Volunteer at a Shelter they said...you'll learn good lessons they said

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    • Two rich boys(brothers, step brothers, half brothers.) are forced to volunteer at a homeless shelter. They hate it. They're stuck up and rude at first and then they meet two girls at the shelter. Two homeless girls. The girls slowly start to change the boys and soon the boys are romantically interested in the girl. The parents disapprove suddenly because they want their sons marrying someone with money and 'class'
    • Name:
      Mikhalia Alexseeva Dunayevski (Goes by Mika)

      around 17

      She has wavy brown hair in a tight short hair cut. A pixie cut that almost looks like a boy's hair cut it's so short. Her eyes are dark hazel with flecks of brown and amber in them. She has slightly thick eye lashes and normal eye brows
      Mika is small. She stands at barely and has small yet noticeable curves. She is very slight in build due to her upbringing.
      Her skin is rather pale, she has plenty of scars all over her body. She's blind in her right eye and almost deaf in that ear.
      Her nails are rough, she bites them so they're

      Mika is has an attachment disorder. Due to a lack of love, physical or any connection as a child she now struggles to form any sort of relationship much-less a meaning full deep one.(However it is not impossible)
      She's very tough and gives off a 'Don't-Touch-Me-Don't-Talk-To-Me kind of air. She knows how to survive and could be described as scrappy. She's willing to fight and isn't afraid to get dirty.
      Deep down Mika longs to understand what it feels like to be protected and loved, but at the same time is afraid of it because she's been hurt badly in the past for trusting too soon and because she's confused and doesn't know how to love back.
      The only meaningful form of relationship Mika has been able to form so far is that of a 'guardian angel' of sorts. She is very protective of her friend though she doesn't know to comfort or extend any other type of love.
      Mika is very loyal if you become her friend which is difficult because she doesn't trust easily. She has a very slow temper and lets most things roll off her back.
      Mika is not very book smart and can't read or write in English. Her spoken English is rough even spoken, though she is fluent in Russian and can read a little Cyrilic.

      She was an orphan in Russia. Will not say how she came to America.

      She hates being touched.

      ----------------• • • •§• • • •---------------

      Casper Julian Peters(Goes by CJ(To his brothers), or Casper(To everyone else)


      Casper is around 6'3. He is a handsome young man in a clean cut/preppy sort of way. He is lean, but has muscle. His dark brown hair is slightly curly. It's short on the sides but a bit thicker and pushed over towards the right the top of his head.  He has red and mousey brown highlights when the sun hits it right.

      He has beautiful eyelashes for a boy, his eye brows are normal. His skin is slightly tan, his mother was mixed race and his father white so he has a touch of milky brown in his complexion. He has stubble on his chin by evening is he shaves in the morning, but he normally will stay clean shaven.

      His hands are uncalloused, his nails neatly trimmed. He has a clean cut, businessy air to him.

      Casper is nice and likes people....his people. He'd be considered stuck up. He doesn't really like to get his hands dirty. He can be very sweet, he'll be happy to donate money to charities but doesn't truly understand what poor people are like. He's not rude to poor people he just chooses to avoid interacting with them. He goes to preppy private school where most kids are rich or at least high middle class and hasn't had a lot of exposure to people lesser well off then he accept a couple scholarship kids at his school. He' ll hang out with these kids at school, but won't go home with them or anything like that.

      Casper has his redeeming qualities and isn't so engrossed in himself he can't change. He enjoys traveling and learning and cares deeply for his friends and family though he doesn't really show it well with his usually self-centered actions.

      He has two brothers and is one sister. He's a twin​


    Casper tied his apron in and out the hair net over his head. He was honestly kind of annoyed. His parents had pretty much him and his siblings volunteer or be cut off which is why he was now here...serving food to poor people who al looked filthy and depressed and smelled worse. He was scooping mashed potatoes into trays. It was thanksgiving day and he had to be here for three hours handing out food instead of at home sleeping, relaxing, and actually enjoying himself. He slipped potatoes into trays and would slosh some gravy on if requested. He honestly didn't notice of he hit the person he was serving with some food he wasn't paying tagg much attention.


    Mika stood inline at the soup kitchen. Everything smelt good to her and made her even hungrier. She got to the front of the line and waited for the young man with medium length hair to serve her turner to her. There were five stations each manned by one person.
    The turkey and stuffing station. The veggies and fruits station.
    The potatoes station which seemed to include both normal and sweet potatoes. The bread station and today there was actually dessert offered.
    Mika kept her head low. She didn't like to attract attention to herself or anything like that. She'd learned laying low was the best way to survive. She sucked her lower lip in as she waited to be given turkey.
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  1. Justin Peters
    Justin wasn't as pissed about this as his siblings. He didn't really care enough about Thanksgiving as a holiday and it was nice to see the homeless had a placw to go. He put an apron on and was serving Turkey and stuffing. He rather be at home and relaxing how ever there parents had said they be cut off and he didn't like that Idea. He liked his cushy life. So here he was serving the homeless there Thanksgiving thank God there shifted ended at 8. He could get the hell out of here and go relax.

