Voyage of the Asher

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    Sylvia DuMont
    The Fortress of Avalon clung to the rock face of the small island like a tick. The monstrosity called Avalon was huge, many laird and vast. The bricks had been dulled by age, making them blend in with the clouds. Far below the top of the pillar like island the surf crashed angrily at the rocks. There was no way onto Avalon by boat. The sheer cliff face that circled the island saw to that. No, the only way was by dirigible. Which made this little adventure so much more interesting.

    Sylvia lowered her spy glass and snapped it closed. The sections sliding into one another. She had seen enough. Her copper eyes were covered by aviator goggles to protect them from the fierce, bitterly cold wind. Her thick jacket over her clothes failed to do much as it snapped about in the gusts other than keep the edge of the chill off. She tugged the cloth closer as she turned to her Second and handed her the spy glass.

    Sylvia's breath had no time to appear before it was snatched away. "Keep a watch." It was doubtful they'd be seen in this mess which they had waited a few says for, but it was never good to be sloppy. Sloppy got people killed. Sylvia turned her gaze to the rest of the crew, diligently working. In total there were nine of them, just the right size for The Asher. Though only two of the original crew remained. Some had died, and some had moved on.

    Sylvia patted Cathy on the shoulder before walking off to where Naida clung to the wheel. The wind pulled the chains dangling from her face and throat. The Princess was stubborn and whenever she didn't have to mingle with crowds and not be seen, she was dressed in her nation's clothes. Adornments included.

    "The wind is still strong." Nadia had to shout to be heard over the wind. "We have to wait until it changes course again or risk being thrown against the Fortress."

    Sylvia raised her hand and signed 'OK' so she didn't have to shout. All her crew knew their own little sign language. It helped when in a pinch and didn't want to tell your plan aloud or when running silent.

    Sylvia moved inside where her team was preparing themselves to break into Avalon. There was XingXing, or Star to people who couldn't pronounce her name properly. It was always the tones that got foreigners. XingXing was the first and last original crew member and had proven her worth over and over to Sylvia. Then there was Saff Hariq, who joined three years ago with his cousin Lohar, the mechanic. At first Slyvia didn't want Saff on board. He was young, brash and male. Never a good combination. But Lohar refused to join without his brother. So Slyiva relented because Lohar was a great mechanic. And Saff? Well, he proved to have his uses after alll.

    The next member of their little break in team was Mr. Grey, an American. He offended Sylvia's British heritage, but thrilled her Pirate soul. She had made a good decision hiring him to support The Asher. The Yank was handy in a gun battle. And lastly was the newest crew member. Viyette. She was a little younger than Sylvia herself and had seen a lot of violence. The four man team would split up, invade the Fortress and try to locate the object of their desire. A Polish Crown Jewel. Rumoured to be the crown, but unconfirmed. The Jewels had been taken by Germany when they attached Poland back in 1809. It had been nearly sixty years since the jewels had been seen by anyone apart from the looters and thieves.

    "We need you ready and on board. The Princess says anytime now." Sylvia told the quartet as soon as she closed to door to muffle the wind. ​
  2. Madam Viyette
    The Asher's Hold

    Viyette had been on edge since their engines had revved into life and the course had been set to Avalon. In part, this was impatience and pre-action shakes all mingled into a sensation she would never be far from. Still, the feeling of boots on the ground and rifle in hand more than made recompense for any other hazards or nuisances the job had to offer her. While serving aboard an airship was nowhere near as intriguing or, dare she say it, entertaining as the West had been, the Asher was at least a job.

    After hearing the all-call from DuMont, whom she had come to respect after a fashion, Viyette was off to her bunk. Inside of an old and battered trunk at the food of the bed rested all of her meager possessions that had made the voyage back to England: a cigarette lighter, a discarded and rusted bayonet, some spare wages, and a package of fresh (if water-damaged) tobacco rolls from the Americas. The lighter and rolls she took, grabbing her "lady's" pistol from its holster hanging at her bed post, named so for its small size and caliber. Her real weapon, a recoil-driven pistol from the West, was always bobbing at her side, day or night.

