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  1. Welcome to Voltaire Academy. This is an elite academy for the abnormal, whether your a super genius or someone who has a impressively strong connection with the spiritual world, this is a school for you. Most who enter this school are those who come from wealthy families. Children from age 10 - 19 attend this school.

    The school itself is an old castle that still holds its Gothic look. We strive to make the abnormal feel at home. The school has a long history and was once owned by the royal family of Voltaire. This family was not normal more they were pure blood vampires. Those who are first of the first. Most say the spirits of the once famous noble family still lives on within its walls.

    Even though its said the Voltaire royal bloodline it seems their is more then it let's on. Within the walls lies mysterious things and stories never told. Will you be one to figure out a secret or to? Maybe you will be one that doesn't care and lives a normal life here.

    Enrollment Sheet (open)

    Photo ID:

    Name pronunciation:
    Grade Level:
    Sexuality: (gay, bi, u know drill)
    Blood type:
    Ethnics: (also species)

    Hair color:
    Hair Style: (long or short)
    Eye color:
    Body Type: (thin, masculine, hourglass, etc)

    Markings: (Tattoos, birthmark, scare, etc)
    Stereo Type: (emo, nerd, jock, etc)

    Family History: (consists of family relationships, members, and things like that. Family bio)

    Personal History: (consists of things that happened to character that's irrelevant to family. Personal bio.)

    (I might give u these)
    Uniform: Normal Uniform of black/ gray jacket pants and skirts. Tie/ribbon/ bow color differs for grade level.


    Bow tie ribbon thing:
    1st year/6th grade: blue

    2nd year/ 7th grade: purple

    3rd year/8th grade: red

    4th year/9th grade: Deep Blue

    5th year/10th grade: royal Purple

    6th year/11th grade: crimson red

    7th year/12th grade: Black
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  2. Photo ID:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Dannii Drake
    Name pronunciation: Da-Nee D-Rake
    Alias/Nickname: Dannii
    Gender: Male
    D.O.B: 14th of July
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Bi-curious
    Blood type: AB
    Ethnics: Caucasian neko

    Hair color: Black
    Hair Style: Short
    Eye color: Amber
    Body Type: Thin
    Height: 4ft 11 / 150cm
    Weight: 88lbs / 40kg

    Markings: Double piercings on his right ear and a cuff on his left.
    Personality: Hyperactive, loving and attention seeker.
    Stereo Type: Overly loving Neko boy.

    Family History: The Drake family is more of a missfit one, where all are welcomed. Dannii was adopted after being abandoned at birth, from there he grew up with a lot of brothers and sisters who loved him.

    Personal History: Dannii tended to get himself into trouble a lot due to his want for attention, his over loving nature and his hyperactivity. All of which made him unbearable for some, but overly loved by others.

    Uniform: (Will fill this in, if not given.)
    Dorm: (Will fill this in, if not given.)
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  3. I'm not sure if I'll be boy or girl yet so I'll make two.

    Lilith Von Voltaire (open)

    Photo ID: af473f66-340b-4584-9a82-0b66b1ef0621.jpg

    Name: Lilith Von Voltaire
    Name pronunciation: lil-i-th
    Alias/Nickname: Lil
    Gender: Female
    D.O.B: Dec. 15
    Age: 17
    Grade Level: 11
    Brenda was doing what a Brenda in its natural habitat does. When Brenda hear a gobble. Creeping out of its habitat Brenda venture out into the world to find the source of the gobble. Brenda stumble upon a ferocious beast of wolf blood (pet dog) being gobbled at by the King of ferociously beast in the land (father). Making a sudden up roar in laughter and the two look over to the soft spoken Brenda and attacked! With the midst of the gobbling and licking Brenda is dead in the center of the land.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Blood type: O
    Ethnics: Itlain.

    Hair color: White
    Hair Style: long
    Eye color: purple
    Body Type: hourglass
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 180

    Markings: On her shoulder she has a rose.
    Personality: quite,keeps to self, friendly at times, stubborn
    Stereo Type: Loner

    Family History: She comes from the same royal bloodline that had built the caste which is now the school. Sadly she has no family. Little does anyone know she had been in a eternal sleep until a few years ago. What she does know is she was the last serving noble of the family that no longer lives.

    Personal History: Lilith is a rather calm person who spends her time playing her violin,cello or the piano. Despite the fact she looks calm and collect she can really open up a can of whoop ass if needed. She is a master of mix martial arts and like to use throwing knives or darts. Not someone you would play a game of darts with.