    He saw a girl look down and smiles at her. She was pretty cool to pretty to be homeless so he gave her another piece of meat. He nods to her and winks. He watches her walk away. He saw a red hair sneak in behind the other girl and gave her some food as well. He nods to her. She nods back and thanks him.

    Alexandria Hail

    Alex had been at a truck stop bathroom showering. She was in clean jeans with holes in the knees and but was clean. She wore a long sleeve shirt that was worn and holes from her thumbs. She also had on a warm leather jacket that was worn. Her boots we're also scuffed an worn out. She made her way to meet her friend for food at the food bank.

    She walked in and saw her friend and slipped behind her. She grabbed a plate and got some food from the young man who looked less then thrilled to be serving the homeless.​
  2. ~MIKA~

    Mika didn't return the man's blink. She accepted the extra piece of meat, glad to have more food. She kept her head down and since she avoided making eye contact with anyone she hadn't even seen the man's blink. She made a face when she was splashed by gravy at the potato station, but quickly returned to normal. Mika made her way over to a table and sat down. She cut her extra piece of meat in half and sat half on Sasha's plate when she came over.
    Mika called Alexandria Sasha most of the time. She glanced at her friend, or the closest to a friend she had. She hadn't seen her last night and guessed she'd found somewhere to take a shower and clean her clothes. Mika ate quietly and quickly. She didn't say anything, in facts he never really talked much unless she had too. Her hands were shaking because she was cold and she was having a little trouble gripping her silverware properly to eat. Mika grabbed the cup of coffee she'd gotten and held it in her hands, trying to warm them up as she took a sip.
    Casper kept looking at the time. It was 7 PM, they only had one more hour here and then they could go home! Of course then they'd have to suffer through their own family's Thanksgiving dinner, but that didn't last too long.
    He looked at a girl with red hair who came by. She looked like she'd actually showered recently and was a lot cleaner than the other homeless here, especially the girl...or boy, he wasn't sure s/he was small, but she had short hair and he didn't get a good look at his/her face. He accidentally splashed her with gravy, but didn't say anything. She was so dirty already it didn't matter.
    The red head however he found kind of pretty and actually smiled at when he served her potatoes, he was careful not to splash her.​
  3. Justin
    Justin watched the girl with short hair and her friend. The time had flown. He watched the red head take the meat scraps and wondered what was up with that. When a woman came up and relieved him. She told him he could go. He nods and moves to wash his hands and take off his apron. He stepped outside with his car keys and waited on his siblings. He saw the girl feed the scraps to animals and it surprised him.​

    Alex looked at her friend as she shared with her. She nods. She makes her way through the line. She reached a young man who smiled at her and didn't thankfully splash her. She nods thanking him and went to sit to eat with her friend. She ate small bites and sat looking down. She sighed when she finished and looked at the time it was 8. It was time to go for a walk like she usually did with her friend. She saved the meat she didn't eat. She hadn't eaten much as usual. She saved her friend's scraps ad put it in a napkin.

    They walk out and Alex whistled. A dog came up wagging is tail with kittens at his heels. She knelt and fed them the scraps. She smiled and pet them."come on Lets go for a walk." She said. She smiled and watched the animals happily eat. She too in strays. Some stayed, some just needed a friendly touch and se needed scraps.
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  4. ~MIKA~
    Mika finished her food. She stood up and followed Sasha outside. It was 8 o'clock so it was getting dark and even colder outside. She shoved her hands in her pockets to keep them warm. She didn't really know why Sasha called her Leta...it didn't really go with her name, but she didn't mind. She looked around. The rich looking men, including the one who'd splashed her. She hunched her shoulders against the wind.

    "Let's just go...home." she muttered saying home with a sarcastic tone. She mumbled her speech because she was a bit ashamed of her thick accent and normally wasn't understood anyway. She was tired, today had been long, cold, and exhausting. normally they'd wander around and search dumpsters for another couple of hours, find anything they could, but Mika didn't want to do that tonight.

