Voodoo Based Chat RP 06/18

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OK kids, for once I don't work on a Saturday night. To hell with going out and getting laid, let's do some roleplaying!

The game will start roughly around 5:30PM-6:00PM CENTRAL TIME. (OMG use Google if this isn't your timezone, I don't feel like it.)

I heard some of ya'll clamoring for some good old fashioned Voodoo goodness, so that's what I'm going to lean towards.

The city of Houston. Lack of planning and zoning has created a sprawling labyrinth of a city, home to an array of different peoples. It's main industries are medical services, oil and gas and human trafficking due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Since it is just above sea-level, the city frequently floods. A series of bayous run through the city to control the flood waters.

The Mirror City. Very much like the city of Houston, but overrun with strange flora and even stranger inhabitants.

The stories take place between both worlds.

(I left the description of the Mirror City deliberately vague to encourage players to make their own contributions.)

Dr. Harrison's Environmental Studies Class
"We're the well-meaning ones. The countless, nameless duped."

Members of the University of Houston ECOS Society are taking a trip to gather samples of the new flora and fauna that are starting to overrun the bayou's native species.

Lapin (White Rabbits)
"Go ask Alice, I think she'll know."

Beings who are neither Loa nor Human, they exist somewhere in between. Albinos who know where to find portals between the cities, and intimate knowledge of both. Generally neutral, but fickle. You have to usually resort to flattery, trickery, bribery or a combination of the three to get them to help you. Enjoy riddles.

"I shift shapes just to hide in this place, but I'm still an animal."

The mysterious denizens of the mirror city, they are the spirits, ghosts and demons that humans whisper about. Though they varied, every Loa is devoted to serving some facet of the Bondye--the creative source beyond all things.

"Sometimes you have to look at the dark."

Humans who can commune with/serve Loa. Bokor are versed in both 'the light and the dark' magics. Some have gained the power to shift into the form of any animal Loa they have made a contract with. The terms of the contract are kept secret between Bokor and Loa.

Players are not limited to these roles, but are free to use them to jump into the story.

Character Name

Any takers? Post any characters/plot/setting preference below so I can tailor the story between now and tomorrow.
*desperately attempts to convert Central Time to his time-zone*

I do have work tomorrow (early evening) but assuming this hasn't started by the time I get back please count me the fuck in.

I'll let you know for sure when I figure out your blasted time-zone. >:[
I think it's some time around midnight for you, Grumps. I hope you can join, it's been so very long.

Also, expect more plot stuffs, as I make them. >_>
If it's around midnight I'll definitely be back, then, and probably awake.

Do tell me more of this plot.
HARK! A plot! *Points to her first post*

Obviously, I'm not going to be using any kind of reference material outside of your standard Wiki article. At ease, men.
I do like the idea of playing one of the White Rabbits. Possibly some sort of taxi driver, a courier between Houston and the Mirror City who often seems to know more than he's letting on and couriers people from one place to another... in exchange for memories?

*making this shit up as I go*