴ


The assassination of the Head of State led to a spiral of events that are being investigated for intrigue.

The current government of Ksaria, consisenting of the
five head council members and fifteen region representatives cannot come to a decision to choose the Head's successor.

As a result, the government seems to be in public chaos.

During a media broadcast, however, the third council member, Murray Dash suggested a plan for total government control and offered to drop the representative branch.

He suggested a sort of disctatorship position, claiming that because of the aftermath of the assasination, only a single form of leadership (in other words a single person) would be able to fix things.

His statement, televised throughout Ksaria, threw the people into an uproar.

This was the first time in Ksarian history that the government could be accused of any kind of corruption at all.

Up until now, people been living peacefully with open access to the government, government officials and important meetings and proceedings.

At the same time, there are other reasons to be angry.

The head council members as well as the representatives have begun to shut down their open lines of communication
with the people and increase their public security by hiring guards and entourages to protect themselves.

They are becoming secretive and planning things behind the scenes, giving the people of Ksaria more reason to distrust them.

While the officials battle out their differences, Murray tries to convince each of them to give into their selfish desire to become the supreme Head of State.

At the same time, while they are preoccupied with this notion of total control and supremacy,
he moves to tighten his control over the job, business, and other sectors of public life.

He believes that he should be the one ruler of Ksaria and that only those who he deems worthy may live in his city.

Only the rich will be spared.

All the others will be obliterated.


ωєℓcσмє тσ кѕαяια
мαкιηgѕ σƒ cσяяυρтιση
ѕραякѕ σƒ яєвєℓℓιση
тнє ωιѕнмαкєяѕ
υηℓιкєу мιяαcℓєѕ
тнє gяαη∂ cσмρєη∂ιυм


ѕpαrĸѕ oғ reвellιoɴ


It is the One by one, they came in the mail.

Murray's official Death Sentences.

You could choose the way you wanted to die, but you had to die.

Unless you had the money to pay his brib
e to live in New Ksaria, you would die.

"Those without money are the losers,' he was saying on televised broadcasts, "They don't have money because they've never worked hard"

It's not fair. I don't want to die. I wish I could live.

I wish he could live.

I wish Murray would die.

I wish the government officials would disappear.

I wish we could go back.

I wish...

What is your wish?

If you are sentenced to death, will you save yourself or your family?

If you are safe from the sentence, will you just watch as others die?


ωєℓcσмє тσ кѕαяια
мαкιηgѕ σƒ cσяяυρтιση
ѕραякѕ σƒ яєвєℓℓιση
тнє ωιѕнмαкєяѕ
υηℓιкєу мιяαcℓєѕ
тнє gяαη∂ cσмρєη∂ιυм


тнe wιѕнмαĸerѕ


A Wishmaker - someone with the ability to make a wish come true.
The wishmakers came about after someone found the WishRing.

A special heirloom possibly from another dimension, the WishRing allows you to make one wish on the condition that you will make another's come true.

Once you make a wish, you're bound to four conditions:

-you must continue to grant other people's wishes until your wish can be granted.
(the extent of difficulty of your wish = the number of wishes you must grant)

-you must assign another wishmaker
(the ring will duplicate upon contact with your chosen wishmaker's hand)
(the chosen person can choose to become a wishmaker or reject it and lose memory of the contact)

-you must not die before your wish is granted.

-you must grant the wishring's one wish.
(it has a different wish for each person - this will be assigned to you)

if you cannot comply with these conditions once you become a Wishmaker, you will slowly begin to die.

How does this start a rebellion, you ask?

Well, the wishring assigns wishes based on the true hearts of the people.

When people are in chaos, they wish for things they don't truly want.

In anger or distress, they will lose sight of what is really important to them.

While the WishRing & the Wishmakers are capable of changing Ksaria's dreary fate under the hands of Murray Dash, they can possibly cause the destruction of the entire city and it's people.

If you become a Wishmaker, will you be able to save Ksaria?

If you make a wish, what will it be?


ωєℓcσмє тσ кѕαяια
мαкιηgѕ σƒ cσяяυρтιση
ѕραякѕ σƒ яєвєℓℓιση
тнє ωιѕнмαкєяѕ
υηℓιкєу мιяαcℓєѕ
тнє gяαη∂ cσмρєη∂ιυм


υɴlιĸely мιrαcleѕ


Special Game System!

Each Wishmaker will have a special stat point in their profile called the "Lucky Points"

Lucky Points:
-one point for each new player you encounter in the rp
-one point for each wish you grant
-two points for each wishring wish you grant

**when you reach 5 LuckyPoints, you have the following options:

-To give up being a Wishmaker

-To pass on a certain wish assigned to you.
(there will probably one or two impossible wishes)

-[elastic option for those smart players that come up with smart ideas!]

Special Information!

The one thing I love most about roleplays is supersuper super interaction between players OUTSIDE of the roleplay!
So if you have a normal character and you want to become a Wishmaker, PM/VM and PLAN with a Wishmaker player!