    Taking the tobacco roll and pressing it to her lips, Viyette took her faded black duster from its rack and slid it over the loose-fitting cotton shirt and jeans she had been wearing. As always when it came to this point, she hid the lady's pistol in an inside-coat pocket and made certain that her knife sat tight in her right boot. The five inches of sharp steel was there, hilt barely visible above the hem of the boot. Her check finished, Viyette made her way back up on deck and stood at the railing, holding on as Nadia did her best to fight the gale of wind roaring around her and causing the duster to flutter and crack loudly.

    Avalon did make a sight, Viyette had to admit, as they neared the mountain fortress. Before the introduction of airships and the like, it was scant wonder the fortress had claimed the title 'unconquerable.' They were about to test whether or not this was the case, though Viyette had to correct herself mid-thought. We aren't conquering, merely sneaking, peaking, and stealing. Save the conquering for a less terrifying prospect. Taking the lighter from her pocket, Viyette shielded the spark of fire that lit the tip of the roll still dangling from her mouth and blew a puff of smoke out on to the wind, those pre-action shakes a distant nudge at the back of her mind.
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  3. Wyatt had been loading his Henry rifle when the Captain came down to tell them that they were getting close. He gave her a simple nod of acknowledgement, finished loading the rifle, check to see that his two revolvers were indeed loaded, and pulled on his mask and hat before going above deck. He stood facing the massive fortress with his rifle resting against his shoulder. This would no doubt be a fun one. He had brought plenty of ammunition and a few other toys that may come in handy when infiltrating a fortress in the light pack he carried on his back.

    He turned to Viyette and with a sly smile concealed by his mask he asked, "Are ya enjoyin' that proper Southern tobacco little missy? Everyone knows its the good stuff."

    Cathy stood quietly watching the crew move about the deck through her goggles. She hated how they felt against her face, but it was better than having the wind in her eyes so she dealt with it. Another thing about the wind she hated was how it seemed determined to take her hat. She had rigged up and little bit of cord that wrapped around her jaw that, while making it much less fashionable, at least kept the fairly pricey hat attached to her head. So there she stood, her eyes shifting from the fortress to the crew and back again. All the while she hoped beyond hope that this would go smoothly and the gung-ho fools wouldn't fuck it up.
  4. Madam Viyette
    The Asher's Deck

    "Best to look before the leap." Viyette replied, allowing herself a shallow smirk. "The day you can call me 'little missy' before yourself is the day I go 'round wearing a dress and practicing my damned courtesies."

    Viyette blew out another puff of smoke, turning away from Avalon, in turn focusing her gaze on Wyatt with a shadow of a smile etched across her face. Short black hair flapped with the wind, brushing over and into her good eye, a pale slate of green, the other covered with a square of leather bound and stitched to a cloth interior. Beneath the marred eye stretched a pink and fleshy scar that ran from right below the patch and across her nose before ending at the left corner of her mouth. There had been plenty of speculation on where it came from, but either someone had guessed it and Viyette had been inclined to keep secret or no one had found the truth of the matter.

    "Now if you'll excuse me," she stated with a heavily sarcastic tone, bobbing an equally sarcastic courtesy with the folds of her duster, "I must head inside to avoid this wind rustling my beautiful charms."

    With that, Viyette headed back into the cabin and sat herself down at one of the few chairs spread across the rickety wooden floor. Pressure valves hissed and navigation tools whirred and clicked as Nadia worked the wheel, strain clear on her body. Can't blame her, either. Inside, the wind sounded far more threatening and all-encompassing that it had been in actuality, but Viyette had no doubts that the gale was affecting the Asher in ways unimaginable. Not too much longer until her job ended and theirs began. Snuffing out the tobacco roll, Viyette consigned herself once more to waiting.
  5. Lohar
    The Asher's Engine Room

    Outside it was cold but in the Asher's engine room it was nice and hot. That was how Lohar preferred it. He seldom wore a shirt when working in that room. He said that the extra weight dragged him down. Any loose hanging clothing also had the possibility of getting caught into the bone crushing gears of the Asher's maw. Then there was the high pressure steam, the Asher's Breath, which had the potential to create a slew of lethal incidents yet Lohar felt most at ease when he was within the confines of the engine room. His focus in that room was finer than the point of a needle. Today, his focus was slightly off. Saff was going to be taking part in another heist. Lohar always worried for the well being of his cousin. In the last heist, Saff returned with a well aired duster. The coat was riddled with bullet holes. It was a miracle that Saff was completely unscathed. That boy had someone upstairs looking out for him or the devil took care of his own.

