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  1. [​IMG]

    It has been 7 years since the first contact. The war has been slowly turning on the humans. Hope is small but there. The blues have pushed into human territory but have paid dearly for it. Though their technology is more advanced humans can hold their own in a ship to ship battle but their plasma tech has battered their shields and tearing through them. humans have tried to get hands on their technology but have so far proven more difficult then one could imagine. The story starts on the United Nations Ship (UNS) Herald of honour, a medium class warship with advanced facilities to study new technology and outfitted with the newest systems, we do not know the reasoning of why the blues fight but humans now are fighting a force who is just as determined as they are.



    Capitan the fight against the blues has been difficult our technology is just not well enough in defence of our planets. You are to take the UNS HERALD OF HONOUR and appropriate blue technology intel suggests there is a military base located at 234:78.90 D, 3090:453.89 E, 4589.987.78 B. We need that tech captain, you will have scientists attached to your ship to pull what they can from what you recover, this mission is important do not fail.

    Admiral G.Witticar

  2. [​IMG]

    Capitan Dramian was carrying his duffel bag along with another suitcase he rolled along behind himself as he walked onto his new ship he had been put in charge of for his new mission...He himself was not thrilled at the thought sure he was a seasoned veteran of a few battles, it didn't mean he he relished the fight. He walked past a few of the NCM's (non commissioned members) who stood at attention as he passed and saluted him he returned the salute and walked to the elevator and rolled his shoulder to get the pain out of it as he temporarily relived the consent digging of the strap into his shoulder. The elevator stopped as he walked out of the door he nearly ran into on if his junior officers who apologized and went into the elevator. He was liking what he saw so far, people busy and getting things done not simply slacking around, this was a newly commissioned vessel. He was glad to have new systems and weapons that he previously didn't have to defend himself or attack. He looked at a piece of paper he pulled from his chest pocket that gave him directions to his cabin. He walked for a few more minutes and found the door labelled CO's Quarters. He opened the door and was surprised to find his cabin was very lavished, he cursed it really his job was not to be pampered maybe that's why he was chosen for this mission in particular. He set his effects down and began to unpack.

    He herd over the intercom, "CO requested bridge." he sighed having not even unpacked. He looked in the mirror and straightened himself up adjusting his Cap and left the room closing the door behind him as he made his way to the bridge which was quick considering. He walked in and herd . "CAPTAIN ON DECK!" everyone stood to attention as an officer saluted him he saluted crisply and nodded. "Carry on." he said and everyone went back to doing what they were focused on. "Here is the ship check-list." The list showed what has been done and what still needed to be accomplish. "How are the fuel and fresh water levels?" the officer began to go into the details and he listened to him as he walked around the bridge of the new battle/science craft. He was impressed but then again, we will have it truly tested by the time this mission is complete.
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  3. First Sergeant Max Roscoe sauntered down the seemingly endless corridors leading from one of the hangar bays to the domestic quarters. He'd been working on Jorax - his mechanical warsuit - for hours, but now he desperately needed a break. First he had to find his way through the maze, though. The Herold was definitely a vessel to be reckoned with; the sheer size of the UNS-class spaceship could keep egos in check - even Max's - and created a distinctive aura of joint amazement and awe in its passengers. It was without doubt a Crown Jewel in the army's prime Collection. He hated to admit it, but even though he had had a few weeks to memorize some of the primary routes, Max was lost again.

    How was it again? Two times to the right, then up the flight of stairs for a few levels and then... shit, I've lost it.
    He cursed inwardly at his lacking orientational skills. Luckily for him, he could keep his cool on a battlefield, but in a less stressful environment those skills evaporated. I should have them embed a GPS in my brain.. although gambling with the general state of my health is probably a bad idea, he thought mockingly. But hey, no stress. As long as they were out of combat, time was in abundance aboard the Herold. He put on a pair of Wireless headphones and strolled down the corridor, smiling his perpetual smile and letting fate decide the way. After all, fate had been good to him so far.

    Laying in his bed an hour later, silently cursing the many dead ends of the ship under his breath, Sergeant Roscoe felt the familiar tinckle in the tips of his toes and fingers. They heralded the increasing impatience that had settled in Max over the past two weeks. Being on a raging battlefield where your friends fall around you and you're constantly one tiny mistake from death is dreadful, but having to wait on it for weeks, knowing that the day will come where either you or your enemy will perish, was tormenting to say the least. To help steel his nerves, his consumption of cigarets had increased drastically over the two weeks, but for the time being he was O.K.

