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  1. This is a very rough idea that I just threw together (yea, I just finished SAO and I'm jonesing for more). I am incredibly open to suggestions and ideas about how to flush this out and make it blossom. Please either reply here or send me a PM. If I do not respond, do not be discouraged. I will get back to you within 12/24 hours.

    The year is 2063. A world surrounds you, a thriving world based in technologic advances the likes of which have never been seen on Earth before. Full Dive VRMMORPGs (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games) have come a long way since the early days, which featured the near catastrophic incidents of Sword Art Online and Gun Gear Online. The industry has made leaps and bounds in the last thirty years, providing gamers with such immersion that it near impossible to differentiate between the medocrity of the real world and the brilliance of the virtual one. A new game, Arms & Magic Online, has finally been released from beta testing. Its creator, a company called VirtuDive Incorporated, expects to make hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars from its launch.

    The game features rich environments with scaling mobs (monster AI) that will challenge even the most skilled VR diver. Built off the fame Cardinal system, AMO provides the player with near infinite quest lines and millions of upgrades, be it weapons or armor or mounts.

    Featuring a vast number of ever changing dungeons and updated areas, the world of AMO continues to grow quickly. Get your copy today!

    The World

    This is where this roleplay is going to get tricky. The world is called Mythius. There are different cities and regions in Mythius, none of which have been defined. Some may call this lazy, I call it freeform thinking. I want to know what you, as the player would like to see. Personally, I would think there would be a mining area, an area primarily inhabited by magic users, perhaps an academy of magic would be located there. Obviously, there would be wooded and mountainous areas for various races. Not everyone has to be human! There could even be sea dwellers that have come ashore.

    Where SAO and the like fell short, I want this to succeed. If you have never seen the show, do not fear! There is little taken from it!

    This, as well, I leave up to the players. Original races, as well as the regulars, are welcome. Elves, Faeries, Orcs, Dragonkin, et cetera.

    No actual dragons please. That just isn't fair. The leveling system isn't built for supreme creatures that can't possibly start at level 1.

    If you can think it, you can be it. Mages, battle mages, healers, clerics, berserkers, rangers, assassins, and the list goes on.

    Your character will start as level one. Based on quality posts and IC time spent developing the character, you will level up. No one will start as an omnipotent demigod of all having. No one will instantly attain a unique item that transforms them into Kirito. Real life events, such as time spent outside of AMO, will be taken into consideration when leveling points are provided.

    While this is an open world RP, I have several end game strategies to employ as characters begin to develop and find their footing in the AMO world.

    Character Sheet
    Age (In AMO and ICRL)
    Appearance (In AMO and ICRL)
    Strength (Attack and Ability to carry a weapon)
    Dexterity (Ability to hit the target; governs crushing blows)
    Wisdom (Ability to solve puzzles; governs maximum mana and energy for nonmagical classes as well as chance to deal crushing blow)
    Intellect (How smart your character is; governs magical attack
    Vitality (How much health you have; how fast you regain health; durability)
    Biography (In AMO and ICRL)
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  2. So, like DnD stuff?
    I'll bite!
  3. In a sense, it would be very DnD. However, it won't be dice based. But it is VERY DnD. Base stats are increased by leveling and new weapons and armor are found by questing and dungeon diving. While there will be a world plot, the smaller plots are developed by the players.
  4. Also, it is a mix of RLIC (Real life In Character) and GIC (Game In Character). Basically, this RP will be happening on multiple fronts. One being the character in the World and the other being the avatar's player in their daily life.
  5. Yeah, I'll probably just use my DnD Paladin Character. I'm actually hoping this gets off the ground!
  6. Alright. Remember that the character will start at level 1. It will start with stripped down armor and a spell or two. We're talking crappy mace and a simple shield.
  7. If you want to give a religion and god that the characters follows, I will happily add it to the compendium. Also, Mythius is a clean slate, therefore you can create whatever town you want your character be from, what race, everything.
  8. Also, I'm thinking that all of the characters should be in the same guild/party and related to one another out of the game (friends from school, brothers, brothers and sisters, parent and child). It will make them all meeting more reasonable in the game.
  9. I just had an idea but now it flew out the window.

    Aha! I was going to ask about guilds/parties/squadrons. Would they work like in SAO and GGO? How would they work and be structured in general. (I have next to no knowledge about MMORPGs. I own such a slow and primitive computer.)
  10. Clerics are mace classes, Paladins typically start out with a sword. A Paladin is a class that is a Cleric mix and a Fighter mix, with a mix of Mage.
  11. They would work very similiar to the guilds and parties of SAO and ALO. Since I am shooting for 6 people in this RP with NPC and opposing guilds/monsters played by myself and anyone else that felt up to it, I would say the maximum party would be six members. Which allows for a tank, a healer, two melee DPS and two range DPS, possibly a ranged melee (archer) and a magic user. Also, professions would work very similar as well. Eventually, we could own shops and expand the base of who could join the RP from there, allowing people to buy from other players in the game.
  12. They have maces in Blizzard. I've literally never played DnD. I've read Dragonlance novels and the clerics did have maces, so I believe you totally. I honestly don't care what they start out with. Heck, you can make a Paladin class if you want and that can go into the compendium.

    Personally, there are so many options to play from that I have no idea what I am planning on being.
  13. Let it be known, though, that I will be playing the Guild Master. We can brainstorm the name of the guild together, I have no preference as long as it isn't The Pretty Pink Unicorn Princesses. Or something silly. The Broken Blade has a kind of ring to it to me.
  14. Alright. cool.
  15. I'm thinking there should be no level cap. As far as you go in the RP is as far as you can level up.
  16. Guild name idea!
    Disciples of Righteous Conquest!
    (+10 if you get what this is from.)
  17. How "Any" are we talking because when you said that I got the idea of a bartender buffing class who collects ingredients for better and better boozes using tumblers and the like made of magical materials and whose armors are progressively fancier suits.
  18. A quick google search tells me it is something to do with Legos. I would like to to be original though. Though the idea for this RP is modified and borrowed, the content should be original.

    And Digi. Keep in mind that it would have to be a fantasy suit, not one that you would buy at your local tailor's. Also, it is made of clothe and would offer little protection from attacks. Magical or not, it is still cloth. So while the character would be quite fancy, it would not be well protected, considering the first suit would be little more than a cloth shirt and trousers, offering zero protection.
  19. As far as a alchemy support class, I'm down for it. I would say that the bartender part would be part of the character's background, not a prerequisite. The character could then specialize in alcoholic beverages or beverages in general.
  20. Well I assumed he'd be squishy, the squishy buff class is common. And I feel like I could explain away it having to be booze.

    Also what kind of MMO doesn't have at least the first handful of levels' gear in the shops, I.e. the more "normal" looking suits before boss drops are needed for the more extravagant, fantastical costumes.
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