    Lohar recounted as Saff gave him the details of their last heist. “We were pinned down heavily by those sons of guns. Things were looking really grim and I had had it up to here with hiding like a scared mouse. So I pounced out of cover, roaring like a lion, and POP, POP, POP. I felt like I was invincible. I AM INVINCIBLE!”

    The Asher gave a little shake, nothing serious, since Lohar had momentarily stopped paying attention to some of the instrumentation's readouts. The Asher's Breath was acting up due to the wind. He quickly turned a few valves to make the needed adjustments.

    Saff Hariq
    The Asher's Deck

    Saff's goggles and kerchief were presently hanging around his neck. He didn't really need the goggles, being accustomed to the wind an all. It was the sand that he couldn't handle, but they weren't in the desert. At the moment he was playing with his revolvers, twirling them in his fingers; drawing them and holstering them to loosen, and keep loose in this cold, his hands, wrists and trigger finger. All the while he was interchanging his hands from a revolver to his hat to keep the hat from flying away. The gun handing was an activity he frequently practiced in front of a mirror. He claimed that he could beat his own reflection to the draw. When the Captain showed up, Saff finally holstered his guns. He turned his head to face Miss Sweets. There was a sly grin on his mug -the usual for Saff.

    “Miss Sweetie, do you know why I love to reload?” He wasn't going to wait for her to respond. “It's cause there’s nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber.” Saff largely said these sort of things when more than one of the crew-woman were present. The scoundrel like words that came out of his mouth weren't just meant for Miss Sweets alone. After all, how could a man as great as him be confined to the love of only one woman?

    Saff's eyes darted over to where Miss Star was standing. “Don't you agree, ZingZing?”
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  6. XingXing Chen
    XingXing's short black hair was pulled tightly back into a pony tail, even if quite a few of the shorter hairs were springing loose. The Petite Asian woman was more focused on her guns than her looks. Before every mission she made sure each weapon sparkled and shone. The knives had already been taken care of which just left the shot gun and the hand gun. Both guns were double barreled and nasty contraptions. Though cleaning the weapons gave XingXing a sense of calm.

    She ignored the bustle around her as everyone prepared. She was long done preparing for the assault. Though when the Captain threw open the door to the inside of the ship and let in the wind, she lifted her head.

    We need you ready and on board. The Princess says anytime now.

    Then the Captain was gone, the door closed again against the wind. XingXing finished quickly, putting her guns together in seconds and holstering them. She grabbed her hat and was out the door. She pulled her voluminous jacket closer to her body as the wind tried to rip it away. She was happy that underneath she wore a skin tight gown designed for sneaking. Imagine a petticoat in this weather. Not that it stopped the Captain.

    The Captain was always an odd one. For a murderess she cared an awful lot about her people, not that she'd ever admit it. Sure she was an absolute man hater. Only using her male crew members for what they were worth and ignoring them when they lost their uses. The fit she had thrown when Lohar manipulated her into take Saff on board was a sight to behold.

    Luckily for Viyette, the Captain was distracted by preparations. What possessed the woman to go back in after the Captain told them all to come on deck was beyond XingXing. Then there was Saff, flirting with the First Mate. XingXing sighed, the sound carried by the wind far away before it was even finished. The Princess clung tenaciously to the wheel, arms straining against the wind. That was not a job she envied. At least in a few moments she'd be in the fortress and out of the dreadful wind.

    "...ZingZing?" XingXing couldn't hear much apart from the sound of her butchered name. She turned back to Saff, finding him there, waiting for something.

    "yYngùn." Was XingXing's only response before she spat over the side. Knowing Saff, he wasn't asking her about anything but sexual innuendos.

    XingXing put her companions out of her mind and back to the fortress. It was formidable, but they were better than stone. They'd rappel down onto the outer walls which jutted over the sea before venturing deeper. Each pair would take a different route to ensure success. And to also enable them to aid the other if needed be. Of course the Captain had told them earlier that she'd leave any idiots who got caught behind to die. XingXing had no doubt the Captain was hardhearted enough to do so, after all it's what XingXing would do.

    "Captain!" XingXing heard Nadia cry over the sound of the wind. She raised one hand up and signed: "Now."

