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    The year is 3046 of the mecha era. Humanity had made leaps and bounds in technology and robotics. A united world program came together to explore the cosmos of the milky way. While in the sector of Q-5032 the first intelligent life forms had been found. They, like humans had evolved creating very impressive technology. The first contact war has raged on for 7 years with no end in sight. The weapons of the aliens who were labeled Blues because the color of their blue skin with wildly different color hair were energy based.

    (First contact)

    The first contact between humans and Blues was a brash one. The two species met and since a miss communication a shot was fired and hostilities became apparent and enveloped both of the species in conflict. The tabloids would have the populace believe the blues to be a militaristic race bent on global conquest. Nothing is truly known about them. But one thing is sure every meeting has proved that they are brutal, calculating, and will kill you.

    Name: (self explanatory)

    Captain (Darkneko01)
    Second in command (The Dreamer....)
    Mech pilots 0 spot left (Equivilence, Krag_Jorgensen, Callsign "Jester", Lonewolf888978)
    Engineers 1 spots (Mighty tree,
    Ship Pilots 2 spots.
    Marines 3 spots (medic=Haruka, 3 troopers, support gunner=Viren, troop Sargent)

    If you have an idea for a position you would think you would like to do please don't hesitate to ask. You can have more then one character but please keep within reason. Not like 5 characters lol

    1. All rules of Iwaku apply.
    2. Love and the like are allowed nothing r rated
    3. Pm me if you are interested and have any ideas for the story.
    4. listen to me and any other people i designate as co helpers. I am fair I give everyone a right for defence.
    5. I know no one is perfect in spelling, please put forth your best effort and fix mistakes when pointed out I'm not one to nit pick tho.
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  2. Hey the mechs are like titanfall
  3. But they can be cusomized like armored core so use some imagenation
  4. Yes of course I am going to make a character soon.
  5. Name: Cpt. V Dramian
    Gender: Male

    Captain Dramian living through the first beginnings of the conflict as a young Lt of a Mecha unit he was at the forefront of many battle and his stern yet calm demeanor both settled the nerves of his men and shook the ranks of the Blue lines. His commanding presence was very much taken into account as his promotions. He proved time and time again being in a pinch he would pull himself free and send his men to victory or lead them himself.

    Likes: Tea, old books made from paper, Good news.
    Dislikes: Black licorice, coffee, bad news.
    Other: He has a very stern demeanor but he has an open door policy if one were needing to speak with him.
  6. Name: First Sargent Lelouch vi Eldar
    Gender: Male
    Calm/Serious- Lelouch is a cold and sometimes seemingly person at times due to his past traumas. Little is known of why Lelouch acts how he does, but it is thought it is do to the numerous losses under his command early in his enlistment on Arcadia and other frontier worlds. Though he doesn't show it he cares deeply for the welfare of his comrades.
    Bio: Having been a veteran of both EVA and ground side engagements at a young age do to his combat Mech pilot certification, he is one of the few living war heroes of the frontier worlds. He is also one of the youngest to hold his current position as a First Sargent and as a mechanized shock trooper.… all other information on pilot has been lost after the destruction of Arcadia colony.
    Likes: Smoking stims, working on his Mech, working in the armory and polishing his fallen comrades' dog tags
    Dislikes: Cigarets, deserters, 'Blues', repainting his Mech after battle, those who disrespect the dead.
    Other: Lelouch designs his own equipment due to past experience this includes his mechs.
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  7. Question: Has Humanity colonized other worlds?
  8. yes humanity has colonized other worlds so there will be many different battles ranging from planetside to space.
  9. Name: Corporal Anita Mallory “Mal”

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Anita has a very lively attitude and tends to be very open about what she’s thinking, which can include criticism, giving her a reputation as “kind of a bitch”.

    Bio: Anita grew up the desolate desert planet Garmot; her parents worked in the Spice fields. It wasn’t an easy life, but they managed to pull through.

    Garmot’s hot, dry climate and strategic location made it an ideal location for storing old military equipment. The Dawson Memorial Boneyard contained hundreds of old mechs, starfighters, utility vehicles and other obsolete hardware in various states of repair, but fairly well preserved. When she was younger, she liked to sneak into the facility and look at all the old vehicles. One unit in particular caught her eye. An old “Ares” walker, written on its hull was the name “Daisy Stomper”. Through conversations with “Uncle Morris”, she learned that this machine had served with distinction in the 168th Mechanized Division against the Mazianni rebellion. It made her sad to see the old mech like this, slowly rusting away in the boneyard, she entertained fantasies of fixing it and giving it the new life it deserved.

    When the war started, Anita volunteered to help the war effort. She worked with Garmot’s armed forces to prepare the denizens of the Boneyard back to fighting capacity. Only sixteen out of the five million people on the planet had any experience with the Ares series, none under the age of 50 standard years. One such individual was her uncle.

    When it was time to reactivate “Daisy Stomper” Uncle Morris, knowing Anita’s attachment to the machine, offered to pull some strings to get her into the cockpit. She couldn’t say yes fast enough.

    Likes: Alcohol, Tobacco, Garmot Spice

    Dislikes: People who can’t take a joke, Paperwork, Bureaucracy, Bland Foods.

    Other: The T-06 “Ares” is an old design still occasionally used by less developed colonies for its ease of maintenance. It looks more like a conventional tank on legs than a true mech. It had heavier armor than most modern mechs, but this extra bulk and outdated drive systems make it significantly less maneuverable than modern designs. The mech is restricted to terrestrial environments, lacking any sort of thrusters. The Ares was the first to feature modular weapon mountings and is compatible with many of the larger weapon systems in common use, but is usually armed with a 150mm main gun and a pair of 30mm autocannons. The auxiliary module on the opposite side was usually fitted with the "Copperhead" targeting suite, now upgraded to a more modern system. This spot can also be fitted with launch racks for guided missiles.


    Anita’s mech “Daisy Stomper”
  10. love it :3 your in second pilot
  11. Lelouch's Units:
    Name: Frontier's pride
    Chassis: X3 custom
    Unit type: Medium bi atmospheric, reverse joint assault platform.
    2x MkVII coil assault rifle 27mm
    1x (deployable) heavy rail-sniper cannon 120mm
    1x (deployable) quad auto cannon 40mm
    72x restock able rapier smart missles
    Armor: MK VII smart armor (medium)
    2x moon light plasma blades.
    Power plant: Suzuki gen3
    Boosters: exoatmospheric g2 drive
    Shields: heavy
    Role: heavy fast assault.
    Bio: the Frontier's pride unit is one of the few gen6 units produced before the blue advanced fleet attacked the Reach installation on Arcadia. These units were meant to become one of the elite space superiority units. With heavy weapons and speed allowed the system to out class and out preform other models of mech human or blue. Though mighty as were they were prototypes at the time and were never equipped with the intended emerita dampener and extra armor leaving them vulnerable to physical rounds and blunt force weapons. This leaves the X3 units in need of support when on the ground or in long term engagements.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name: Atlas
    Chassis: REX MKII
    Will post upon deployment.
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  12. very cool, love the detail :3
  13. this is kind of sad how no one has wanted to join :/ but im thanking you two have joined
  14. Care if I join? :D
  15. Please :D i would love more people to join :3 if you have friends please tell them :3
  16. Anymore Mech Pilots available?
  17. there are two more spots left. i might just make it a mech squad which is 6-7 mechs
  18. Might join as a mech or a medic.More likely as a medic to *shot* xD
  19. Of course we have a state of the art medical/ scientific facliities onboard the UNS Herald or Honour :P
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