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  1. Hunter

    "Should we make use of the time and hit them in teams or as a group or just plan?"
  2. “Yeah. My oldest brother taught me how.” Anya smile fondly.
  3. "You never rold me."
  4. Helen

    Relief fills me as she stops her self abuse and let's me embrace her. She's sobbing pretty badly at this point and all I can do is hold her, swaying us both side to side "You are my sunshine. My only sunshine." I begin to hum as I try to comfort her. I hate seeing her like this. Demi was such a strong woman, and I knew how it felt to want to fall apart. I was going to keep her together as long as I could.

    She clutches to the back of my shirt as she cries into my shoulder. I knew what it felt like to be in her position, so I just press her against me, tracing my hand up and down her back. "Shh. Shhh. It's okay. Demi it's okay." I don't know entirely what the breakdown might be about, whether it's nightmares about today, or even of her brother, but at this point it didn't matter. All that mattered was letting her know I was there. "You aren't stupid. I just need you to breathe. You don't have anything to be sorry about my angel." I promise her, kissing the side of her head. I did not care if it was odd to be doing such an act, I just wanted to do anything that would comfort her.

    "Overlord." I glance at her seriously, eyes narrowed as I pull back slightly, still keeping my hands upon her "I am not, in any layer of hell or level of heaven, going to let you sit here like this while I sleep. I am not going to close my eyes until I know you are okay." My fingers move up to her cheek, where my thumb gently rubs the tears away from her face. I place my palm against her cheek and keep it there "You before me. I owe you that much."
  5. Evening, or Morning?
    I'm Mouzey, not new per se but I haven't used the site much. I love creating diverse characters with extensive backgrounds so I thought I'd join and try to get to know some people. I'm always looking for new inspiration to create unique characters.

  6. Jofie | Bartering Hall | Mid-Afternoon

    Interactions: Female Amalgy Vendor

    Jofie had been keeping a low profile since murdering the elder Arbomite yesterday. He wasn't stupid--Unity Fighters patrolled the Catacombs like a hive. If they even caught a whisper of injustice, one of their puppets was bound to find out and hunt down the perpetrator. Or an innocent person that looked like a perpetrator. Whichever. Jofie literally had no fucks to give.

    However, now he was out of a job and knew that he couldn't last on his meager pay for long. Hopefully, if he spent wisely, he could hold out for a few days, which should be by the time Unity Fighers move on to investigate elsewhere. He pulled out of his thoughts as a fruit stand came into view. A young woman ran it; an Almagy and quite a pretty one. He could tell that her Human half must've been of Asian descent and she wore the qualities well. There was a confident demeanor about her, but also an underbelly of boredom from a slow day.


    As Jofie approached, he smoothly fell into his easy-going facade. He cleared his throat. "Boring day?"

    The woman startled; she had been zoning out and hadn't noticed Jofie's appearance until now. She sighed and let her shoulders deflate, but used all of her will power to slap on a polite smile. "Just slower business than usual. See anything you like?" she asked, gesturing to a fresh row of pickings from the floors of Kilabock River.

    Jofie continued looking at the vendor. "Yeah, I do."

    The Amalgy flushed, though she fought to keep a straight face. He wasn't the first to flirt with her and she refused to buckle just because he was somewhat attractive. She knew better than that. Jofie seemed to catch onto this, which only made his smile widen and worked a laugh out of him. He plucked a fruit from the top row.

    "I like this too."

    "Okay then," the woman replied with her eyes glued to the counter, "And that's got to be the oldest pick-up line in the book. I've seen better."

    Jofie laughed again and idly rolled the fruit around with a single finger. He sat forward onto the counter, propped up by his elbows. "Good. I was actually kind of scared it worked. Flirting's no fun unless you keep me on my toes. Or keep me however you want. I'm not picky," he said cheekily.

    The vendor squinted and scrutinized Jofie for a moment. He could see the cogs turning in her head, trying to craft the perfect comeback. Good. If she was thinking that hard about it, then she was invested into the conversation to some degree. He just had to coax her some more. "Are you here to barter or just spout corny stuff all day?"

    "I can't do both?" He pointedly looked around--still no sight of new customers. "I don't mean to hold up your line or anything..."

    That earned a scoff and gentle slap to the shoulder. It had skied completely over the woman's head how comfortable she had gotten around him already. "Such a smart-alick," she grumbled playfully. Jofie just smirked in that dopey, charming, and manipulative fashion of his.

    "How about this then. Since I'm so smart," he put the fruit back, "I'll come back tomorrow with better material that'll make you swoon Miss..."


    "Coraleen, huh? Cora it is." Jofie leaned in just a tad closer. "If my stuff isn't top notch or to your liking, I'll leave you be and let you attend to your mob of starving buyers." Cora rolled her eyes again, but she couldn't wipe the smirk from her face.

    "And...though I know it's never gonna happen, what if you do?"