    XingXing's heart leapt into her throat in anticipation. She moved to the edge as the ship moved dangerously close to the walls of the fortress. So close she was sure if she reached out she could touch the bricks. A wide smile spread across her lips as she attached herself to her harness, tossed her jacket to the First Mate, upholstered her gun and leapt off the side of the dirigible into the ether. The rope stretched taunt and snapped her to a stop almost a foot above the wall. She released the latch and dropped the last few inches. Her bare feet made no sound as she landed. Nor did she make any sound as she slithered down the wall into deeper shadows.
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  7. Saff made sure he had his knife on him. It was a large knife but Saff was five feet ten inches tall, making it a good fit for his hands. He had yet to pull it out, often telling the crew that it was his lucky charm, and the only reason he had made it this far. The blade was slightly curved like a scimitar and almost fifteen inches long. It had a full flat grind and sub hilt design for better grip and finger security; comfortable in the hand in the reverse grip as well. The whole thing was constructed from one solid piece of mildly reflective greyish metal and the grip was wound with a fine dark leather -likely camel hide. The reverse side of the blade had a sharpened swedge which made it easier to penetrate with thrusting attacks. Saff remembered that his father used to make jokes about it being man's job to penetrate things. He didn't understand what his father meant back then. The old memories brought a genuine smile to his lips, but only for a moment.

    Knife fighting was one of Saff's hidden specialities. It's a skill his late father had taught him along with some slight of hand which is why he was good with the gun-play but needed improvement in the accuracy department. No one, not even Lohar knew anything about it. Saff had a feeling that by the end of the day it wasn't going to be so secret anymore.

    Saff wasn't at all familiar with the word that XingXing Chen had used; however, responding to him was always a bad idea. It only enabled him further. He started to suit up as well. He double checked the harness, ropes and the latching points before he went off the edge.

    You won't get rid of me that easy, XingXing Chen.

    He descended slower than XingXing but made up for the lost time by releasing the latch from his harness early. Saff free-fell the last sixteen feet, performing a clean shoulder roll when he landed to minimize the noise and stress to his joints but he almost went off the other side of the wall. It was quite the cliffhanger.

    Shit. That was... Awesome.

    Saff began to scale down the wall with XingXing, watching her carefully to see which hand and foot holds she was using. Saff always checked the hold's firmness first to discern if they would fully support his own weight. Going down was always harder than going up. When Saff was younger, he almost died because he grabbed onto a root sticking out of the mountain stone, thinking it would hold up without first testing it. He had made the same mistake three times that day but each time he caught himself on another hold in the nick of time. That feeling of being so close to death exhilarated him in the moment yet in the end when all was said and done there was only emptiness inside. That's why thrill seekers and daredevils always looked for the next big thrill or stunt, respectively. In some cases it was an unhealthy addiction that was often used to temporarily fill in the void created by the other areas in life that were neglected.

    “So ZingZing, I heard the women from where you hail from don't wear any undergarments. After we've finished this job, I was wondering if you'd personally be able to confirm this for me, you know, visually.” Saff made sure to keep his voice hushed to a whisper. That cocky smile was ever on his lips. Then he looked down to wink at her. “I say this purely from an educational standpoint.”
  8. Grey watched as XingXing and Saff lept like fools over the side of the ship onto the battlements of the fortress. "Fuckin' morons." He scoffed from beneath his mask. Now Wyatt had a way of joking with his fellow crew members, but he had always disliked how Saff took it to ludicrous and downright inappropriate proportions. Always three miles over the border of creepy and not at all willing to make the trip back. Other than that, he though Saff was a decent man. Good to have in a fight, if not a little over-zealous.

    He slung his rifle over his shoulder and moved over to the edge of the ship. He picked up one of the ropes draped over the side, looked around for where Viyette had gone. Not seeing her he assumed she had slipped over without him noticing and so he rappelled down onto the fortress feet first. He landed near the others with a loud thunk as his heavy boots hit the slab of rock and his gear jangled around momentarily. He had no reason to try to be quiet as the others seemed to believe. The howling wind no doubt made it hard for any guards outside to hear his movement, and if the slab of stone he was standing on was thick enough to actually hold his weight, he doubt anyone below could hear the sound of his landing.

    Immediately he took his rifle to hand and looked around carefully, praying to not see a guard staring him down. While that was not the case, he was soon concerned. There was no Viyette. He looked to the others and quickly signed "Where is she?"