If you have a plot twist or want to add some drama, just give me a brief idea (you can surprise me, too if you want!) and go for it!
Don't be afraid to conspire with each other against other players!

The more you get into a roleplay, the more fun you'll fun! Trust me (:

So don't hold back! ^^


It's up to you what kind of character you want to be!

You could be a poor or middle class citizen just trying to get out of the frenzy and find a way to live.

You could be a politian trying to bribe Murray to spare your life.

You could play one of the Head Council who realizes Murray's scheme and tries to backstab him and take control for himself!

You could be a rebel against Murray's death sentences.

Or a police officer trying to stop the riots.

And, the best part? ANY OF THESE can be Wishmakers.

>>Note: you will not all start out as Wishmakers.
By adding "Wishmaker" to your bio, you are asking the first two Wishmakers to pick you as their choice.
The first two wishmakers will be my character & the first person to sign up as a wishmaker :D

Character Profile Sheet:
[Wishmaker] (if not delete this line)
Appearance: (if image is aligned with text, you don't need this line)
Occupational Information: (in reference to the riots and/or Death sentences. Is your job affected at all)
Received a Death Sentence?: (yes or no. give financial other reason)
Anything Important: (if needed)


ωєℓcσмє тσ кѕαяια
мαкιηgѕ σƒ cσяяυρтιση
ѕραякѕ σƒ яєвєℓℓιση
тнє ωιѕнмαкєяѕ
υηℓιкєу мιяαcℓєѕ
тнє gяαη∂ cσмρєη∂ιυм

тнe ɢrαɴd coмpeɴdιυм


9:50 P.M Saturday, 9-10-2011
Finally done with the thread & opening it for players! @.@ whew! that was the longest ever roleplay setup!
yay! let's goo wishmaker! <3


<s>ωєℓcσмє тσ кѕαяια </s>
<s>мαкιηgѕ σƒ cσяяυρтιση </s>
<s>ѕραякѕ σƒ яєвєℓℓιση </s>
<s>тнє ωιѕнмαкєяѕ </s>
<s>υηℓιкєу мιяαcℓєѕ </s>
тнє gяαη∂ cσмρєη∂ιυм


Kai Hakkarainen
Occupation: Pilot/mecha pilot
(this is the weapon he pilots:
nextmobilesuitdesign.jpg MA-15 "Lancaster"; h: 18 meters, w: 27 metric tons, powered by internal fusion reactor)

Occupational Information:
While his high ranking role as a pilot for the government military forces and wealthy parents would allow him to live a somewhat cozy life, the immoral actions he's had to take to quell multiple rebellions and execute civilians have made him question his duty, and perhaps forsake his position in order to attempt to change things.

Kai was born to wealthy parents within the city limits within the city of Ksaria, and was able to exist in a very privileged upbringing. He was intelligent, handsome, and skilled. A befitting heir to his family. At 17, he was already enrolled in the military academy as a pilot, scoring top of his class. He brought his family great honor when he became one of the elite mech pilots of the Ksarian military. He, however, grew to see much more of how the world really was when he was put on his first field missions, seeing corruption within the ranks from his high up position. His pampered upbringing hadn't prepared him for the injustice he would have to witness, and perform. One particular example was when he was forced to execute a fellow officer who would not carry out the commanding officers orders, which were unjust to begin with. (execution of civilians)

He does appear to be very conceited, not to mention extremely antisocial amongst those of lower rank. His cozy upbringing makes him a little delicate and picky, and has earned him the nickname "prince Kai". However, in spite of his snobby outward exterior he keeps, he is very friendly once a person gets to know him, and maintains a strong moral compass in the harshest of situations.

Received a Death Sentence?: not yet.
Anything Important: has multiple lower class friends that have received death sentences.
yay! he sounds good & I like his nickname, haha =]
i was starting to think wishmaker might fail, but i'll do some more advertising! ^^
I'd hate to see an RP you put so much work into fail like this!
Awww, thank you!
&yeah, I'm gonna work hard to get people! :P

Name: Fuuka Kudou

Age: 26

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Occupational Information: While there will always be a need for teachers Fuuka is unsure if she'll be safe. Her lifestyle has been almost exactly in middle class so she neither had too much money nor not enough money.

History: Fuuka has always been a middle class citizen right from birth. Her parents were large supporters of the government and were very nurturing towards her. When she got older she went to school to become a teacher and her parents were proud when she finally got hired at a rather nice school.

When Murray Dash came to power Fuuka's parents protested the change, not wanting a dictator and were forced into hiding, Fuuka hasn't heard from them for quite some time and she's worried.

Personality: Fuuka is a very caring individual, always wanting to make sure others needs are met before hers. She has a special soft spot for children as well, being a teacher and all. She can be very commanding when she demands attention and tries to make sure that when she speaks she is heard although she is also very weak physically and tries to make sure all problems are solved as diplomatically as possible before resorting to violence.