    Damian Von Voltaire (open)

    Photo ID: IMG_34980157335473.jpeg

    Name: Damian
    Name pronunciation: Day-me-uhn
    Gender: Male
    D.O.B: Dec. 15
    Age: 18
    Grade Level: 12th
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Blood type: O
    Ethnics: Italian

    Hair color: Black
    Hair Style: Shortish long with fringed bangs.
    Eye color: blue
    Body Type: Toned
    Height: 6'5
    Weight: 180

    Markings: on his arm he has a tribal looking sleeve tattoo
    Personality: Chill,laid back,stubborn, mischevious, playboy
    Stereo Type: Bad Boy/Flirt and music prodagiy.

    Family History: Has no family and is last and only hire to Voltaire bloodline. He doesn't know that his family is of vampire royalty that still rules the monster relm. He had yet to discover his place on the throne.

    Personal History: One day he simply wakes up at Voltaire Academy. He knows who he is but doesn't remember much prior to sleeping for about a millenium. A Mischevious playboy you often flirts with lots. He is pretty much what every girl dreams of but of course he follows his own rule. He is a rather smart honors student without trying also he is a music prodagiy. He rather be outside playing his violin on a winter/spring day. But lets not forget he is a master of mix marshal arts and has dead aim. Accracy that always hits its taget. He likes throwing knives. Though he acts big and tough he has a sweet side.

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  4. Vladimir Wolf (open)
    Photo ID:[​IMG]

    Name: Vladimir Wolf
    Name pronunciation: Vlad-I-Meer Wol-oof
    Alias/Nickname: Vlad
    Gender: boy
    D.O.B: April 19
    Age: 18
    Grade Level: 11th (he failed)
    Sexuality: (gay, bi, u know drill) straight
    Blood type: A
    Ethnics: (also species) Demon

    Hair color: black
    Hair Style: (long or short) short
    Eye color: gray
    Body Type: (thin, masculine, hourglass, etc) masculine
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 200

    Markings: (Tattoos, birthmark, scare, etc) snakebites, nose bridge piercing, and a tattoo of a wolf clawing out of his back
    Personality: rude and agressive. he never opens up unless he truely likes you
    Stereo Type: (emo, nerd, jock, etc) bad emo

    Family History: (consists of family relationships, members, and things like that. Family bio) his family died hunting werewolves. His family are demon werewolf hunters. He came to this school to learn more about their unexplained deaths

    Personal History: (consists of things that happened to character that's irrelevant to family. Personal bio.) He grew up on his own learning how to take in the information about the things he was. He hunted humans (eating their soul for power)

  5. Your good I'm just going to say no Over powering because your a demon. Most people who play demons tend to do that.
  6. Photo ID: [​IMG]

    Name: Lyn Monica Sebastian
    Name pronunciation: Lyn As in Lin
    Alias/Nickname: Tesla
    Gender: Female
    D.O.B: April 18th
    Age: 17
    Grade Level: Junior
    Sexuality: Bi
    Blood type: AB+
    Ethnics: Germanic-Black Forest, Southern Germany- Witch/Vampire Mix

    Hair color: Blonde
    Hair Style: Long
    Eye color: Almost Glowing Emerald Green
    Body Type: Thin but deceivingly strong.
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 123-Pds

    Markings: Marking of a storm cloud on her left shoulder. Unknown purpose.
    Personality: Very straight forward and normally hyper active. She has a very strong presence in the room has a normal drive to find things out about people. She is always seen doing something to keep herself active. Rarely seen after 12:00Am and due to her Vampiric blood she gets urges to drink blood.
    Stereo Type: Jock/Athletic

    Family History: Mother: Alive for several Hundred years and is known within the community as the 'Storm' Witch and her family in Germany is a very high class family consisting of several corporations and a large amount of land.
    Father: Known as the Vampire of the black forest. Has gotten confused with 'Slender' Man in German mythology due to his large and imposing size.
    No Brothers or sisters. (consists of family relationships, members, and things like that. Family bio)

    Personal History: A recent child to a family that is as old as legend. Her blood is mixed with magic and strength. Her time growing up was full of splendor and she always got what she worked for. She was never given anything but had to go about earning it herself giving her a more stoic attitude than most. She excelled in sports at her previous school and nearly advanced to the Female FiFa team for 2014. Her love of electricity had driven her towards music at a young age and had a teacher by the name of Joe Satriani which her parents paid for. She has since then mastered many of the type of electrical Guitar. To the amazement of many she is able to play the guitar as if a Amp was hooked up when there is not one.