    Jofie shrugged. "I get permission to see you again." Just as Cora giggled at this, a commotion erupted a little ways down the path. A crowd was gathering; the most Jofie could make out was the head of some Arbomite peeking over everyone else's. When Cora turned to look curiously, Jofie slipped the same fruit inside his robes, going virtually undetected. He pretended to have been watching as well once Cora placed her attention back onto him.

    "The heck is going on over there?"

    "Maybe he's the one stealing all your business."

    Cora busted out into another round of giggles. "Would you give it a rest, jerk!"

    "Damn. And here I thought you liked it," Jofie teased.

    Oh--she was going to be too easy.

  7. "He gets them from me."
  8. On the rooftop was a pool, half sheltered by a canopy roof, a hot tub on the side. There is even an open bar built into the pool. At the far end of the pool is a green house. Anya made her way to the green house and open the door. Inside was a massive garden with trees and flowers, ranging from common ones to rare ones and even some never seen before.
  9. Lucius smiled and watched her. "I'm not used to seeing this side of you."
  10. "No. For as much greiff as I give him, I like his personality. He's a good child."
  11. [​IMG]
    Location: Bartering Hall
    Time: Afternoon
    Interactions: Zealots, Clo
    Allie was about to retort before feeling the strong grasp of Clo around her arm. She knew the girl was right, she knew the tactics with which the zealots liked to play. However, it was an omnipresent fact that she was a figurehead and a public icon. If she backed down from a fight now, she would validate every argument the zealots were trying to make. She couldn't allow that. She gave Clo a soft look, her eyes saying speechless words that were so loud it was impossible not to hear them. I've got this.

    "If your 'sacrifice' is so great and rewarding, why haven't you offered yourself up already, then? Or 'are you not worthy'? Myself nor any of these people need to be lectured to about truths only you can attest to when you don't present anything other than semantics and hot air." Allie's words were confident and strong. When she was younger, there was no way she could have presented herself so firmly. However, years of experience, being in the public eye, made her quite the self-assured woman. If there was one thing that she was good with aside from combat, it was debate. Or at least, for her sake she hoped so.
  12. make that a morning :3
  13. Demi | Helen's Room

    Interactions: Helen @KatSea

    Helen. Please. Stop.

    Stop being like this, stop treating me like a decent human being, because I'm fucking far from one. Something bitter and thick burns and sloshes around inside me--guilt. It's gotta be guilt, the fucking worst of its kind. She's really wasting all of her attention and care on me, isn't she? And on top of it all, she's doing it of her free fucking will...God this hurts and makes me feel better all at once.

    I push my wild hair back and heave a sigh. "Look, let's just...agree that neither of us owe the other anything. Saying "owe" is like...fuck, I don't know, it sounds like a business trade or some shit." I notice that she hasn't removed her hand from my face. My cheeks heat up a little; it's kinda embarrassing to receive all of this physical contact, but I know this is Chipmunk's way of expressing care. It's not that I hate or dislike it, just...it's a bit fast. All of these new emotions and shit ramming through me like a bulldozer--and all in one day.

    "How about we at least call it a, uh, hell I don't know...Ugh!"

    Feeling like an idiot, I flop onto my back with my arms crossed, glaring holes through the ceiling. Fuck you, brain. You never work when I want you to, goddammit! All you're good for is shit-my-pants inducing nightmares and flip-flopping emotions. Useless pile of crap. "Just not owing..." I mutter, defeated.

    "Demi when you need me I will be here. I will always be here when you need me," Helen says.

    My lips pinch together. Again, my emotions are a whirlwind of different shit. Gratitude being the biggest one, but then there're undercurrents of good ole guilt, shame, care, frustration, confusion...I swallow all of them down. My emotions never make sense, this shouldn't be a surprise or anything, so I know how to ignore them.

    "Ditto," I mumble under my breath. It's impossible the fight off the soft smile gracing my face. I stay laying down for a bit before grumbling and sitting up again. If Chipmunk is serious about staying awake, then I'm not gonna just make her sit there in awkward silence and shit. I stare at her, my brain trying to be helpful for once. Then, a stupid and funny idea hits me and my grin turns impish.

    "Hey...ya know, my abnormality isn't always scary and shit. Wanna see something funny as hell?" My face is getting hot as fuck already. Gaaaaaawd, this was going to get interesting as fuck, I know it, but hopefully it'll lift the shitty mood I created.

  14. Initiating cryostasis welcome response.

    Begin response?

    Response initiation confirmed.
    Response now live over the communications system.

    "Welcome to the Pyrrhus. I am HO-M3-R, the ship's assigned Artificial Intelligence. My job is to help each of you adjust to your positions as crew members on the Pyrrhus, as well as to send information of the trip back to the Galactic Trading Guild. As you progress through your campaign, more missions will become available to you. The more you learn about Gates and their use, the better your pay and benefits will be. You may very well be given control of a larger ship after several successful missions. Please be mindful that your task here is to locate, study, and ultimately determine the reason for the Gate network.