    Home for them was an under a foot bridge in a part of town where a lot of building were condemned. There were some cardboard boxes they'd made into a shelter and would stay together there most of the time. Though neither of them would get really worried if the other didn't come 'home' at night. There was almost a silent agreement if you didn't see the other for three days on the fourth you started looking. They'd met not super long ago, about 6 months, but were friends. Or as close friends as Mika could make. She didn't talk much to Sasha and mostly provided silent companionship. She was more of a protector and less of a friend.

    "You can walk if you want." she added quietly.
    Casper left as soon as he was allowed. He stretched when they got outside and pulled his nice overcoat on.

    "Finally free!" he laughed jokingly. He and his brother had driven here together in his brother's car. "Now time to go endure a meal with the fam...here there's a whole reunion. At least we got out of a whole day of that mess eh?" he asked punching his brother's shoulder in a jovial manner. He was much more happy right now that their volunteering was up. They had to volunteer everyday...including weekends which made Casper annoyed.

    Casper shoved his hands in his pockets because of how the wind. He glanced at his brother,

    "Where's the car, Justin?" he asked slightly impatiently. It was cold out here and he was starting to feel the wind.
  5. (Sorry that was supposed to be let's not Leta )

    Justin turned hearimg his brother and groaned. He rolled his eye's."ugh yay family meal." He said. He stretched and pointed to the car and stretched. He put his hands in his jacket and walked for the car. He unlocked it and got in.

    He waited for it to warm up and then drove off. He drove to there house. He parked in the garage. He got out and stretched again," okay dibs on the shower first" he said to his brother. He went to go up and shower and change and came back down. He was in a black shirt and jeans. He had on boots and black jacket.


    Alex looked at her friend and nods." I will see you later then Lyss." Sh said. She called her Lyss like Little sis. She it e hands in her coat and put her hood up. She started o walk with the dog. She had handed Mika the kittens to take home. She put her head down as she walked and lit a rolled cigarette. She looked didn't look up as she passed the rich boys.

    Alex made her way for the rich neighborhood to look through dumpsters and looked for anything good. She sighed as she found a few still good coats. She grabbed them and kept walking. She stopped near window as she saw family's eating and enjoying themselves. She put her hands on the cold Iron." Come on scraps." She said to the dog. They made there way through the woods she skipped through the woods. She loved the cold. She had stolen a I pod and charged it when she could. She had the music playing as she walked her breath in the air. Sh normally made money singing and playing her guitar. It was the only thing she really enjoyed was music.
  6. ~MIKA~
    Mika rolled her eyes slight when handed the kittens. Sasha was such a bleeding heart for animals! Tucking the small furry creatures into her oversized jean pockets and jacket pockets. She put two in her jean pockets as 'hand warmers' and on in the right breast pocket of her military jacket. She stuck her hands into her pockets and walked off, her coat didn't have a hood so the best she could do was hunch her shoulders and duck her head at the biting wind.

    Mika took a short cut through the park and behind some mom and pop shops until she got to the poorest part of town. She wandered into the park, under the streetlights, only about a third if that of them worked in the park and made her way to the bridge.

    Mika sat down on their cardboard box bed and huddled up taking the kittens out and putting them in a box with a dirty blanket and the other animals that Sasha had collected which right now included one duckling, an injured squirrel, and a hound puppy that had only half of his right ear left. Mika sighed and checked on the squirrel, it was dead. It'd been alive this morning, but now it wasn't. The young Russian shook her head. She carefully lifted the squirrel out with a dirty paper napkin and dropped it into an a happy meal bag that she'd found. Sasha hated having to deal with dead animals, she also would hate it if Mika just threw the beast's body away so Mika trudged though the park until she found a good spot. She started to dig with her hands in the cold dirt to make a whole to bury the furry little creature before Sasha got back.

    Casper got in the car glad to be driving out of that part of town. It wasn't the worst part of town. The shelter was actually in a 'nicer' poor section, but he still didn't like it. When they got back and Justin called shower dibs Casper laughed. When he and his brother travelled they'd share a hotel room which meat one bathroom, but in their house there were enough bathrooms to not call shower.

    Casper showered and put on a a light green shirt and black slacks. Coming down the stairs he glanced at Justin,

    "You know mother hates it when you wears jeans to the family dinner." he told him as they went to sit down. He passed by his little brother, Oliver's spot and ruffled his hair,
    "Nice too see ya, Oli." he said kissing his brother's forehead. Oliver was 15, but was mentally handicapped and functioned at the level of about 5. When Oliver had been 2 months old he'd been in a car accident which had given him a sever brain injury.​
  7. Justin

    Justin shrugged at his twin" eh mom can suck it up for one night" he said. He walked in and kissed his little brother on the head." Hey kiddo. I got you a candy. Shh can't tell." He winked at his brother. He slipped him a piece of candy like always and went to sit by his twin. He looked over at there younger sister she was 4." Hey lily how are you today." He smiled and winked." Haddy Tanksgiving." She said. Justin pulled her out of her chair in his lap." Happy Thanksgiving to you too missy." He says. He bounced her in his lap.

