Voyage Delirium: In order to survive, soldiers and criminals must work together.

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    Deep within the Evil Eye Galaxy, the universe’s most vile criminals are held in the Spiral Serpent, an asylum and prison spaceship. Only the most renowned soldiers in the Universe are in charge of overseeing the ship and inmates. The system was perfect, until an unexpected meteor smashed into the Spiral Serpent, obliterating more than half of the giant prison and pushing it to the far corners of the galaxy. In order for survival, the soldiers and inmates must work together or suffer a slow fatality. Question is, can they work together without killing each other?

    There are no limits to what your character can be, has accomplished, etc.

    Division: (Pick one of four: Soldier, Crew-member, Criminal, Psycho)

    You get ten *’s. Please choose wisely.
    Physical Strength:
    (Place Special Ability Here):

    Physical Strength: ***
    Endurance: *
    Agility/Dexterity: **
    Luck: **
    (Place Special Ability Here): **

    Character will get winded easily, but can take a punch or an energy blast. Has good reaction skills, luck and special ability.

    Star Chart:
    * - Great
    ** - Skilled
    *** - Professional
    **** - Supreme
    ***** - Legend

    Division Chart:
    Soldier: A renowned warrior.
    Crew-member: Chef, intelligence, custodian, etc.
    Criminal: Sane and dangerous.
    Psycho: Insane and dangerous.

    Anyone interested?
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  2. What sort of races will there be? I'm asking because I was thinking of a Dragon-like creature from some other planet.
  3. There are absolutely zero limits on races, species, etching. :3 A dragon-like creature would work!
  4. Alright, cool!
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  5. Indeed! :3 Have fun!
  6. Interested! I will be posting my character soon. ​
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  7. Sounds good! I'll start on the OOC and IC threads.
  8. Sounds mighty interesting, assuming this is still going ahead?
  9. Awesome! And yes, it is! :3 I'll be having the OOC up ASAP.
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