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  1. Hello there i am skyminer and i am wanting to do a rp on a virtual reality mmo rpg game and for those of you who know about SAO (sword art online, an anime) it will be sort of like that.

    In the year 2030, early summer a man by the name of Argus traytech managed to create a virtual reality game, its name was ___________ it was the first virtual reality game to have ever been made with 7000 copies sold and only 600 beta testers. The games time era was around 1810s with sword duelling and archery but with a bit of mechanical stuff in there as well. But when the game started up in non beta if you were to logon you would be sucked into the game literally as people logged on family and friends watched as they would melt into their virtual reality helmets. But by the time the word spread it was too late all 7000 people were then stuck in this game for the rest of your life.

    When you login you appear in a room with instructions and info on the stuff you need to know before you start. When you are done the messages clear away and the room is filled with a character creation room you are able to create almost any body you want in both genders but the body must be made as a human, animal, cyborg or a combination of any of these three and a class you want to be along with a sub-class. You are then asked for your name, age, and a message about yourself. As you finish entering the info your body starts to giggle and squirm as your body is transformed into the character you made. A message then pops up: "Welcome your new life in __________ is about to begin, ARE YOU READY!" Then a yes or no button pops up asking if you are sure that you have the character you want for sure as if you will live in it for the rest of your life. When you click yes "Then let your journey BEGIN!" As the room clears away leaving you in the starter town with clothes for your character and class and a weapon for your class "You have now started your new life in __________ there is one rule don't die you have one life and one life only."

    Class examples:

    Sub-class examples:

    Character sheet
    Notes about your self for the character creation
    Starting gear
    Notes about previous self

    1. No 18+ content
    2. Make sure everyones having fun
    3. The less like their original self the better (funnier)
    4. This will start even if we have only me and one other person but join ins will be allowed later on.
    5. I will check over character before hand to confirm details
    6. No leaving rp without a reason and you will have to let your character die, but in a "feels right" way
    7. Have fun

    If you have and questions or comments feel free to ask.

    Thank you any one who joins this i hope it will be fun for us all.
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  2. I still need to think of a name for the game lol any suggestions.
  3. I could help you there.. This is interesting....Just needs a little elbow grease and some polishing. If I may be so bold.
  4. Your welcome to join, and im not the best at advanced planning i can get pretty detailed though so help would be nice.
  5. I see, so your thinking fantasy/Alien world in the real world. And a vrmmo that is all fantasy?

    Or do you mean you can be beastial in the game?
  6. Its a medieval time era and i said you could be human, animal, robot or any combination of the three so yes you can be bestial.
  7. Ah I see I see. Do you plan on having any storyline involving being outside the game? After all people have to "log off" eventually.
  8. I said in the description you LITERALLY get sucked into the game lol :D.
  9. Oh.. Wow, my brain is dead. Ok, that makes sense. Are you trying to think of a name for the game?
  10. Ya i need a name for the game :)

    When will you post your character? What took you so long between those posts?
  11. Sorry, I have school, and we may be in a different timezone you and I.
    BUt I'll do that character now
  12. Ok and are you in North America (continent)? If you are we would only be off by 2-3 hours max.
  13. Name: Xennouwa
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Xennouwa (open)
    Insect Awesome Guy.jpg

    Personality: Xeno is an interesting character to say the least. He tends to be very quiet and acts dark around most people. It is when they get to know him that they find the kind heart within him. He is a protector, and will do anything to protect his friends. He doesn't remember much from before, but he does know he lived alone.
    Notes about your self :
    Class: Warlock (Dark Magic)
    Sub-class: Alchemist
    Starting gear: His Chitin Staff [seen behind him in picture], His wings [if you didn't notice that that was not a cape.]
    Notes about previous self: Lived alone. Used to have a pet Spider named his Sylvia, she was a tarantula.
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  14. Yes, I am in North America.
  15. So then time zones arent very different you east, west or center in the center.
  16. Pacific Coast, Washington State. I'm as west as you can get....besides Hawaii....
  17. Ok so your about 1-1.5 hours behind me (ps you can go further west in canada :D)
  18. If this is still open, i will gladly post a character when i get home. I am also very experienced in worldbuilding and story building (as an author) and am morre than willing to aide in polishing this rp a bit, if such would be wished.
  19. It's open all right
  20. Cool ^^ its late though, and work sapped me more than usual, so imma sleep and post a character later
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