    They were adrenaline junkeys. Every single one of them. Sooner or later, everyone realized the fact. It never started out that way, though. Everyone had their own specific motives for enlisting. Some out of patriotism, some out of glory; Max, well, he did it to see the universe. And he saw it. And he witnessed its destruction. The universe was the real victim of the war: it took no sides and was willing to share, but was caught up in a conflict between two warring races nonetheless. A tragedy, but inevitable.

    Then along came the adrenaline kicks. There was nothing like dodging bullets and cheating death to make man feel like a god. And a god he was; god of the battlefield, superior in strength and height, towering over foes the size of ants. The mechs had changed Max's life. They had become his passion, and he had given in to the fact that he did not go to war out of necessity - he went to war out of lust. Horrifying as it was, Max had become an animal.

    Living by his primal urges had been benefitial in war scenarios, but it did nothing to sooth the impatience and keep it from gnawing at his bones. Hopefully they would head out soon, and with good reason, because even though Sergeant Roscoe was good at killing Blues, he sucked at killing time.
  4. Wolf sat in the messhall, drinking from his canteen filled with whiskey. He awaited for the call of battle, so he could finally blast some Blue's again. Standing up, he started to walk towards were his quarters should've been, but some how he ended up in the hanger. Leaving the hanger, hours later he found himself in his room, his radio blasting as he ate some bread to sober up before the Commanding officer called a meeting and he would have to go wasted.​
  5. Bella looked at herself in front of a mirror in her little room as she slipped into her indoor uniform.The indoor uniform is just a simple nurse uniform she would be wearing while she's in the ship, and it seems to her that she would be spending most of the time in it.

    Her room was pretty small and simple.It only had a bed, a mirror, and a cabinet and it didn't have a door that leads to the hallway.To get into her room, people have to go through the clinic, the place where Bella would be hanging out in most of the time.The clinic was connected to her room, and this is very convenient for her since she will have a quicker access to the clinic at any time of the day.

    Seeing that she should probably go to the clinic and fix some things there (like arranging the medicines and finding where everything is and getting familiar with the room itself), she slipped on her slip-on shoes, put her name tag on her left breast,and walked out of her little room.She is quite aware on how she wasn't going to be part of the big actions, but she knows how important her job is even if it won't be given that much attention...maybe...but of course, a medic should always be prepared.
  6. Capitan Dramian picked up a cup of tea that was presented to him by a crew member who worked in the officers mess. He sipped it and placed it down at the command console. he was completing his final checks before he was to address the ships company. He wondered where his XO was but he only guessed she was still getting situated. which he didnt mind but he would have her run system diagnostics on the new weapons and begin flashup of the ships radars. He began to type fast on the console. "Capitan sir an incoming message from the admiral sir." one of the communications operators hailed him from his seat on the bridge. He looked up and walked to the centre of the room. "Put him on-screen." Then the screen exploded open and a aged man whose strong jawline had a grizzled but well trimmed beard. "How are things Capitan?" he asked. "Everything is going well sir, we are almost ready for flashup and should get under-way in the new few hours." He reported. Admiral nodded and his face looked grim as if he had news he had to relay but not in the company of his crew. He took the hint. "Transfer my call to my cabin." He ordered as he picked up his tea and walked to his room opening anc closing the door. locking it behind himself. He pressed a button on his desk and the admiral popped up again. "Vance the place we had you going to at first has now been compromised, we have received intel that the outpost at your mission area is a military base better equipped then we first anticipated." he went on to explain.

    "We are going to have to have you change your destination, we know of a blue colony at the system co-ordinets." He stopped drinking from his tea in mid sip. placing his cup down he looked at the Admiral. "A colony...with all due respect sir women and children...no matter what." he was going to argue. "You will do your mission Capitan..." his voice was firm and hard. "We can ill afford any more losses in this war, we must all do are part. I want results." he said with a grudging tone. Capitan Dramian looked at him and nodded and saluted. "It will be done sir." and with that the Admiral ended the communications. He stood there silent for a moment..."For the greater good?" he said to himself he steeled his conviction. He was a vet in this war and atrocities happened all the time but never had he been ordered to commit one.
  7. The sound of recorded music and the pounding of an impact wrench joined a cacophony of other sounds in the mech bay. Anita "Mal" Mallory stood near her mech, bolting down blocks of of Ablative Armor onto the leg. She knew that the extra armor was necessary for most operations now, it had saved her life more than once when a Blue unit managed to get the first shot off. Still, she felt a little sad covering up the hull art she took so much time restoring. Painted on the left side of the hull was a stylized soldier crushing flowers under its boots while firing a machine gun. Underneath the picture was the machine's name "Daisy Stomper". As she finished drilling the last block onto the leg, she reflected on her new posting. She had been transferred here after the fall of Nepit IV. Her last outfit , the 87th Mechanized Regiment had been disbanded, its remaining equipment and personnel (which was barely enough to fill out a whole company) were used to bolster other units in nearby systems.