    Justin said the prayer with the family and grabbed food still holding his sister. His mind was on the homeless girls. He hoped they we're warm tonight maybe he see them again at the food shelter. He hoped he would. He was actually thankful to have a family and a roof over his head.


    Alex kept walking through the woods till she reached the church ground and graveyard. She had plucked a rose from a garden and walked along the Rottweiler at her side. She walked as she did she stopped at a grave and placed the rose. She sighed. It was a guy she had known he was killed and here his body rested." Happy Thanksgiving Sam. I miss you around here. It isn't the same." She said with a sad sigh. She grabbed a bottle of booze she had snatched and opened it. She sat and poured some on his grave. She drank some and sighed.

    " to you Sam on this the best holiday I had with you. Your the Lucky one. Can no longer feel the cold, the hunger, the sadness." She sighed a she drank. She slipped away to grab stuff to make a fire and builds it nice and big. She moves to lay down as she let out a heavy sigh. Her eyes closed as she curled close to the dog. They Fell asleep under the moon.

    Alex woke just before the sun rose it had gotten cold the fire died down. She put it out and walked away with the dog. She sighed wiping her eye's as she lit up cigarette she was still in a rich neighborhood. She didn't care at least she had been warm when she slept. She wanted to go home, but her legs dragged her towards the train tracks where everyone did there best to get warm by the trash cans.
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  8. ~MIKA~
    Mika had stayed up most of the night. It was extremely cold under the bridge and she couldn't get to sleep. At midnight she'd gone to a pet-store that had just opened for Black Friday. After nearly being trampled she'd managed to steal a ziplock of puppy, duckling, and kitten food. Some of the containers n the store had been broken, so she'd just scooped out of those when no one was looking and snuck out.

    Mika went back to under the bridge and taking the animals out she gave the each a couple of handfuls of their food and watched them eat. When they were done she stood up and grabbing a rope tied it around the puppy's neck. She put the kittens her jean pockets and on in her left breast pocket on her jacket. The duckling she put in the left breast pocket. Mika hide the animals food in a cardboard box and then started t towards the train yard. The dog needed to be walked and she figured the other animals could use some fresh air. She also hoped to see Sasha at the train yard, they had the most trash can fires so it would be a good place to go this early in the morning.

    Casper ate his dinner and than later went to bed. Some of their relatives left that night, other's left early the next morning. They had lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, and various other family members visiting right now.

    The next morning Casper woke up to his alarm blaring. They had to get up early to get to volunteering that morning. Casper came down to eat breakfast his father and mother were already up. His father and mother were leaving for a business trip.

    "Casper, Lily has a play date at the Rixons all day today and Oli has classes at the Center from 9-4. Until then he'll have to be with you at volunteering." his mother said as she drank her coffee,

    "I've arranged for a ride to pick Oli up at 8:45. You are volunteering at the food bank starting at 7:00 am until after lunch and then at the shelter until 8:00 PM." he told his son.
    "Oli will rejoin you at the shelter after his classes are done." he added.

    "We have a sitter to watch both kids over the weekend so you don't have to worry about that." his mother added as they headed out the door. Casper groaned and started to make himself breakfast.​
  9. Alexandria
    Alex walked along the rail roads and took secret routes to get to the train yard where all the homeless go. She whistled to the dog. She had found him food and just kept walking. She went through a tunnel covered by trees and slipped into the tunnel that lead to a grate. The grat lead up a ladder into the Broken. Thats what the homeless called the broken down Train yard. They had pulled trash cans there and our could hear what you wanted if you stayed quite enough.

    Alex put her Hood up as she looked around. She slipped up to a trash can and nods to a man as it was lit. She blew into her gloved hands well slightly the finger's we're cut out. She had pulled out a black tatte Beanie and put it on. It kept her warm enough. She enjoyed the heat of the fore. Today was very and fog had covered the ground there was little to no sun. She looked for over when her dog barked. She saw another dog she new. She new Lyss was here. She waved her over quietly. She let her get in the warmth. She reached over to take the mewling kitten and held it.

    They had to be careful trouble could be found in the broken and easily. She looked around and kept to herself mostly. She handed her friend a hoody she had stolen off a bench. It give her friend a Hood. She saw a a man eyeing Lyss and glared at him. She handed the kitten to Lyss again. The man came over and went to grab Lyss. Alex glared at him and pushed him away." Leave her alone al." She snapped." What you going to do slap me." He smirked and went to budge her.