    (I might give u these)
    Uniform: Normal Uniform of black/ gray jacket pants and skirts. Tie/ribbon/ bow color differs for grade level.
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  7. Ur good To go and may start.
  8. Photo ID:


    Name: Rin Fujisaki

    Name pronunciation: Rin Foo-jih-sah-key

    Alias/Nickname: Rin

    Gender: Female

    D.O.B: Unknown

    Age: Unknown

    Grade Level: 6th Year/11th Grade

    Sexuality: Pansexual (though she's quite indifferent to the thought of a romantic relationship of her own)

    Blood type: O-

    Ethnics: Half-human, half-ghost, Nordic origin

    Hair color: Blonde, pink highlights

    Hair Style: Medium length

    Eye color: Purple, though tthey turn red at times.

    Body Type: Very petite

    Height: 4' 10"

    Weight: 102lbs

    Markings: the dark half of the yin-yang symbol on her back

    Personality: Very cheerful and outgoing. She is also quite the playful teaser, which is misleading of her true self

    Stereo Type: Bipolar girl

    Family History: She is currently the sole survivor of her clan, a ghost clan that specializes in and thrives on chaos. Ever since her family vanished, she traveled the realms to feed her need for chaos (something she wishes she could change about herself).

    Personal History: She was transported to the current world by a priest she tried to kill. She carries the soul of her only friend inside of her, in hopes she'll find a body that can withstand her power.

    Uniform: Long-sleeve black jacket, black skirt, red ribbon around the collar.​
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  9. Your good.
  10. Photo ID:
    Photo (open)

    Name: Cenric Kari
    Name pronunciation: Sen-rik Kau (as in Austria)-ree
    Alias/Nickname: Cen
    Gender: Male
    D.O.B: December 31
    Age: 15
    Grade Level: 5th year
    Sexuality: Gay
    Blood type: O-
    Ethnics: Species - Soul shifter / Ethnicity - Austrian

    Hair color: Human form / Part transformation - Platinum blonde
    Hair Style: (long or short) Short messy.
    Eye color: Normal - Topaz / Part transformation - Glowing gold
    Body Type: Scrawny, thin.
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: Underweight

    Soul shifter powers: Not always an extremely powerful race. Shifters are born with some of the abilities of the animals they can transform into. For example Cenric's soul animal is an Egyptian fruit bat. He has the ability to use the bat's sonar in order to see in the dark, and has a much higher sense of smell than normal people. He has a part transformation where he grows bat wings from his back, and his hair and eyes change color. His sonar is higher when he does this (has further range) and he is able to fly. He can also transform completely into a bat, but it is not recommended that anyone stay in this form for very long, because it's possible to forget that one was human.
    Markings: Scars on his back where his wings appear.
    Personality: Is very outgoing. He's intelligent, but instead of being concerned with grades he prefers his own projects. Lately he's been getting into building explosives, and robots. He enjoys it when his projects work, but also has a blast when they end up failing. He loves talking to people about what he's working on, and tends to be a bit selfish. He's a bit rebellious with authority figures. However, deep down he really cares for other people's well being. He has an aversion to using his powers.
    Stereo Type: Tech nerd

    Family History: Kari history: The Kari family are as close to royals as soul shifter society gets in Europe. Every person has been born pure blood shifter. The family has a lot of pressure to be helpful. Family Members: Mother: Elise Age: 100 Soul Animal: Lion; Father: Thomas Age: 98 Soul Animal: Brown bear; Older brother: Leofric Age: 29 Soul Animal: Ring tailed Lemur; Older sister: Jane Age: 25 Soul Animal: Grey fox. Relationship: Cenric is the youngest of three siblings. He's also the disappointment. He has no interest in furthering his connection with his soul animal or in using his intelligence to help his species. His parents frustrated with his rebellious attitude and unwillingness to learn anything, but what he wanted; decided to send him away to Voltaire Academy in the hope of getting him back on track. Cenric has a friendly sibling rivalry with his oldest brother and an emotional supportive relationship with his sister.

    Personal History: Cenric easily impressed his teachers with his knowledge and they jumped his in a grade quickly. Unfortunately they were disappointed by his lackluster attitude when it came to studying and doing well in school. It was een more frustrating when they gave him tests that he easily past. Both Cenric and his teachers realized he had nothing to learn from each other and the school eventually gave up on trying to get the young man to come to class.