    Mal shook her head and wheeled over a scaffold. She locked the wheels and started stacking blocks onto the platform. As a new song came on, she paused, listening to the opening notes. The song was written by a classmate of hers and brought back feelings of homesickness. She missed her family, the war had kept her away for two years now. She still got letters and transmissions, along with care packages containing things like snacks and digital recordings, but her favorite part of the care package was the bottle of Garmot Spice her family always included. Just a pinch of that rust colored, dust was enough to liven up the blandest rations. The spice smelled a bit like cinnamon, but had a flavor that was difficult to pin down.
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  8. An almost comically short young woman sat up straight in front of a computer that provided most of the light in the room. Astrid Solanas, who was that woman, scrolled through the records of the UNS Herald of Honor. Her mouth settled into a small, disapproving frown as she read through the collection log; no Blue technology, or even any of the other species's commonplace items, had been found in the past two weeks. Hoping for some better news, she went into the crew records screen. "Huh..." the engineer said to herself quietly. "The mecha pilots have been doing fine with the fighting lately." Although the idea of killing off most of a species was rather unnerving to her, she had a strict no-mercy policy towards the Blues - or any enemy, for that matter. She wasn't even sure she was merciful towards her allies. Was that how she had always been? Did spending 22 months aboard a military spacecraft do that to a person? Was it just the war in general? Astrid couldn't help but wonder.

    She stood up from her chair, not looking any taller than she was before. After making her computer hibernate, she left her quarters and headed for the mess hall. It was important to her to eat at least once in a while. Pulling out a small bag that she had prepared in order to avoid the food line, Astrid set it on the table and opened it, then took out a sandwich. She let out a loud, annoyed sigh before taking a bite out of her lunch, although she wasn't quite sure what she was annoyed with. Most likely, it was the other people filling the mess hall, making various noises.
  9. Jogging throughout the corridors, headphones over his ears, Corporal Michael Harrison was completely lost to the world almost. Stationed aboard the warship as part of her marine contingent, he generally spent most of his time alone. As his feet quietly struck the deck panels, he listened to the softly playing music as he moved throughout the ship. The benefits of a ship this large, was that you didn't need to deal with people that irritate you. It was easy to move to another area, and still have enough space to run. Not that he was bothered by anyone in particular at this moment, he just felt like running.

    Coming to a rest afterwards in front of his cabin, Michael stepped inside. Walking over to his bunk, he plopped down and immediately began reviewing different facts for the girls. Physics, deconstruction tactics, how to jury-rig a turret, all sorts of exciting things. Resigning himself, he settled in for severalseveral hours of work. He'd have to practice his aim some, later, but that could wait.
  10. Capitan Dramian looked at his watch and took a seat in his capitan chair, he could smell how new this ship was. Closing up soon he thought. He would have to go back to the bridge and begin his predeparture cheaks. Then assemble the sips company as soon as they left port. He stood up and fixed himself then left the room. Walking to the bridge he walked into the room again. "Capitan on deak!" All the ships brige went rigid not standing this time. He nodded they were pilots and operators who had been in a fight before he was glad to have vetrens on the controls. He saluted and went to his position on the bridge and began going throught ship pre-flight tests.

    After completeing this he looked to his XO "Have the ships company muster in the hanger after we leave port and well underway." He ordered. He was happy to be working again with his XO considering he had come to rely or her for many tasks that would tie a CO up. He looked at the time again. "Start the launch sequence and tell the crew to get ready for launch.
  11. Mal climbed the scaffolding and began installing more armor blocks. As she worked, she remembered some of the starfighter pilots she'd met coming here. They had been pompous, momma's boys with inferiority complexes who never did any maintenance on their fighters. She couldn't really respect any vehicle operator who wasn't able to do routine checks on the machines that they trusted their lives to. Then again, she thought, a crashed starfighter was a lot harder to get working than a damaged mech. She shrugged a little and went back to work. She had barely finished the left leg when she heard the announcement to prepare for launch. She shook her head and began cleaning up her workspace. She locked the mobile scaffolding so it wouldn't roll around during the initial thrust before putting away her impact wrench and stacking the remaining blocks of armor back in a crate.