    Alex grabbed his wrist twisted and slammed his arm on her leg breaking it. He slapped her with his good hand. She jumped and got a choke hold on him. Her dog was growling and grabbing at his pants. She let up when he choked and tapped out. Alex's hands we're all busted and she felt the sting of the slap. She stepped back with a sigh her breath clung in there. She looked at Lyss." Lets go Lyss." She said.


    Justin had woken earlier to go jogging and stay in shape.he normally got up at four to work out. He always left at 5:30 to jog after his work out was done. He came home at six and showered. He put on jeans a shirt and one of his nice heavy coats. He put two extra in the back of his car and got ready to go. He walked back in and looked at his brother's" come on Oli let's go for a ride huh?" He said to his brother. He got him in his car and looked at his twin."come on" he said to him.

    Justin drove to the food bank. He sighed as he went in and washed his hands. He wondered if he see the girls at the shelter again. He finished washing his hands and helped Oli do the same. He high fived his brother" yeah good job your awesome." He said. He was good with his little siblings.
  10. ~MIKA~
    Mika glared at the man. She could've handled herself, but instead she just stood there and held the small creatures in her hands. She the hoodie on underneath her jacket and pulled the hood up

    "Coulda done that myself." she muttered only semi-gratefully as she handed the kittens back too Sasha. Mika started walking back away from the train tracks the puppy still walking in front of her on the rope and the duckling in her pocket. The puppy she'd named Druzhok, which meant buddy. She sighed as the walked in the cold, one hand deep in her pocket and one wrapped around the dog leash.

    Mika felt an icy rain started. She sighed miserably,

    "I got some animal food at home." she told her quietly. She looked exhausted from not sleeping, nightmares plagued her sleep even when she did sleep so she never was fully rested.

    "Got cigs?" she asked.

    Casper followed them out and sat next to his younger brother in the car so Oli wouldn't unbuckle. When they got there Casper and Oli started preparing some pancakes. Casper let Oli mix the batter as he worked the stove. He tried to not act grumpy around his younger brother. Oli was so happy and oblivious most of the time he didn't notice stuff, but Casper didn't want to get him in a bad mood.

    Today they were preparing many different types of pancakes and eggs and sausages and even some bacon. The food bank only served two meals a day today was lunch and breakfast. He flipped the pancakes on the stove,

    "Kay, Oli, put another scoop on the grill, buddy." he told his brother.​
  11. Justin

    Justin go work on making eggs and hash browns. He loved being around he made everyone in high spirits. He cooked and waited for it to be time to serve. When they opens the doors at 8 he stood at his station and watched the homeless come in. He kept an eye out for the homeless girls he wondered if they even be out in this type of weather.

    He served from his station. He finally noticed a shorter female and a red head come in. The red head kpt her head down and pulled the Hood up. He wondered why. He also had something to give her and the other girl. He waited for them to come up." Hey wait a minute you two I have jackets for you. He hands them to them and gives them food and a bit extra for the pets. The red head again thanked him but kept her head down.


    Alex sighed."lyss I got it besides I am a bit better when it comes to fighting." She said. She sighed." Lets go grab something to eat the wind is killing my face. She knew she have a bruise. She walked for the food shelter and sighed. She had thanked lyss for getting food for the pets.

    They walked in with the pets and grabbed trays. Lex looked down the whole time. The pets we're at there sides. She thanked the man who gave her eggs and sausage. She kept her head down trying to hide the bruise. When the man gave her and yes jackets she was surprised and thanked him an they we're nice jackets as well.
  12. ~MIKA~
    Mika frowned. She disagreed with Sasha about her being better at fighting. Mika knew how to fight and could do so very well. It wasn't a flashy or pretty fighting it was scrappy and rough, but she was good at it. She didn't argue with her sorta friend though. It wouldn't help anything and might get Sasha angry so she didn't mention it. She hoped Sasha didn't see her as weak or in need or protection. She didn't want to be seen as a child just because she was short.

    These thoughts only added to Mika's already frustrated and depressed mood and she just slumped more. Mika would have bouts of depression sometimes. Sometimes it was severe depression where she would have a hard time even caring what happened or the depression would lead to paranoia. At other times however she could get oddly hyper and reckless. She'd been in one episode of her depression when she'd first met Sasha and just yesterday she'd started spiraling quickly down from a hyper mood. Her hyper and depression moods could last weeks. There calm seas in between them most of the time though.

