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  1. The Hyperion</SPAN></SPAN>

    The oldest ship in the United Terran Federation. A destroyer that should have been destroyed more than a hundred times and still has survived as long as she has. A veteran of dozens of major engagements and countless skirmishes, refitted over a dozen times to keep her toe to toe on the frontlines, and the pride of the Federation’s fleet.

    And now she is a training boat. The last stop before the “real” fleet for cadets, the last cruise before the rest of their careers...

    </SPAN></SPAN>So for those of you who see this and remember my RP "Durandal" this is meant to be a, hopefully, successful prequal to that RP. For those of you who don't know it well... This is a chance to be on equal footing cause everyone has probably forgotten most of the backstory and plot!

    Voyage of the Hyperion is meant to be your typical Space Opera. The crew on a warship and in this case greener then grass with only a handful of experianced crewmembers. It is meant to be a story of exploraition and discovery, but also conflict.

    Also for those of you who are partial or remember Durandal, there is very little to do with mecha. Fighters operate in space instead and while beam weaponry is prevailent it is used mostly in close range fights or in saturation attacks while missiles are used heavily due to their mass.

    So anyone interested?
  2. Little more detail on what the RP WILL have?

    I'd be interested in a junior officer role or one of the trainers.
  3. Verily, I am in.
  4. So in reference to Vay's question (and his further elboration off site) a more detailed explaination is as follows.

    The characters are members of the crew of the Hyperion. As such they each fill a niche in the story, and the story is meant to focus on them as well as their actions. While not all of the characters will engage in a fist fight on a planet below the orbit of the planet, all of them are meant to have some role in the story.

    The cast are all adults and are all humans. The setting is that which humanity has not met with any other species in the galaxy and is just on the cusp of their 20th year unified. Still many of the old tensions remain between nationalities. It is set so that when the story ends, Durandal will be a dream coming to fruitation but of course most likely the RP will die before then.

    There is some other acknowledgements I should probably make before I go and anything I miss can be asked. The first is that while The Hyperion is only a destroyer it does have a fighter compliment. The rundown for the history is that it was proven that fighters were invluable as support and while some ships are fast enough to keep up with lighter civillian ship, others (like the Hyperion due to age) cannot and require lighter craft to persue. The second is that space opera is but a genre of sci-fi. It is meant to be light on the science and heavy on the adventure aspects and attempts to draw the reader in through excitment. Star Wars is a very well known example of a space opera and it contrasts such works as the Andromedea Strain which is sci-fi but very Science driven. Expect anything, expect it to be somewhat cheesy, expect it to not have a solid explination to it but expect anything.

    Right I think that does it for now, go ahead and shoot any more questions you may have.
  5. Hmmm I like the setting, but I'm really terrible at anything fighting related. If I said I were interested could you help me out with that? If, I say, If.
  6. I could. But I would be also willing to point out there are other roles on the ship that don't nesscarily have to do with fighting in most of the cases.
  7. That is mostly what I was hoping.
  8. To be fair, the only roles that should be involved in fighting (at least directly) would be fighter pilots and the ship's complement of Marines.
  9. I am also interested in this. It sounds interesting, especially if we could focus on the exploration or the peaceful resolving of conflicts.
  10. Not true. You have to think of the ship it's self as well. It is armed and is meant to be a tool of war, not simply a mother ship for small craft and dedicated warriors. The gunner's, tactical officers, even engineers all have a roll to play.

    It will start as a training cruise. If you ever have seen the Star Trek movie "Wrath of Khan" imagine it to be similar in concept to the mission the Enterprise has in it. It is meant to start off as a relatively quiet and peaceful storyline that quickly dissolves into Humanity's war with another species. Whether or not it continues into the war itself remains to be seen, if we get there.
  11. count the duke in, space opera ftw!
  12. Thsi sounds fun. I am in :)
  13. Well it is getting enough attention...

    Will be posting up an OOC on Saturday. Or should be at least, taking the girl out that day too.
  14. good to hear. i think i'd like an engineer job, or perhaps a LINGUISTICs or communications officer.