    Cathy watched anxiously as the infiltration team threw themselves overboard. Hopefully the morons wouldn't break their necks and fall off the fortress while they were at it. A massively botched mission would not do her paycheck any good. Suddenly she noticed something was very wrong. Viyette had not gone over, and she was nowhere to be seen on deck. Cathy's face formed into a deep scowl as she made her way below decks.

    Nearly steaming she burst down below yelling and shouting, "Where the fuck are ya, ya damn lazy arse scamp!?" She roamed shortly around looking for Viyette. "Yer supposed to be overboard already so get yer arse out there and jump over board, because God help me, if you prove to be a piss poor hire I'll flog ya myself." Cathy's legendary rage was now rearing its ugly face. For such a sweet and innocent looking creature, such rage would surprise anyone who had not known her for long.
  9. Madam Viyette
    The Asher's Deck

    Once the cry of 'Ready!' had been sounded by Nadia, Viyette took no further delay or attempt at misconduct and marched herself back onto the deck of the Asher. The shouts from Cathy did help with her hastening, though she'd never let the young child get to her in that manner. Viyette took a single moment to glance around the deck in search for the ropes, quickly finding them strung tight to the railing. Making a short dash to the edge, she flexed her fingers before grabbing hold of the rope and sliding herself down as fast as she dared, spotting the crew below. If Cathy was still raging above on deck, she didn't hear it over the roaring gales of wind.

    With a thud and a grunt of mild shock, Viyette landed feet-first on the stone and offered an amused glance to Grey and added a nonchalant shrug for good measure. Then, positioning herself closer to the wall and out of immediate line of sight from above, Viyette turned from her surroundings to Grey and added with a joking tone close enough as to avoid shouting.

    "Best to let others look before the leap."

    Feeling it best to get off the subject of her foul-up, Viyette then gestured to the wall and signed 'Ready' before grabbing for anything she could use as a handhold. Finding a decently-sized chunk of rock to hoist herself up onto, she waited for a response from Grey, figuring it best to begin on his go. After all, best not to add another instance of foul-up to what would already be a growing list in the back of Cathy's mind. Perhaps falling to my death would have been preferable to another moment with her. Oh, but if only it were that easy.
  10. XingXing Chen

    The yawning darkness was an old friend. Her small lithe body melted into it with the help of her specifically designed clothes. The only hazard would be the light reflecting off her pale face. This she took care of really quickly by wiping some soot from a small box she kept on her. By the time all the others had landed she was barely observable, but only if you knew where to look.
    XingXing smiled a small tight smile, grabbed one of her guns and pointed it at his head. "Either you be quite, or I'll kill you." Her smile grew wider then she tucked the gun away. A long knife found it's way into her hands instead. A knife was a far better tool for killing in silence. Not that the other duo would care. She caught movement from the said people and saw the mercenary signing.
    Grey wasn't too terrible observant in some things, but then again he was more of a point and go type of guy. No finesse but lots of balls and bronze. XingXing raised her own hand in reply and signed, Look behind you. She gave a small nod to Viyette as she signed 'ready'. She returned the signed and turned back to Saff, whom she had been ignoring.

    "Lets go." She said as she moved backwards towards the door to the left. Two points of egress. The Asher was no longer visible. They'd stay until they received the sign from one of the duos. Or until the cloud cover was burned off by the sun. The former would mean they were successful the latter, they had failed and gotten caught. An unhappy prospect because they undoubtedly would mean they'd be dead before morning. Something XingXing wanted to avoid if at all possible.

    XingXing bowed to Saff at the door. After you. She signed. The door was should be locked, but it might not be here at Avalon. Who would brave this mighty fortress? She mentally rolled her eyes.
  11. Saff returned the smile to XingXing Chen. He didn't even flinch when she pulled her gun out and pointed it straight to his head. How did Saff know for sure that the little oriental lady wasn't going shoot? Well, the gun would make a lot of racket if she fired it off. That would make the heist a failure and put the rest of the team in danger. Then she brought out a knife from nowhere. He hadn't thought about that. Whatever happened now, Saff was just going to let it take its course.

    You talk a big game XingXing, but I know you couldn't kill me. You'd miss me too much.