    Mika just glared at the man who'd offered her a coat. She didn't trust him. She'd seen him only once before and that was yesterday. He'd never volunteered before though he'd seemed to take a liking to her. He'd given her extra meat yesterday. To her it seemed a bit creepy to take special interests in people you just met. Why didn't he just put the coat in a coat drive like a normal person?

    Mika refused to take the jacket which was a dumb move, but she really felt paranoid today and didn't trust the stranger. She got herself some sausage, eggs, and blue berry pancakes. She got some fruit too, no strawberries though they made her throat swell and itch.

    The other man from yesterday was here today too. Next to him was a shorter boy who looked like he was from the same family. Mika could tell the little one didn't have all his marbles, she'd seen that look many times before in other homeless and in her orphanage back in Russia.

    "Here..it's shape is mouse!" The younger boy said eagerly as he put two pancakes kinda shaped like a mouse had on her plate. Mika tried to smile at him, he seemed so sweet and innocent, but she couldn't make herself do it so she settled for a gruff nod and a mumbled thank you before finding a seat.

    Casper made sure Oli was next to him helping serve pancakes. Oli got the pancakes with stuff in them Casper got the plaid ones and the waffles(which were heated up toaster waffles) He grinned at his little brother when he gave the short girl some pancakes and tried to explain that they were shaped like mice. The girl barely said thank you before walking off. Casper found that extremely rude and was glad that Oli was too oblivious to pick up on it.

    Casper saw the clean red head from yesterday and smiled at her thiugh it was a more forced smile than it had been for his brother. The girl was cute and all, but still he was working in a homeless shelter when he should be sleeping or working out. He couldn't muster the cheer he probably should've for the girl.

    "What would you like?" He asked politely. He noticed a bruise on her face and wondered if it was normal for homeless or not. Maybe she's just gotten into a fight or maybe she'd been attacked.
    He hoped she was ok. Or as ok as she could be homeless.
  13. Alex
    Alex rolled her eyes at her friend. She annoyed her at times. She knew she could fight, but Alex had been on these streets longer she had the reputation. These streets she had to show to her friend. She sighed when she didn't take the coat. Alex took it for her. She thanked the man and kept walking.

    When she came up to the other guy. She nods to him and keeps her head down slightly.a pancake please and extra sausage for the kitties." She pointed to her pockets there heads we're sticking out. She smiled when he gave it to her." Thank you that is kind of you. Your little brother is so cute and sweet." She said." Take good care of him." She high five Oli and walks for her friend.

    She sat down and glanced at her."what the hell is up with you today?" She asked quietly. She looked around."look I know you can handle yourself but I stepped in it is what friends do." She said. She sighed. She ate little and took the scraps again for the animals. She finally stood." Seriously take the jacket Lyss it's cold we need it. I am heading up street for the grave yard coming with or no?" She asked. She sighed when she got a shrug.

    Alex walked out with the kittens and walked to the dogs waiting she fed all four and decided to start walking the animals following at her heals happy that she fed them more food.


    Justin sat watching both girls stunned. One was harsh and one seemed nice but mist be rough with her face. The day seemed to trudge on after that. Oli left and didn't come back for hours. When he dis come back they went to the shelter to help out.

    Justin looked at his brother he did not see the girls there. Oli how ever loved helpi g and it made him smile." Well CJ we should go man getting late. Hey you know those two girls we seen. They are um interesting don't you think?" He asked his brother as they walked for the car. They we're swinging Oli. They got him car and buckled him.in."now you stay buckled like a big boy Oli." Justin smiles.
  14. ~MIKA~
    Mika ate her food slowly. She shrugged when Sasha explained why she'd done what she'd done. She didn't mind about what Alex had done, it what she said that bugged her. Mika had been homeless most of her life. Yes Sasha had shown her these streets when she'd come to Salem 6 months ago, but she'd lived in many other streets before.

    Mika finished her food and got up, walking after Sasha kicking rocks as they headed for the grave yard. Why was Sasha so obsessed with grave yards anyway? She was always going to one cemetery or another, it was seemed so screwed up. She followed her too the graveyard though and sat on a bench.

    Mika's depression got worse throughout the day. Her paranoia also grew. She hated being looked at normally, but now she positively loathed being looked at or talked to by people. Her mind kept going nuts with all the awful things that could happen. She was convinced that she was being spyed on and someone was going to deport her. It was evening, she was sitting in their home staring at the ground. She'd gone dumpster searching today, but hadn't found anything good except some bottles and cans she'd turned in at the recycling center for money.

