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  1. "Welcome to Voltaire Academy! I am Headmistress Griffen. I hope you are ready for another year here." Says a rather tail lady with brown hair and purple attire. She was rather beautiful. "Before we dismiss you to explore campus I would like to cover a few things. We have a few classes being fixed so please be cautious of that. I expect all to stay in uniform and to follow the simple rules we have here." She says as she stands in the middle of the court yard. "I am not going to waste your time by covering every rule in the book because you should have read it. Keep in mind we try to make things interesting and enjoyable. I know not everything is fun and game but bare with it because the fun will come soon after. Now you are dismissed to explore. I want all to report to the dinning hall at 6 o'clock for dinner." With that the crowed of people split up.
  2. Dannii stands listening, his crimson red tie hanging loosely off of his un-tucked collared shirt. Once dismissed, he finds himself skipping softly around the place and familiarizing himself with the new buildings and such. After doing so, he takes a seat on a bench next to a water fountain and slowly lays on his back, staring at the sky.
  3. Vladimir sighed and looked at is tie, wishing he could rip it off. "I hate uniforms" he whispered softly to himself. He looked up as the headmistress walked away with her last few words.
  4. Damian who had been in a tree the whole time jumped down as the sun set. "Night class does have its perks." He mutters loosing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt some to give anyone that saw him the rebel impression. His hair was a raven color and his eyes were deep blue. Deep within his eyes you saw the crimson color that warned of a dangerous monster. Pure noble vampire blood ran threw his vans but little did he know.
  5. Vladimir saw Damien and laughed at him but stopped suddenly when he met his eyes. "Pure huh?" Vlad snickered.
  6. Damian gave the young man who walked to him an odd look. "What are you going on about?" He chuckled slightly. It was only a month before school had started that he woke from a ridiculously long slumber. He looks around nineteen of age but was far older. One of the staff walkes up to them. "I hope both of you gentlemen have found your way around." She says before stopping and looked at Damian. "Lord Damian Von Voltaire." She says rather surprised. Damian who was still confused walked away. "I am no lord. And I wish you wouldn't say my full name." She nods before running off. Damian let out a sigh. "So is this your first year hear?" He asks. Even though he say the tie it didn't men's it was not his first year here.
  7. Vladimir nodded and smirked "I assume you are one of the rare child's of this place" he chuckled "I have heard a lot about you... and i hope you heard about me?" he said raising a thin eyebrow cockily.
  8. "You? Oh your nothing special. A demon who hunts werewolves." Damian smirks "Me on the other hand you haven't heard a thing about me. Truth is you don't even know me. But its not like I really care what you or anyone else thinks or say." He turned to the demon. "Vladimir Wolf was it? Well I'll be seeing you." He then took off jumping from tree to tree. The school was surrounded by forest. If you didn't know where it was you would surely get lost.
  9. Lyn looked at the Mistress and listened intently. Out of all the people she seemed to be standing the most still as if in a military like discipline. But as soon as the Mistress dismissed them she turned and looked around at the courtyard. She smiled revealing her fangs and then began to laugh "Ohhh... I think this will all be a very fun time.." She said in English. Her voice filled with a German/Austrian accent. Many of the other students began to go off and do their own things and soon she found herself standing alone in the center of the courtyard. She looked around once more and shrugged "I... Don't mind this uniform really..." She said to herself.
  10. Vladimir growled as he left "ignorant vampires are my favorite". He slowly turned the other way and cocked his head as he saw a girl... a vampire girl.
  11. Damian heard him and laughed loudly. You could hear his laugh echo through out the castle grounds. That was when he spotted a vampire girl. "Well isn't she something else." He says with a smirk jumping down behind her. "Hello beautiful." He husky voice rang.
  12. Vladimir saw Damian pop next to her and growled, walking away. His claws slowly came out since he was mad but he didnt act upon his instincts, knowing well that Damian would win that battle.
  13. Dannii pops up from the bench and sighs. "Boooooored!"
  14. Damian looks over at Danni. "Bored are we now?" He asks liking at the boy with cat ears. He looked rather sexy with his button down shirt in buttoned slightly showing off some chest and his tie hung loosely around his neck.
  15. Dannii returns the gaze, with a solid nod before jumping up onto his feet. "Yep!" he retorts. "Very bored! Aren't you?"
  16. Vladimir sighed, moving towards a vacant valley near the outermost parts of the school grounds.
  17. "Well I don't know. I have been fucking with people since I woke up. Pissing others off is rather enjoyable." Damian says. He looks up to the sky as it starts to rain. "Well!" He says.
  18. Lyn suddenly turned at feeling the presence of two people approaching. She groaned but put on a type of act that made her seem social. She looked at the person who landed behind her and was unsure of what to do at that moment. She wasn't entirely sure what it was but she wasn't frightened. She then turned to feel another presence nearby. She knew what it was... A demon and something she didn't feel like dealing with. When Damian suddenly spoke to her she took a step back and growled "Do not harass me... I will be sure its the last thing you do." She said as the air around her seemed to electrify. She turned and began to walk towards the school. She obviously seemed ticked off or normal to those that know her.
  19. Vladimir chuckled at her reaction to Damian and decided to leave her be. He walked past her, waved, and went on about his business.
  20. "Woah. Pissy little thing isn't she. I wasn't planing to harass you. I gave you a complement." Damian yelled out the last part after saying the first under his breath. He feel back and landed on the grass. His black hair gently blowing in the breeze. His eyes were closed as he lyed there in the sunset.
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