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    The year is 2782, Humanity has expanded beyond Earth and into the depths of space. After the initial age of expansion, human kind has populated many different star systems thanks to hyper light drive technology. These systems were eventually united under one power, known as the Alliance of Democratic Systems. For many years the A.D.S flourished with peaceful advances in technology, medicine, and exploration. But as with all civilizations, peace did not last. In the recent decades, the outer systems have begun to rebel against the Alliance. The common outcry is that the outer systems are not given as much priority in trade, protection, and rights as the inner systems. While the Alliance tried its best to placate the masses, it was only a matter of time before something happened.

    The event that started the revolution occurred in 2768. An Alliance frigate had cordoned off a space station suspected of dealing in illegal goods. A star cruiser attempted to flee the cordon and was therefore destroyed. It was only after the investigation was it found that the ship was a medical cruiser transporting sick miners in need of critical care. All 250 lives on board were lost. This sparked a huge wave of protests and violence against the Alliance. Eventually resulting in several outer systems to secede from the alliance and form the Confederacy of United Systems. 14 years later, the Alliance is engaged in a bloody war with the Confederacy.

    The Andromeda:
    Allegiance class Assault Cruiser
    "Designed to operate independently or as logistics support for full scale planetary invasions, the newest assault cruiser from Chiang Heavy Industries is unparalleled in performance and cost. The Allegiance outperforms all competitors in the same tonnage range with a five star defensive rating, more than 40 1350mm warhead launchers in a single broadside, and vastly expanded cargo capacity for extended planetary incursions."

    There are a variety of positions for each player:
    Intelligence officer/asset-now open
    Gunnery Captain
    Chief Officer (second mate)
    Head Engineer-now open
    -dropship pilots-1/3
    -fighter pilots-0/3
    Dropship (open)

    Fighter (open)
    [​IMG]Multi role attack fighter. Can be equipped with a variety of armaments for different missions.

    Assault Trooper (open)

    Heavy Trooper (open)

    Sniper (open)

    Scout Trooper (open)

    Mech Pilots-2/3
    Mech Suit (open)

    (if you can think of any other position that would be acceptable feel free to run it by me).

    Character Sheet:
    Appearance: (no anime but drawn pictures are allowed, just nothing too cartoony)
    Other: (any extra stuff you may want to add)

    -No god modding
    -Respect others
    -Respect other players
    -Posts should at least be one paragraph, preferably two
    -No harassment or bullying of other players, any disagreements should either be resolved OOC or told to me (the GM)
    -If you have an idea or suggestion please put it in the OOC, hijacking scenes will not be tolerated.
    -Everyone should post at least once per week, preferably more.
    -If you are going to be gone/absent please let me know ahead of time.
    -Those who don't post will be given three chances, after the third time your character will either die or leave.
    -The posting order will be set in the beginning and will be followed. Please don't fill up a page with posts between two people
    -GM word is law (I will be a fair and benevolent god)
    -up to 2 characters per person
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  2. Name: Gerald Maupin
    Age: 46
    Position: Admiral
    Stoic and well spoken are Gerald's main characteristics. Always serious, Gerald does not take his position lightly. He makes sure that any vessel he is in command of is maintained, well staffed, and kept in tight shape. While he may appear aloof and distant, once Gerald becomes well acquainted with someone he does his best to look after him. While many admirals lord over those beneath them, Gerald prefers to treat his subordinates as equals. If you do your job well and maintain a professional attitude, Gerald will make sure to look after you. On the rare occasion that he has free time, Gerald is either smoking his pipe or practicing his boxing in the gym.
    Born on a space station, Gerald has always felt at home on a ship in space. Joining the navy at 18, Gerald quickly became known as a strong willed individual. While in training, he repeatedly took beatings from bullies due to the fact that he would not submit to their fear tactics. Leaving basic training, Gerald was stationed on a small frigate for several years. After working his way up the ranks, Gerald attended officers school and eventually was put in command of his own small frigate. It was at this time that Gerald became a well known name in the navy. A group of pirates had taken over a destroyer and were wrecking havoc all throughout the system. When Gerald came across the pirates about to destroy a civilian transport ship, he immediately opened fire on the superior ship to save the civilians. The pirates gave chase and after several hours of cat and mouse, Gerald tricked the pirate destroyer to fall prey to a meteor storm. Gerald and his crew then arrested the pirates much to the celebration of the local system. It was this event that put Gerald on the fast track to admiral. When the revolution started, Gerald was one of the first to be sent to combat the revolutionary navy. After several bloody years of fighting. Gerald was gravely injured when a suicide pilot rammed the bridge of his ship. Sent back to the inner systems to heal, it took several years for Gerald to fully recover. After he was cleared for duty, Gerald was given command of the newly built warship "the Andromeda". With new determination, Gerald took command of the Andromeda and set out to fight the revolutionaries once more
    Other: Gerald always has his personal pistol on him at all times