    She turned to leave the hangar, heading towards her cabin to wait for further orders.
  12. Arlo leaned back on the roof of the dropship, closing his eyes and relaxing as the sounds of power tools echoed through the hanger. "Ya know Zeke, we should really stock up on some booze before we leave. Once we are in space these chums will pay through the nose for a shot". Laughter echoed from inside the ship and Zeke poked his head out from a hatch "What do you think was in that extra box of ammo ya dipshit?" The blue haired gunner tossed a greasy rag at the reclining pilot, "Jeez cant you go ten minutes without taking a nap? I should get extra pay for hauling around your lazy ass." Arlo looked over the side and threw the rag in Zeke's face. "Yeah sure, says the little bitch who cant hold his liquor. Every weekend I have to drag your ass back to the bunks before you start a bar fight with a bunch of boozed up marines." They both laugh and go back to work. Arlo stands up and trots down to the cockpit. "Hey Zeke im gonna test the drive, you on standby?" from inside the ship Zeke shouted an affirmative. Firing the engines briefly Arlo powers down the ship and hops out of the cockpit. "How is she doin?" Zeke hopped out of the troop bay and gave Arlo a thumbs up. "Running like a dream. What say we go for a walkabout of the ship? We are pretty much done here anyways." Arlo nods and the two meander off into the ship. wandering into the mech hanger they almost walk into Mal. Arlo grins "sorry miss, my mistake". Zeke rolls his eyes and groans as Arlo gives Mal his best smile. "Geez man, we just got on this ship and you are already hitting on any female in sight." Zeke laughs as Arlo blushes and punches him in the arm. "Well at least I have the balls to talk to a girl every once in awhile." Zeke laughs and punches his arm back good naturedly and they both grin..
  13. "Viduals are good, take him out of Cryosleep. It's time for this Rookie to wake up." a Doctor said. With the word 'Rookie', his eyes opened. "Holy fuck...d-did..did he just hear me?" he asked another Doctor. "Cryosleep decreasing, sir." a guy said. "Cryosleep deactivating. Sergeant. Liam Anderson, ready to be released. Please wait 60 seconds for capsule release." said as computer. "Sargent, can you hear me?" he asked. Liam just nodded. "Good. Can you look up for me and then down." he asked. "This is just procedure, sir." he said as he grabbed a holographic tablet and looked over his records. Liam looked up and then down and then his eyes traveled around the room. "Capsule release, initiating. Please stand back." the computer said as they stepped back. "Someone bring that table here, please." the Doctor said. They brought the bed table near. Liam nearly fell out the Capsule as it opened but his hand pressed against the wall to balance him. Being in Cryosleep for so long takes does a real number. "Whoa, catch him. He's very weak." the Doctor said. They nurses and doctors grabbed his arms and laid him on the table and looks him over. "He seems good, Doctor. Want me to prep him up, sir." said the nurse. He nodded "Yes, prep him up." said the Doctor. The nurse leaned over him and she spoke as she sat her hand under his neck "Sergeant Anderson, I'm going to need you to sit up for me, please so we can prep you and then send you to HQ and see Captain Dramian. He knows who you are. He's the one who got you the transfer." she said. He nodded and sat up. He looked around the room. He was the only one being worked on. Some just watched and looked at him. "Where am I?" Liam finally spoke. The doctors stopped what they were doing and just looked at him "Did he just speak?" said another Doctor. The nurse looked at them and then at Liam "You are on UNSC Virden Core, sir. You've been in Cryosleep for over two months. Do you not remember who you are?" she asked. "He isn't suppose to speak or anything to after the prep." said a nurse. Liam looked around and nodded "Yeah, I know who I am. I use to be on Glory but transferred to here. It just took me a minute to remember things." he said as he said as he looked at his hands and moved his fingers. "I'll be fine." he said. Everyone was baffled at what was happening. Never had someone recover this fast. "Okay, well, you need to suit up and go to the bridge and see Captain Dramian." she said. Liam nodded and stood up and a man brought him his suit. Liam got into his suit and turned around. His suits system activated and recognized who the wearer was. "Welcome back, Liam. Have a good sleep? Everything is good on our end. Go see the Captain." said the voice. Liam nodded and began walking to the Captain. He came across these doors that led to the HQ or Bridge is what they call it and walked straight in. Seeing everyone in attention as he could see the Captain. He stood near the Captain and stood their "Sir, been told to come up here. Been in Cryosleep for nearly two months." he said. He looked around. His suit didn't look like their at all.