    Uniform: Wait for you to give them, if you do.
    Dorm:Wait for you to give them, if you do.
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  11. Was that an accept? Sorry ^^ I just wasn't sure.
  12. Yeah.
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  13. Photo ID:
    Picture (open)

    Name: Vivian Avila
    Name pronunciation: vih-vee-in
    Alias/Nickname: Viv
    Gender: Female
    D.O.B: February 29th
    Age: 19
    Grade Level: 7th year/12th grade
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Blood type: B-
    Ethnics: Romanian vampire

    Hair color: Blonde
    Hair Style: Long
    Eye color: Blue
    Body Type: Thin/Petite
    Height: 5"7
    Weight: 98 lbs

    Distinguishing features (open)

    Personality:Rarely stable with her emotions but the best at giving advice and helping others. Very spiritual; especially when it comes to mind body relaxation and horoscopes, pisces, when she's in a relationship she will open up entirely to her partner trusting them with her innermost thoughts and secrets, either extremely social or anti-social depending on her bipolar mood swings
    Stereo Type: the grunge girl

    Family History: She prefers not to remember
    Personal History: Has a habit of getting into toxic relationships along with attaining toxic habits in the process. While in her last relationship she got hooked on heroin, and is currently trying to recover. Started smoking cigarettes at age 15. Was in 3 emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive relationships in the past 2 years.
    Uniform: Normal Uniform of black/ gray jacket pants and skirts. Tie/ribbon/ bow color differs for grade level.
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  14. Photo ID: kat mar.jpg

    Name: Katrina Markov
    Name pronunciation: kah-TREE-nuh mah-r-ko-v

    Alias/Nickname: Kat

    Gender: Female

    D.O.B: June 2


    Grade Level:7th year/ 12th grade

    Sexuality: Bi-sexual

    Blood type: AB-

    Ethnics: Russian- Vampire

    Hair color: silvery white that fades into black tips

    Hair Style: Short in the back and two long pieces in the front

    Eye color: Silver blue

    Body Type: hour-glass

    Height: 5'4''

    Weight: 135 lbs

    Markings: kats tat.jpg

    Personality: Quiet and reserved but once you get to know her she is a kind girl who smiles a lot in your company

    Stereo Type: emo because she is pretty quiet and that is who she mainly hangs out with

    Family History: Kat is the youngest of 13 children that her parents had. She lead a pretty solitary life, most of her siblings ignored her all but her brother Kristopher who was 4 years older than her. The Markovs are distant relatives of the royal vampire family and as such taught the children to behave like royalty. Kat under went a lot of training and some cruel abuse on how to act which what contributes to her shyness and with drawled attitude.

    Personal History: Throughout most of her schooling career she was the out-cast and the loner. She tried really hard to make friends but the other kids did not want to befriend her. She still tries to be nice to them despite being pushed away. Her family thought sending her to a school that had some creatures similar to her would be good for her self-esteem.
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  15. Photo ID: [​IMG]

    Name: Oakley Naelgrath.
    Name pronunciation: Ok-lee Nay-el-grath.
    Alias/Nickname: N/A.
    Gender: Genderqueer.
    D.O.B: 5th of June.
    Age: 16.
    Grade Level: 5th Grade.
    Sexuality: Pansexual.
    Blood type: AB.
    Ethnics: Maori.
    Race: Elvin/Human.

    Hair Color: White.
    Hair Style: Shoulder length, long bangs.
    Eye color: Dark brown.
    Body Type: Short and muscular.
    Height: 160cm.
    Weight: 65kgs.

    Markings: Tribal tattoo on their right shoulder blade.
    Personality: Passionate, youthful, optimistic, quick tempered, childish, clumsy.
    Stereo Type: Over-energized sports freak.

    Family History: Oldest of three, one brother and one sister. Father is unknown but have a very close relationship with their mother and siblings.

    Personal History: Born in a small tribal community that practice the Maori culture (especially their tribal culture). Grew up around humans, having a sense of community and teamwork. At the age of 10 Oakley found out about their Elvin side, right before Oakley was accepted to the school.

    Uniform: Normal Uniform of black/ gray jacket pants and skirts. Royal purple tie/ribbon/bow.
    Dorm: Fill in when given.
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  16. Photo ID:

    Name: Sumiko Sugawara
    Name pronunciation: Soomeekoh Soogerwahrah
    Alias/Nickname: Sekki
    Gender: Male
    D.O.B: 22nd July 2001
    Age: 13
    Grade Level: 7th
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Blood type: Tc(a-)
    Ethnics: Icelandic, Nøkken-Selkie Hybrid.