    Mika stared dully at the card board they'd laid out as a flooring. It was freezing cold and as if that wasn't bad enough it was sleeting. Now even rain sleet. She tucked herself into a ball to protect her face from the thin ice that was coming down side ways so it got under their bridge.
    Casper was tired. All day he'd been cleaning serving food, or at the shelter cleaning sheets and making beds or cleaning the small bathroom up. He helped buckle in Oli, though 15 Oli was small standing at barely 5'0". He was growing, bust he still liked to be swung like a toddler when walking. Casper and Justin did it for him since he was small enough for them to lift.

    "I dunno. The red head seems nice...the short one seems like she has a bunch of issues though. What do you think?" he said as he buckled in. He rolled his eyes when Justin told Oli to stay buckled. "You don't hav eto talk to him like he's a total idiot. He knows not to unbuckle." he snapped a crankily at his brother.

    "You don't hav eto talk to him like he's a total idiot. He knows not to unbuckle." he snapped crankily at his brother.​
  15. Alex

    Alex walked and put flowers on the graves. Of the people she knew. She sighed an knelt at sams. She knew Lyss didn't want to stick around she let her go. She had showed Lyss the good spots to go when need be. She finally only looked up when she felt sleet." Ah fucking great." She muttered and put her hood up.

    She started to walk along the street she looked around and let out a slow sigh she had Lyss take the pets home. Alex ran along to the train station. She was looking for her secret stash of coins. She also had smokes there. She went to grab them. She hated that the rain go the heavier.

    She made her way back through the forest. She walked along the revine. She walked along and hopped on a rock and she slipped down it. She came to a vault at the bottom. She went to get up and gasped at the pain in her ankle. She had no Idea what she do. This wasn't a normal route for her. She moved the jacket to cover her face and hope body.she lay under it shivering. She had no idea how she was going to get out of here. She was normally gone for nights at a time, but always seemed to pop up some where. She just decided to wait for the rain to stop before she figured anything out.


    Justin shrugged and looked at his brother." Both seem odd but the red head is polite. The other is just quite I guess." He said. He sighed when his brother snapped at him."for fuck sake I am not I am just reminding him." Justin said and looked at oli an winked. He got in and started to drive for the house.

    He parked the car and let Oli get out and run in. He grabbed his coat and walked in Lily ran up and hugged his leg."up" she said. Justin picked her up and held her." Well hello missy what dis you do today." He asked as she hugged him. He was never mean to his little sister. She told him and he smiled." Oh yeah well sounds like a fun day kiddo. I am going to shower I will be back." He said as he set her down.
  16. ~MIKA~
    Mika rolled into a ball on the cardboard. It was late and didn't look like Sasha was coming home tonight either. She huddled up and closed her eyes trying to sleep. Mika had taken the other coat they'd been given and put it over the animals box to keep them dry. She herself was wrapped in the thin extra blanket they had.

    Mika rocked, she always rocked when trying to go sleep. A lot of orphans did if they hadn't been held or taken care of properly as babies. It was a calming mechanism that sometimes helped the young Russian sleep.

    Mika wished Sasha had come home. Sure at the moment she was depressed, miserable, and paranoid, but it would've helped to have a friend near by. She felt extremely lonely sometimes without Sasha. Her paranoia wasn't directed at her friend it was directed at everyone else and everything her imagination decided to think up.

    Casper went inside after making sure the garage was shut. With the sleet coming down the way it was he didn't want the car being damaged.

    He went into the kitchen and started to fix a small dinner for Lily who was complaining of being hungry and for Oli. Their family tended to eat dinner late even when the parents weren't home.

    Casper git out left overs from last night and worked on preparing a small Thanksgiving casserole with turkey, veggies, mashed potatoes, and some cheese on top. He put it in the oven to beat up and put plates at the little breakfast table in the kitchen.
  17. Alex
    Alex had passed out under jacket. She woke to morning rays peaking through the heavy now super heavy swade jacket full of rain and probably ice . She moved it to get the water off of it and sat up. She saw that ice had covered the ground around her. She was cold wet and muddy. She groaned and looked back up at where she fell. She let out huff and tried to scream for help. She had lost her voice in the night and huffed.

    Alex tried to drag herself to the top but slipped and hurt her ankle more. She looked for something anything to help Male a splint. There was nothing in wood the could tie a jacket around in she groaned and let out huff.

    Alex finally managed to work through the pain up the slide probably fucking up her ankle more. She found a tree limb and limped for the nearest rode. She was so tired and exhausted the next car she saw she flagged down. She was glad it stopped, she was relieved to see it pull over.

    Alex hobbled her way to the box after being dropped off and lay next to her friend quietly as possible.

