Voyage of the Andromeda (Space adventure RP)

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  1. This is sort of taken from an old rp I was in awhile ago. The premise is that in the far future there is a galactic navy in charge of protecting the various systems in the alliance. This will be a rp based on the lives and duties of the crew of the new warship the Andromeda. There will be a variety of crew positions for players to take. I will be taking the position of captain and several others

    list of positions:
    Gunnery Captain
    Chief Officer (second mate)
    Mech Pilots

    these are just positions i though of off the top of my head. If you have a position i did not mention that would fit I would be happy to approve it if it fits. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Artificial beings? Maybe as officers?
  3. hrmm...maybe..maybe as an intelligence asset instead of an officer. depends on what you mean by artificial being.
  4. Well I mean like.. an android or cyborg type of character. And sure, could be an asset instead of an officer. Either a pure android, or a machine body with organic brain. Used for whatever is needed for the ship or mission. Maybe specializing in some areas strongly. Since they can be kind of universal, of use to any department. But maybe in charge of none. A ship's utility, I guess. Does all that make sense?
  5. Yup, we can figure it out when/if this rp gets started.
  6. If this does pick up speed I would be interested in the engineer position.
  7. Great, welcome aboard
  8. I wam going to make the OOC thread and hopefully that will spark some interest.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.