    Name: Erik Riggs
    Age: 24
    Position: Dropship Pilot
    An adrenaline junkie to the core, Erik is always on the lookout for the next big rush. Energetic and boisterous, Erik loves to be the center of attention. He loves messing with people and will often get in trouble over a prank or joke. While he may seem sadistic at times, Erik does care for those he transports into battle and will often go out of his way to help them.
    An orphan born on a harsh junk planet, Erik grew up learning to fight to survive. At age 16, Erik met a smuggler pilot who was willing to take him as a cabin boy. Happily accepting, Erik never looked back as he left his home planet. For several years, Erik learned how to fly ships from his smuggler mentor. After awhile of saving up his money, Erik eventually purchased his own ship and became a smuggler. For several years Erik lived off of his smuggler pay and enjoyed being chased by the authorities. But eventually Erik was caught. The judge gave Erik two options, either go to jail or enroll in the armed forces. Erik chose the latter. Soon he was scrubbing floors on a carrier ship when the revolution started. Seeing the kinds of ships that pilots got to fly, Erik applied to be a pilot. While he wanted to be a fighter pilot, he was banned from flying any ship armed with weapons. The next best thing was being a dropship pilot. Erik grudgingly took the job but soon learned how to make his job more fun. Over time, Erik became known as a hotshot dropship pilot. While you may get sick from Erik's aerial maneuvers, you will make it to your destination in one piece. Several times Erik was court martialed for disobeying orders when he would fly back to rescue troopers who were stranded behind enemy lines. While the officers knew Erik as a nuisance, the troopers treated Erik well for what he did for them.
    Other: Erik's dropship has had several modifications to it. A loud sound system, extra armor plating, and overcharged boosters taken from a fighter ship.
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  3. Name: Lucille Gutierrez
    Age: 27

    Position: Head Engineer

    Personality: As an engineer, Lucille's job has consisted of solving problems. "The only way to be sure something is done right is to do it yourself," has become her mantra and philosophy. She's steadfast and persistent, and not just with her work. She's the kind of person who will get things done, whether or not you like it (or her). Some might say she's strict and lacks any sense of humor, but she didn't get to where she is by being passive.
    Either way, she works well, and can continue to do so under pressure; a trait to be valued in an engineer. Especially when your job involves crawling around in cramped maintenance tunnels too small to stand in, trying to perform complex repairs while the ship is being engaged. Performing on-the-fly repairs on an engine that require the technician to go inside of it while it's on during battle requires nerves of steel. And it gets very hot and very cramped in there... not to mention dangerous.
    Her knowledge goes beyond what they teach you in A.D.S. technician training; often employing methods and workarounds that aren't exactly in the field manual. Fire in an empty room? Vent the atmosphere in it, we don't have time to put out ourselves. Door controls won't let you in? Pull the panel out, hot-wire it into opening. Part of the hull was breached and an essential terminal needs to be accessed near the breach? Put on an EVA suit and connect it to a network manually. She's incredibly task-oriented, determined, and most of all, reliable.

    History: Lucille is the only daughter in a family with three sons. She grew up on a planetary colony, the kind of place where the nearest large city is light-years away... on the next planet in fact. It was a planet with little use to the A.D.S. besides putting a small handful of colonies down to mine for resources and sending a ship every other year to pick it all up and resupply them. At an early age, she took on an apprenticeship with the colony's mechanic; who was honestly more of a handyman. She learned how to repair the simple and practical. Personal transports, short-range ships, and the occasional loader. She began to branch our into bigger, more complex things when she finally left the colony. She worked as a civilian mechanic for a cargo company until the A.D.S. offered her and a few other technicians a job too good to turn down. Better pay and the chance to work on something that wasn't an old, beat-up cargo ship. That job became a career and after several years of working for the A.D.S., she's still here, and still fixing problems.

    Other: Lucille is still in touch with her family. Part of her paycheck goes towards her parents who have become too old to work. Her oldest brother served in the Alliance Marine Corps (Sergeant Rick Gutierrez) and was lost during The Typhus War; a small but unusually violent civil war that broke out in a colony on Typhus and was quelled with A.D.S. support. Her second oldest brother is a teacher still living in the colony they grew up in, while her younger brother is serving time in prison after a short run of criminal activity in a major city station.