    Justin had gone to bed. He wasn't hungry. He got up early again to eat and work out. when he got back to shower it was still early so he decided to take drive. He stopped when he saw a person waving at his car. The person looked muddy and in pain. H pulled over and saw it was one of the girls."Hey you okay?" He asked. He watched her nod and say yeah. She had just sprained her ankle and needed a ride to go wash her clothes and self. He shook his head and your out towels for her to sit on."come on." He got he in." Where is your friend?" He asked."under a bridge up the road." She said shaking." Okay well let's get you bandaged and cleaned up." He said.

    Justin drive her back. He showed her to the guest room.and went to get her clothes washed and dried while she bathed. He also grabbed a wrap and ice. He didn't like her like that he just hated to see people hurt. When Alex limped out she had put on the old clothes he gave her from his mom jeans and a shirt." She thanked him. He nods." Here hot tea and something for your foot." He said as he wrapped it. He looked at her." Oh well thank you." She said. She looked at him and sighed." I should be going." She said. He nods" I'll bring you there and your clothes back " She nods her thanks to him and slowly got up a small girl ran in."who's that?" She asked her brother." A friend Lily this is umm." He said."Alex." She said "nice to meet you Lilly I will see you around." The girl nods and gets set down and runs too her parent's. Justin takes her to the bridge and says good bye.

    Justin drives home and sits in his kitchen frowning. He didn't understand why girls like her or her friend had to be homeless it was wrong.
  18. (Their parents are on weekend business trip)

    Casper had worked out at home, since their parents weren't there and the baby sitter wasn't there yet he had to stay home and watch the kids. He was in the kitchen making breakfast for his younger siblings, which was waffles and hot chocolate, when Lily came running in,

    "Jus'in b'ought a girl home." she told him as he picked her up and held her in one arm while he stirred the coco.

    "What do you mean, pumpkin?" he asked not very seriously. Justin used to bring girls home all the time, he assumed it was some chick from the gym.

    "He b'ought girl home." Lily insisted, "Gave her tea and and ice and mommy's clothes." the toddler informed her older brother. Casper frowned at that. Did he bring one of the homeless girls home? Had he brought her home last night?

    "Pumpkin, go wake up Oli." he told her quietly setting her down. She ran off and Casper finished making breakfast as he waited for his brother to show up. When he did some sit down he looked at his expectantly,

    "Did you bring a homeless girl home or a...chick form the gym?" he asked seriously. Bringing strange girls home was a bad idea in general when it was just them and the little ones home, but bringing homeless home could be even more dangerous.
    Mika had woken up extremely early in the morning. She hadn't gotten up and walked the animals though she'd barely had the energy to feed them. She was cold and soaking wet. She sat curled up staring at nothing. She looked up when a care was heard. It wasn't right next to the bridge because it couldn't get there. It was a foot bridge in the park, but it was near by. She frowned glancing over and saw the man from the shelter. She saw Sasha get out, come over, and lay down. The car drove off as Mika stared at it suspiciously.

    "What were you doing?" she asked hoarsely confused as to why Sasha had been with one of the rich kids. She was also in new dry clothes and appeared to be clean. Mika watched her and looked her up and down, her ankle looked a little swollen.

    "Are you OK?" she added her voice gruff and her throat sore.​
  19. Justin
    Justin buffed and looked at his twin."a homeless girl the red head. I had gone for a drive and she flagged me down. She had a twisted ankle. She was cold an muddy so I gave her some tea, a warm bath, new clothes and washed her old ones. Also gave her some for her friend. She met lily and went home. Trust me dude she wasn't going to harm me or lily. She even liked lily." He said as he drank his tea.

    His little sister was to truthful for her own good at times. He yawned."girl was in need of help, I just thought I help you know." Justin sighed and looked at his brother. He knew he here a lecture on ho dangerous that could be. He knew but no way the girl could of done anything in her state. She was also skinnier then a take.


    Alex looked at her friend and sighed."I got caught in the storm and took the forrest path back. I feel down the revvine and sprained my ankle. When I finally made it out, I walked for a the road to get a car to stop. He stopped let me clean up gave me fresh clothes." She said quietly her voice still gone." here clean dry clothes." She handed her friend some clothes he had given her for lyss. She also had the clothes he cleaned.

    She sighed, "it was nice of him to stop and help me." She said." No ones done that before. He said to keep the clothes." She said. He had given them also his moms old winter coats. She peaked in at the animals she got warm kisses and licks. She smiled and fed them. She smiled seeing the duckling and kittens curled up. She was warm in the new clothes and winter jacket that was water proof it was long enough to sign on. She also gave her friend a dry towel.

    Alex looked at her friend and sighed." sorry I was in a bad mood yesterday." She said. She hoped she take the clothes and the apology.
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