    His suit:
  14. "Hope you're less clumsy behind the stick Flyboy." Mal said jokingly, giving a smile to the red haired pilot. Transport pilots were alright in her book, she owed her life to more than one daring transporter, she was especially grateful to an old heavy transport pilot who got her out under fire during the Nepit IV evacuation. "And if that's your idea of hitting on a gal, what's first base? Brushing my shoulder?" She said, laughing a bit and wiping a bit of grease on a rag.
  15. Zeke laughed and shoved Arlo "hey look Arlo, a girl who doesnt immediatly want to get in your pants because your a pilot" Arlo turned even redder and grumbled "yeah like you are so great at picking up girls. Last time you managed to get slapped by threee generations of women in one night." Zeke rolled his eyes and looked over at Mal. "oh he is just cranky because his one pickup line wont work." Warmly shaking her hand Zeke introduced himself. "my name is Zeke, this here is my partner in crime Arlo." Arlo stepped forward and shook her hand as well. "im the pilot and Zeke here is my gunner. Our ship is the vomit comet. Its the badass dropship with the vomit comet painted on it over in hanger 2. Feel free to stop by anytime. Bar opens at 8 closes whenever. Bring your own mini umbrellas." The two chuckled and Zeke noticed the patch on Mal's clothes. "hey, are you a mechie?"
  16. "yes sir beginning final procedure for launch" The female pilot inserted a few quick commands into the small access terminal on her chair and it moved forward now giving her access to a multitude of screens and controls. Doing final checks. holoscreens activating and disappearing as she worked her way trough procedures.

    She glanced at the strange man that had entered the deck and was standing near the Captain. However she quickly returned to her work as communications officers from across the ship called in with the ones sitting on deck near her. A large hologram of the ship was to her left and one by one each section became green.

    "UNS HERALD OF HONOUR to flight control we are in final phase. Requesting clearance on take of over?"

    Robotic arms and clamps spewing coolants disconnected around the ship. Spinning lights activated as shutters closed and the blast covers around the front and rear of the opened up. People could be seen running at the loading deck for the final checks. Both at the dock and in the ship first signals for take of preparations where sounded.

    "Copy that UNS HERALD OF HONOUR sending flight plan. Launch window in five minutes over"

    The final preparations finished and the dock became still and almost silent. The powerful engines glowing in start phase. The pilot checking the response from the launch rockets attached to the ships sides.

    "Copy Control all checks are green ready for final go, UNS HERALD OF HONOUR out"

    Sasha gave a few quick commands again talking with the rest of the crew. With a large holoscreen notifying of manual access. The manual controls was made available to her. Slowly putting her hands on it for a moment she then let go and turned in the chair. Looking right at the Captain with look that held no signs of hiding the excitement to get this ship of on her maiden flight.

    "Ship is ready for launch, window is two minutes out. The final word is yours Captain"
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  17. Mal chuckled at the two. "I'm Corporal Anita Mallory." She said, "But I let cute guys call me Mal." The two didn't seem like bad guys, even if she wasn't terribly impressed by their antics. "Yep, I get to drive the Daisy Stomper." The woman responded pointing behind them at the old mech, now partially covered in black blocks.
  18. Lelouch stood in the shadows close to the captain as the ship prepared to launch. A satisfied smirk played across his face, as he felt the ships engines come to life. This was going to be a good day.

    Walking up to behind the pilot he pressed one of the display shutting the rear hanger doors, earning a glare. "Glaring won't fix anything, Rookie trust me it doesn't." Turning back to the captain placing a data pad into his waiting hand and saluted.

    "Sir, ground units on standby and waiting for instruction. Bay's one through seven have been cleared. And command has sent in in your daily paper work." Lelouch recited, saying the last part jokingly. "Pilots are waiting for you in the rear bay. Orders?"
  19. Capitan Demian took the check-list. He looked it over it and nodded handing it back. He saluted back, "Carry on." he looked to Liam and saluted him back. "I hope your sleep was well. Report to the hanger with Lelouch you will be under him." He walked till he stood beside the pilot and placed his hand on her chair and watched her start up systems. He could feel his new ship engines hum to life as life support systems fully engaged for space travel. He was happy with the ships progression and walked to his captains chair and sat down pulling up the screens for his command and began to filter through sub systems.
  20. Arlo and Zeke look at each other as the feel the engines begin to start. "scuse us Mal, we have a little tradition to do" Zeke turns around and jogs away. Arlo smiles at Mal and winks, "hope to see you soon." He sprints after Zeke before she can say anything. Running down the hallway the two laugh and push each other into various walls and doors. Not realizing that several marines were already sleeping. After causing a ruckus the two find an elevator and ride it up to the bridge. Sneaking in the back they creep into the small kitchen where a snack of tea and crackers wait on a plate to be taken to the captain. Zeke pokes Arlo and picks up a teacup. "dude, lets be fancy and shit!" Snickering the two begin to devour the snacks. Talking over a mouthful of soggy crackers Arlo lifts up his pinky finger. "we are classy as fuck." They snicker again and go back to their ill gotten meal.
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