Received a Death Sentence?: Yes, but she might have enough money saved to pay it off.

Anything Important: Theme Song
huzzah! another person... I hope more people join......
This looks awesome! I'll get a character up tomorrow!
yay! :] i'll look around for more people, then! ^^
Eek. My work as an IB Junior's been kicking my butt hard but I finally managed to find time to sign up for this! Hopefully you don't mind me adding a bit of info to Ksaria to enhance her background

Name: Rena Daidouji
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Occupational Information: Her school is still up and running. The fact that she attends school, however, is by no means stopping the government from trying to get rid of her.
History: Rena was born to an upper-middle class family. Her father used to work in government recording important records of legislation and discussion but eventually returned to the private sector to start his own business in the then booming business district of town when she was about four years old. Her father's digital security business was somewhat successful, but her family was not quite wealthy enough to live a totally financially-stable life. There were some close calls involving his business loan debt and the mortgage of their house, but they managed to pull through the hard times stronger than ever.

While this was going on around Rena, she tried her best to excel in school. With her mother's cheer leading and emotional support, she found it in herself to earn some of the highest marks in her class, allowing her to attend the prestigious school that she attends now: Ksaria Grand Academy. This was where the important and extremely wealthy people of Ksaria were taught. It has been considered to be one of the top ten schools in the world.

However, in the third year of attending this school, the cry for total government control ushered in a new age for Rena. An age where she would not only be able to pursue her aspirations, but one in which she could possibly perish. Her parents, deeming her old enough to live on her own, have given her money and disappeared into the outskirts of Ksaria after protesting Murray Dash's wishes. She has not heard from them for months now and is beginning to become worried.

Personality: Rena's personality reflects little of her business-minded father. She reflects the softer and more caring qualities of her mother. She tries to treat others with kindness whenever possible, and tries to find the silver lining in people who others may not understand. Because of this, she tends to attract eccentric personalities and outcasts. However, she did not get into her school for no reason. She has a good deal of intelligence behind her and holds views of things that most people her age would simply not care to have views on unless in a situation such as this.

Received a Death Sentence?: Yes, but her parents might be able to bail her out with their money if they are still alive.
It's all good, I'm glad you joined! Can't wait to rp with you again ^___^
...should we start?
i really wanted to start with more people, but i guess this is okay, too!
just felt that this rp has more potential with a larger, varied cast xP
Character Profile Sheet
No one seems to have picked a Wishmaker and I don't think I'd do too well at it myself, so is it down to you then Lucy?? ^^"

Name: Furion Tecktra
Age: 21


Occupation: An Elite Bodyguard of a Politician (And Wife)
Occupation Information: As an Elite Bodyguard, Furion has training in close combat, explosives, weaponry and even vehicles. He deals well in sticky situations and is a great tactician. Yet he lets his anger and hell bent vengeance get the better of him, putting his own life and anyone else's in risk a lot of the time.

History: Furion trained well from his 17th​ birthday to be a part of the Ksarian(??) armed force. It was true they were never really expecting to be necessary but they never ruled out the possible chance of invasion from across the vast oceans that surrounded the city. At the age of 19 he passed with flying colours and was even asked to take more testing courses, eventually granting him the status of an "Elite" combatant. Another year passed and Furion earned his money well, found a beautiful woman and a lovely house but things changed didn't they.

After the corruption, Furion's wife Aliss took up her life as a politician once again after leaving it not long ago to focus on raising a family. (Luckily, it never got that far.) A few months into her once left behind career, she found herself opposed to Murray and like anyone else, a letter at the door demanding her death. She wasn't even allowed to bribe her way out; Murray seemed to have a vengeance against those who opposed him. Not even a week passed and she was dragged from her house at night whilst Furion was called away to work, when he returned he felt like his entire heart had been torn from him and wasn't surprised at all to find his letter at the door not even a day later.

Refusing to pay, Furion waited at his home for the death squad to turn up and when they finally did, the resulting explosion killed all seven armed men as he snuck his way out the back. This was the start to his own rebellion, his revenge against Murray.

Personality: Furion is a fast paced, actionative person who likes the full frontal approach better than any, in conversation or action. He will happily get into a fight with anyone to prove himself right and when it comes down to his past, he won't even mutter a word except for how Murray has to fall. Although he doesn't feel like he could ever move on, there is always chance for a new woman in his life. However, right now, his personality scares near everyone away whilst he tries to hard for vengeance.

Received a Death Sentence?: Yes, escaped on the day.
Anything Important: He has knowledge on the city's military schematics and weapon depots, as well as computer and weaponry skills.

Theme Song: Asking Alexandria - Alerion & The Final Episode (Let's Change The Channel)
you're in! i like him :D he's gonna cause trouble ;)

&yeah, i guess i will be the first wishmaker x]

~ posting my character soon. and then the IC :D wait for it! ^^