    Saff obliged XingXing when she asked him to take point. It's how he preferred it since she would have a good view of his broad shoulders from the rear. He walked on the outer edge of his feet with his hips rotated slightly, rolling his foot from heel to pinky toe, barely made any sound in his boots as they approached the door. Then he pulled up black the handkerchief that was around his neck to cover his face from the bridge of the nose and downwards. “Maybe we should try knocking,” he whispered. Being the young and brash man he was, Saff went ahead and softly rapped his knuckles on the door without waiting to confirm with his partner whether or not it was a good idea. Knowing XingXing, she would find a place to hide easily enough. Saff, on the other hand, pressed himself against the wall to the right of the door, drawing his knife. The blade was held firmly in his hand in a reverse grip and kept close to his chest.
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  12. Now seeing Viyette, Grey gestured her towards the door that had been left alone by the other two. He made his way quickly towards it, the sound of his steps easily canceled out by the sound of the howling wind. Holding his rifle to his shoulder in his right hand, he slowly opened the large wooden door. Glad to see no one was immediately inside, and that the door just straight into a small room with a spiral straircase leading down, he went just inside, and looking down the stairs, he waited for his partner.
  13. Viyette followed a moment after Grey, again adopting that 'look before the leap' philosophy she'd just used to escape a possible reprimand. Once inside, she drew the pistol at her side and held her fingers away from the trigger to avoid an accidental misfire; it wouldn't do to blow their cover so soon with boots on the ground. Being inside didn't dull the howl of the wind, but Viyette felt that somehow it wouldn't excuse any obvious shortcomings.

    The room itself was entirely unimpressive compared to the fortress' exterior. Without having scene the mammoth walls atop their perch of stone, Viyette could have confused this particular entry little more than a broom cupboard. But then, that's why we didn't knock and the front door and ask for the gold, isn't it? Still, the front door would have been preferable to this damp, awfully chilled stairwell she wagered as she took cautious steps, the scuff of her leather boots barely heard. Taking a moment to give the room another look-over (particularly down and up the stairwell), Viyette lifted her free hand to the entrance and waved the pair in. Not officially 'code', but then, some gestures were obvious enough.
  14. XingXing, upon reflecting on her actions, decided she was a masochist. There was no other explanation for not killing Saff while she had the chance. And why else would she encourage the moron? He obviously had a death wish and no talent for thinking things through. XingXing was sure the only reason he had lived so long was sheer stupidity. After all dumb people lived longer. As for her? Obvious she was lacking a few brain cells. Which was even more apparent when the bloody idiot knocked. KNOCKED. At the door.

    XingXing threw herself into one of the darkest shadows and waited, barely breathing. All the while she cussed Saff in the most colorful language she knew. For a long moment nothing happened. XingXing exhaled in relief as she relaxed. If no one had opened the door yet, then it was unlikely that anyone had hear Saff being stupid. Now the only worry was that someone would just open the door making their rounds. She detached herself from the wall after she felt enough time had passed, most likely less than two minutes, and moved to the door. She grabbed the handle and pulled. For a split second she thought the door wouldn't open, but it swung open easily.

    XingXing frowned at Saff as she slipped through the open doorway.
  15. Lohar, The Asher's Engine Room

    “'Tis better to have a wise enemy than a stupid friend,” Lohar whispered to himself within the confines of the clamorous engine room. This was a saying he had more than once uttered to a disgruntled and belligerent younger cousin with the small hope that something in Saff's brain would make the right connections. They were distant cousins, Lohar and Saff -thrice removed. In addition, knowledge that Lohar had never made available to the rest of the crew was that Saff was also his brother in law. Lohar, at one point in his life was married to Saff's older sister and only sibling.

    Saff, Avalon Fortress

    Not the slightest bit of guilt or remorse did Saff feel for what he had done. Any course of action he took was more than likely the right course of action. It's was true that knocking on the front door didn't prove fruitful to the main objective, at least not yet, because in Saff's mind every single thing he did was leading up to a grand finale of epic proportions. Saff put his knife away, paying no mind to the indecent facial expression XingXing fired his way as she walked passed him and through the doorway. He was just happy to get her attention, which he did, so he was quite pleased with himself. Saff proceeded to walk through the doorway as well, keeping close to XingXing. Quietly, he shut the door behind him. True to his age and demeanor, Saff couldn't help but check out the merchandise. That tight getup XingXing was wearing really accentuated her hindquarters. He didn't think a lady as small as her could pack so much down there, but he was proven wrong in the good sort of way.

    After you, XingXing. After you.
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