Volunteers: the Caskett Secrets

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    Before 12 / 21 / 12
    Christmas break is just around the corner and students of Rosemary Memorial High School are excited. There are parties to schedule, gifts to buy, and coming days of doing absolutely nothing.

    The absence of snow this year was a let down to the citizens of Parcel City and the fact is still constantly featured in local news TV. The smart ones are blaming global warming. The local bums are calling it the end of the world.

    But, the students think the snow thing is old news along with the mystery of the Volunteer Papers that are still spreading around campus. Nobody who knows anything was 'fessing up and it seemed everybody just got tired of guessing. A few teenagers, however, are still very much interested.

    Meanwhile, the residents of Rm. 314, Caskett Apertment are restless. Only they know how these events are connected. Their only question now is: Have the volunteers received their calling yet?
  2. Alana sat in her first period, her fingers wrapped tightly around a piece of paper as she read it over and over, her eyes raced over the words. Will you volunteer? Yes, that was the question. Well? Will you? Alana asked herself as she carefully put the paper back into her math book. That was a strange place to find such a thing, folded in the pages of a math book, but it had been found by Alana and now it stayed there to be discovered by the next person. She shifted in her chair uncomfortably as the question filled her mind, not letting her focus on anything else. Will you volunteer? She thought the question over looking at every angle of the situation, and then she made up her mind. You don't have any excuses for not doing this, other then having no idea what it was, and it is something to do, so I will just go ahead and do it... You don't get out much anyways, it might be fun... She thought, but in the back of her mind there was something throwing doubt and fear at her for all the unknown things that the paper might be about.
  3. "I can't let you compete on the beam this year. There's a liability now, regardless how far you've come despite your disability..."

    Shawnee closed her eyes. That's all she had to hear. Her gymnastics coach was losing hope in her too. "But the beam is my best apparatus! She began to climb back up onto the four inch ledge to prove to her coach, once more, that she was not a quitter, nor was she a handicap. "See, just watch. If you see any flaws, or I fail to complete a skill, then just say it and I won't compete." She began her level 8 routine once more, flawlessly showing just how graceful she was and why she was still the top competitor in their district. Regardless of her weakening eyesight, Shawnee moved over that small surface as if she could see everything around her. Nevertheless, there was more at stake than losing a competition.

    "Beautiful as always Shawnee, but regulations state that being partially blind was a liability in high school sports. If anything happens to you while competition... I wouldn't be able to live with myself for allowing you to compete. You understand? I don't want to see you hurt yourself."

    She didn't argue. She was tired of it. Even though she's started her Junior year just right, pushing back all the barriers that her injuries caused her and trying to just live on without her big brother's inspiring words driving her forward every day; Shawnee threw down the towel with this last fight to save the only thing she knew so well. Gymnastics is everything to her... Well, that wreck last year is messing that up for her too.

    She didn't waste any more time staying in gym that morning. Instead, she grabbed her gear and headed to the locker room to change back into her outfit. Shawnee decided to go to the library to wait out first period for now - to wallow in her frustrations with a book flushed to her face so she can read. When she opened her locker, a small slip of paper fell out of it and onto her bare foot. When she read it, she was shocked - who would put a Volunteer slip in there for her? She's heard things, but not enough to be too concerned about what it was all about. Now, with that lingering question sitting in the palm of her hand, Will you volunteer? lingering heavy after the loss of her chance at keeping her gymnastic championship that year, the idea struck her to find out what this thing was all about.

    Dressed and eager to seek answers, Shawnee headed out of the gym and down the quiet hallways towards the library. If anyone knew something about this Volunteer sign-up, it would be the Librarian.