    Hair color: Silver
    Hair Style: Long, very long.
    Eye color: Galaxy.
    Body Type: Stick thin.
    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 115lbs

    Powers: Can turn into a horse or a seal at will, controls water, ice and steam (not fully trained) and can see the whole of the universe, but doesn't know it's not normal. He rarely opens his eyes, because he thinks he's light sensitive, but it's actually all the supernovas and stars he can constantly see.
    Markings: Burns all under his fringe.
    Personality: Ridiculously calm about everything and anything. He never gets worked up and always knows how to sort problems out. Unless it's pertaining to fire... He goes either into a comatose state, or goes completely wild. He has a hatred of fire eitherway.
    Stereo Type: Peaceful kid.

    Family History: His mother was a Selkie that was tricked by his father (A Nøkken) to become his wife, but they ended up falling in love anyway and had a child called Sumiko. He is in close contact with them both.

    Personal History: When he was 7 years old it was all peaceful until the Fire Nation attacked. his lake was invaded by Fire Warriors, who burnt down the whole area, paralyzing his father and burnt half of his mother's body, as well as half of his body. Surprisingly enough, the water didn't help much in their survival of the flames.

    Uniform: Normal Uniform of gray jacket pants and skirts. Purple Tie.
    Dorm: Waiting for you to say <3
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  17. (Erm, is this still open?)

    Photo ID:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Ayame Duane
    Name pronunciation: Ah-yah-meh d-w-aye-n
    Alias/Nickname: Aya
    Gender: Female
    D.O.B: October 30th
    Age: 14
    Grade Level: 4th Year/9th Grade
    Sexuality: Straight Asexual
    Blood type: O Positive
    Ethnics: Mixed Japanese-Irish-English Kitsune

    Hair color: Golden Blonde
    Hair Style: Short
    Eye color: Blue
    Body Type: Pear-shaped (bottom-heavy)
    Height: 5'1”
    Weight: 115lbs

    Markings: White full-moon-shaped mark on her back.
    Personality: Despite her asexuality, she's rather cuddly, and could be considered something of a pervert. She tends to goof-off when she doesn't have anything else to do, but is very diligent in work and studies. Notably, she has a love of anime and manga, along with general Japanese culture. Tricking people is one of her hobbies.
    Stereo Type: Otaku/Anime Geek

    Family History: Father: A black sheep from two fairly wealthy families. The illegitimate child of an Englishwoman and an Irishman. Traveled to Japan and fell for a kitsune. Is awkward around his daughter.

    Mother: An average kitsune. Ayame is quite close to her mother.

    Ayame: While she was born from a human and a kitsune, the circumstances of her birth were unusual, leading to a full kitsune child.

    Personal History: From an early age, her kitsune blood was apparent. As she grew older, it stayed apparent, but was equaled out as her human side developed. She currently can't transform into a fox, due to her youth.

    Uniform: Normal Uniform of black/ gray jacket pants and skirts. Deep blue tie/ribbon/bow.
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  18. Photo ID: ( in file )

    Name: Jaid Manson
    Name pronunciation: jayd mahn-suhn
    Alias/Nickname: Jay / jayjay for those who wish to live a fairly short life.
    Gender: male
    D.O.B: February 18th 1997
    Age: 17
    Grade Level: Junior
    Sexuality: Bi
    Blood type: O+
    Ethnics: Cyclops: Mediteranean 50% greek 50% Italian (Roman) /Human: Canadian 100% English

    Hair color: dark blue-Black
    Hair Style: Mid-length
    Eye color: Green
    Body Type: Strong and masculine.
    Height: (I dont know!)
    Weight: (I dont know!)
    Markings: from his lower stomach, a tattoo of a shotgun that goes all the way to his lip, making it look like a shotgun in his mouth, and on his forehead it looks like a cartoon 'BANG!'

    Stereo-Type: New Kid
    Family History: the names have been excluded to protect the memory of the dead|| "the mother was killed during birth, as he had no parents, his aunt took him in, as soon as he was legally his guardian, they all contracted some sort of horrible disease, except jason. they died 16 years later, not without having jason take care of them with the help of one female wet-nurse( he was very young back then, like 1 week... ), then, 13 years later, changed with a male nurse, "To prevent fooling around, ya know, we never know what ya might do, eh?" Stupid aunt, she was never very trusting, then i went to Voltaire Academy, best years of my sorry life..."
    Personal History: (the thing up there was 'family history' from a government file, it also is his bio too... he said it.)

    Uniform: All Black Uniform
    Tie: Royal Purple
    Shoes: Black dress loafers
    Dorm:Unknown as of yet.

    Attached Files:

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  19. All you have to do is make a OCs and let me read it.
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