    The Pyrrhus consists of four sections my AI program can monitor concurrently. These would be the Bridge section, the Science and Medical section, the Engine and Cargo section, and the Dining, Recreation, and Housing section. I will explain each of these in their relation to the members of the crew and highly suggest these are the areas you stay while the journey is space bound. :)

    Crew members essential to the Cockpit area of the Bridge are the Captain, the Second-In-Command, the Pilot and the Navigator. The members essential to the Systems area of the Bridge are the Communications Officer(s) and the Linguist.

    The Science wing of the ship is where Xenobiologist, the Gate Historian, the Scientist of Astronomy & Geoscience, the Astrophysicist, and the Cybernetic Specialist work. The Medical wing is where the Chief Medical officer, the Nurse, and the Psychologist work. The members of the Science wing and Medical wing will move between the two departments often based on the sharing of instruments as well as having discussions on their findings.

    The Engine and Cargo section of the ship is where the Head Engineer, the Weapons Specialist, the Ship Weapons Operator, the Soldier, and the Mercenary are located. Unless under attack, many of these positions are obsolete while on the Pyrrhus.

    Everyone is welcome to use the Dining, Recreation, and Housing sections of the ship. The Duty Manager is there to observe and report any material the ship becomes low on so the Galactic Trading Guild can provide units at the next friendly planet.

    That is the brief tour of the ship. Now that you have left cryostasis, please feel free to see the rest for yourself. :)

    If you need anything, just as for HO-M3-R over the communications system."
  15. A'Llara Petrresi, The Nurse - Pyrrhus Med-bay

    It was maybe half an hour to an hour that Lara had woken up from Cryo-sleep and still nausea did not leave her gut. Despite all those trips she did with the last ship she still had issues waking up and not hurling right away. Having ejected the contents of her stomach immediately upon leaving the tank and then again after trying to drink a glass of water Lara was a bit grumpy having only eaten a dry power bar intended to settle her chaotic insides. Tasteless thing, it served only to make her wish she had some water on hand but until her growling stomach stopped she had to wait. Anyone would have been used to the effects of Cryo-sleep by now, especially given how many times she was in it. It was that damned Taasi heritage that made it worse, something about the cocktail of drugs intended to knock her out or wake her up did not sit well with her physique. As soon as she had recovered enough she put on her light blue nurse scrubs and a pair of indigo slippers with a bunny motif in the front and short floppy ears. Helping out the Chief Doc was the original plan until they pulled out the Kah'Saun, Sev. Seemed someone was having even harder time with Cryogenics than she did.

    The dull blue glow of the holo-display illuminated her indigo face as she squinted at the readout almost confused as to what she was looking at. She was just about to open her mouth and answer the Doctor's question when Mr Shima entered with all the formality of a military officer. Lara straightened her back at his presence and with a smile gave him a curt nod and bow before returning to the display. She flicked her fingers across it and looked at another set of readings sighing rather audibly. Rubbing her purple eyes Lara simply stood back from the golden drake and sat down on a chair near the bed. Retrieving another power bar from her scrubs' pocket she opened the package and squeezed the grainy thing out taking a bite. After scratching her head she fixed her hair and pushed the flock of hair from her eyes turning towards Doctor C'eira.

    "I don't know. His vitals are looking normal for someone who just came out of the Icebox, by now even a Naki newborn would've been back to normal. Don't get me wrong I love researching Xenoanatomy but from the bio-files I got, his vitals are in the normal, he should be up and at 'em but..." She gestured at the silver-haired dragon on the bed. "I figured problems wouldn't start until after we were attacked or someone caught some alien bug, this has to be record time for something to go wrong. I bet the engineering would be laughing at us if their head wasn't here." Taking another bite of the power bar she stood up and stretched still not quite free of the cold grasp of cryo-tank. Swallowing her food she smiled and introduced herself to the Cyborg she recognized as their Duty Manager.

    "Mister Shima, please forgive my rudeness." Power bar still in hand she offered the man a slight bow of respect. "A'Llara Petrresi, Medical Assistant, or well..." She gestured with the power bar in one hand and another on her hip. "A Nurse." Despite the formality offered her demeanour was that of a friendly acquaintance rather than just another crewmate on some official militarized job.

    Mentions: @Anguissette @TheRatslayer @Roose Hurro
  16. So...what kind of story or such you had in mind so far?

    A sort of pokemon x trainer (or some other position like a researcher/professor) Or some pokemon x pokemon rp?

    And then would it be a typical 'adventure' on the road rp in general? Or something else just in the pokemon world?
  17. Lyra nods attentively.
  18. Overlord route works nicely :3
  19. I see we went with the same general idea for our girls in game appearance

    I'm leaning toward my girl not even realizing that sexual things are possible in the game

    anyway I can start it. What did you think of the name? Or did you have a better idea