Voodoo City (reply often)

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  1. Welcome, to the freak up place called voodoo city! Here we are all a little special and dark.
    Housing is free as long as you have some kind of freak side effects. Can be as simple as a you have horns and can control animals.
    I am just a civilian just like you. How am I a freak? I'm an insane demon. That works with the dead. As in zombies, ghost, dark soul's and demons.
    Please, walk in's are welcomed!
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    name: ayomi( nick: aya)
    freak'ability': can grant one wish for each person she meets (both her and the person must wish for it to happen)

    ayomi walks into voodoo city for the first time in her life.She feels excited and is purely here for the sake of adventure .To her, everyday normal life seem so dull
    and lifeless.
  3. Welcome, welcome, to voodoo city! There are many rooms to stay! Please, enjoy yourself and relax. There is only one rule here in voodoo city. Don't kill another civilian.
    Well, my name is Darkai, but you can call me Kai. And this is Mina, my undead Wolf. Don't be afraid of her looks, if she likes you, your in no danger.
    But please, make your self at home.
  4. ayumi giggled lightly" hopefully she will, thank you kai!I am ayumi -the pleasure is all mine~ " A place with no rules and restriction, ayumi thought that made this place a wonderful land of freedom(will there was the no killing rule bu ayumi would never do something so brute to begin with)She walks deeper into the city and stopped by the sight of a man in a clowns appearance. She stopped not because she was interested or amused by him ,but because she was afraid of him. Clowns always sent shivers down her spin for reasons unknown to her. She unconsciously glared at him defensively with a frown.
  5. Zeke strolled down the streets of the strange city, his snake spirit, Nia, coiled affectionately around him. He had traveled to many places in his young life, but had never seen a city quite as unique as this...

    "Are you sure about this, love?" Nia hissed in his ear, obviously not yet accustomed to her new surroundings. "This place seems a bit dangerous..."

    Zeke sighed. "I don't blame you there..." He responded, looking around nervously. "It's like this place screams 'danger' in your face, yet it's impossible to see it." He glanced over to his left to find a strange-looking clown in the streets, and he stopped...
    Nia tightened her grip around him a bit, one of her more effective ways of comforting him. Taking a deep breath, he relaxed a bit, but still kept his eyes on the strange clown...
  6. without prior warning the clown who was standing solidly in place suddenly began sprinting towards ayumi. Ayumi bend down on her feet covering her head with both hands as she uttered a high pitched scream.The clown looked very frighting despite the fact that he carried no weapon our what so ever. Ayumis mind went blank from fear.
  7. Selinde's silver pupiless lit eyes opened for the first time in several hours, the dream realm keeping him more than satisfied as his body rested. The ceiling that stared back at him looked as normal as any other but Selinde look at it curiously as if he could see some strange design with in it's white face. In truth the male had only just brought this loft a week ago and so the things with in it that may have appeared normal to most, not worth observation, he looked at with a child like wonder. The male had only arrive in the city perhaps a month ago, looking for a place where he wouldn't be prosecuted for being different. When he heard from a traveling merchant that there was a city that was absolutely free he was cautious but happy as well. At the end of the merchant's tale he wondered if the city was truly free or was it simply deep in the grasp chaos? To Selinde' freedom was not something obtained in the absence of order but only in the unification of chaos and order, and it their eternal battle. he had yet to decide if the city had the balance between the two.

    With a yawn he stretched his brown skinned arms and shielded his eyes from the world again by closing his lids. In an instant he vanished from all sight only to appear standing at his bed side, a smile growing on his face. The teleportation was successful! The ability was one the male had only just discovered a little over a year ago and as such success was always welcomed warmly and not under appreciated. That made 1/2 of his abilities used tonight. He successfully teleported again but this time he stood on the balcony of his home, wearing nothing but a pear of trunks. The male wasn't embarrassed of his though he probably should have been seeing as he was slim and had very little muscle tone. If he was a person who cared what others thought or wanted to keep up with the stereotypes of the sexes then certainly he would've been self conscious. He welcomed the cool nightly breeze on his skin as he looked out over the lit landscape of the city.

    It was then he heard the high pitch scream of a female coming from the other side of the building. In truth he felt no immediate need to act or to save, the only immediate thing he felt was interest. He gazed up to the roof of the building and in an instant he was at the location, gaining a higher vantage point. He walked over the smoothed roof tops and stop on the opposite edge where he saw a clown far bellow rushing towards a girl. Again he felt no desire to save but only interested. He teleported to a munch lower ledge, getting him about 30 feet above the scene. Feeling the need to help he merely yelled out "Fight! Stand and fight!"

    He would do no more besides observe what could happen next in this questionable city.
  8. As Ayumi heard the voice of someone telling her to stand and fight ,she was surprisingly very encouraged by that.she felt a surge of strength running through her body' I CAN DO IT!fight your fear!'She collected all her strength in her fist and went for a direct punch on the masked clown face.Her punch below the clown head mask the person was wearing reveling his face.The punch also sent him falling down on his rear.

    The boy let out a short "yikie" and her rubbed the back of his head " what's wrong with you?"he said " I was only trying to hug you"

    Ayumi looked hella confused "huuh?! Hug who?What ? u mean by running towards me like a serial killer planning to cut me from limb to limb ?!"


    The boy I'm white hair replied back defensively " WILL I thought a surprise quick hug would be better- AND you looked like you've seen a ghost -I was trying to make it better T^T "

    Ayumi sighted just glad that was over and done with.She turned to wards the brown skinned boy and thanked him with a small bow" thank you~ I wouldn't have over come that without your words of encouragement!"

    The boy with white hair ( selvistar is his name) rolled his eyes " over come what exactly -_-"
  9. Kai walks over to see the situation. He sees a couple of new comers. I walk up to them and spit them up.
    "Now, Now, like I said no killing each other. Practicing you powers are acceptable but no killing. Now what seems to be the issue?" I said looking back and forth at them both.
  10. The two look at each other for sometime then ayumi spoke up" oh nothing kai -its nothing!He is just a freak that's all~"

    salvistar bites back" don't give me that attitude- ill attack you in you sleep" ayumi'ss eyes widen" ehhh?-your JOKING RIGHT?"

    salvistar grins "maybe yes,maybe now" he begins to walk away suddenly disappearing right on the spot.
    His ability was turning himself invisible.

    Ayumi glared at him as he walked off, she then remembered something pretty important her encounter with salvister made her forget.

    Ayumi turned towards kai" umm...kai,I sort of don't have a lot of money on me so..Can i find a job here that would earn me good money...quickly"she smiled awkwardly realizing how her request seemed impossible- nothing comes easy in life,she knew that but has always hoped to find the easy way out.
  11. I look back at her and smile.
    "Yes, of course, hun. The reason Voodoo city is free to live in, is because we all help pitch in to repair and build to the city. Go speak with Niko, he is the lead carpenter here. And you work a full day, he will pay you. The last time I seen him, he was working on the city hall."
  12. aymui bows slightly for kai" thanks again kai- i would have been lost without you"She turns around heading to the city hall to meet niko ,the lead carpenter.