    Name: Paul Berkowitz
    Age: 24

    Position: Intelligence Officer

    Personality: Paul is an... unorthodox choice for a Intelligence Officer. His job is mainly to handle communications on top of identifying what exactly is happening around the ship. He does his job well, but the fact that he dresses and acts like a complete hippie on top of his uniform; and not to mention often breaks a few codes of conduct, makes him an interesting choice. For starters, Paul Berkowitz is incredibly laid back for someone whose job is to maintain a constant state of alert. Most intelligence officers sell their skills with their attention to detail and information to the point of coming off as uptight.
    This does not mean, of course, that Paul is bad at his job. On the contrary, the only reason he hasn't been dismissed or kicked out is because he's good at his job. Despite appearances, Paul has a nearly superhuman sense when it comes to the amount of information he can take in, sort by priority, and then relay. He can look at the mountain of screens in front of him and somehow come away knowing exactly what the captain will need to know, and whether he'll need it now, soon, later, or not at all. Paul alone can do the job of any three other officers. Some say the reason he acts the way he does is because that's simply what you do to cope with being a human info-highway.
    When he's not working, he's keeping busy with Rubix cubes and puzzles. Some of the other officers don't like him, but command decided he was enough of an asset to put here, so he's staying. Maybe they just don't like that rolling your hair like that is against uniform regulations. And sitting cross-legged in your chair is a breach of the code of conduct. As well as keeping a bobble-head and an ancient framed poster of Elvis Presley on your A.D.S. intel terminal. And the peace sign pin he puts on his uniform. It's all against regulations! I mean, he could at least put his shoes back on.

    History: Despite appearances, Paul is from an incredibly affluent family from one of the richest planets in one of the richest solar systems. He and his two siblings grew up being groomed for greatness, either academic, financial, or otherwise. As the youngest of three, with a business tycoon for a father and an award winning professor for a mother, Paul had a lot to live up to. That fact that he came out as some kind of genius when it came to just how much he could take in and remember, his family expected him to shoot their name up even more. Of all the things Paul could have chosen to go for, he went with the most boring, mundane, and average thing he could; he became a data analyst.
    Not because he likes it, but because he knows it would piss off and confuse his parents and siblings. Simply to show that he does what he wants, when wants, and if sitting in front of a screen is his choice over academic or business greatness, then there's nothing they can do about it. The job was easy. He didn't even need to use a computer to catalog things, he could do it all in his head. One thing left to another and the A.D.S. decided to snatch him up while he was available.
    Room and board don't sound too bad, and so Paul decided to go for it. He's been annoying his fellow intelligence officers ever since.

    Other: Paul owns a calico cat named Fleece. When approached by the A.D.S., he was initially told he couldn't bring her along. He firmly stated that Fleece is put on every ship he's assigned to or the deal's off. She's been with him ever since.
    Fleece is supposed to stay in his quarters, but will often get out and wander around.
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  4. Looks good, hopefully some more people will join.
  5. Would love to join. Will be working on a CS and most likely the character will be a mech pilot.
  6. Sounds good
  7. Hello! I would love to reserve the Mech Pilot and the Fighter pilot if possible!
  8. Sure, we can have up to 3 mech pilots so you are good.
  9. Awesome! if possible could I switch my Fighter Pilot position to the Scout position?
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  10. *raises an eyebrow*

    The character I have in mind is too eccentric for regular military.

    Could we say there's a detachment of irregular mercenaries?
  11. @Wooness
    Sure you can change that

    Sorry but no, regular troops only.
  12. Hmm. Nevermind then. Hope this goes well
  13. @Dunruffle quick question! The mech you have in the RP info is that the only Mech we can use?
  14. @Wooness yes it is. These are standard issue mechs. No personalized unique mechs are allowed. Sorry
  15. CS is almost finished, but I'm curious on your stance on aliens, cyborgs/androids. I think I saw someone bring it up on the interest check, but I'm not sure of your answer about them. Or, would rather everyone be 100% human?
  16. I have plans for aliens so i would prefer everyone be human. cyborgs are allowed just not completely borg like. as for androids, please run it by me first.
  17. Alright, sweet. At most, my character will probably have a robotic arm, leg, or something similar to that. Nothing too out there.
  18. @Wooness you need any help with your cs?
  19. ok sounds good. looking forward to your cs
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