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  1. Where am I?

    What an overused question. The answer, you are nowhere important. One does not receive comfort from learning the obvious. One only wishes to escape. The pain, the memories, the hate, the sorrow. Escape. Destroy the things that negate the sanity you desire to keep.

    The voice that beckons you.
    Not the loving guidance, but the sinful wretch within which desires you to be just as wretched as it appears.

    What should I do?

    Another useless quiery. The voice can answer.

    "Kill. Mortify. Mutilate.
    Destroy it all.
    You are the only one who should reside in such a world.

    What is this?

    "This is the world, my child. You reside here. Against your will, perhaps.
    You don't have the choice.
    Destroy it all."

    Evil may grip your soul. No one is pure. Succumb to it.

    Go away.
    I don't need you.
    I don't want to be corrupted.

    "Kill. Mortify. Mutilate."

    I said go away!


    GO AWAY!!

    She crouched in the darkness, hugging her knees, nearly in a foetal position. Opening her eyes with a jolt, she looked around. An allyway. She remembered coming here to rest... The dream, she thought. That parasite is growing stronger. She pulled herself to her feet, weakly using the wall to balance herself. It's cold here. A relocation is in order. She stepped foreward before looking around the corner. The streets are just as busy as usual, pedestrians wandering the sidewalks, vehicles blasting down the black pavement. Everyday life keeps moving onwards, no one with a care in the world. Never changing.

    The light of day shone upon her, even as she hides in the shadows the walls created for her. The light illuminated her form. It revealed a young female, adorned in what appeared to be a school uniform. On the contrary, these were merely her normal clothing. A black skirt, a white button-down top, simple white shoes. Not at all very flashy weekend wear. She had never wished to be seen. Her dark hair was very straight-lined, tumbling down her back like a smooth waterfall. Her eyes were an inhuman shade of gold. The gaze they offer would shatter eternity to a second if she so desired. She does not. She avoids eye contact with the beings that occupy this place at all costs. Truth can be revealed without a word if one may look deep into someones eyes; they are the gateway to the soul, after all. An unneeded hinderance.
  2. Aria stares as the pedestrians strut down crowded streets. A simple sigh swooshes through her lips as she leans against the side of a broken building she temporarily called home. Her pale hands clutch the end of her her dull black dress as her jade cat eyes inspect each pedestrian that passes her without a glance. If they'd looked they'd have found her odd, in the slight spring heat her torn tights and cardigan paired along a black dress would seem in their words "idiotic" or "insane". But as heat picked at her hidden flesh she still seemed to shiver.
    Her eyes flicker downward, as one pale hand leaves the wrinkled silk gown and flies to her frosty hair. She needed to leave city life soon, their cold, dead souls were affecting even her darkened mind. Maybe a rural town would provide more open prospects? Nobody would care there either, but at least they would have better emotions to take in..
    She laughs and returns her eyes up to the mundane life of the street. Maybe she'd actually catch an eye today??
  3. She gingerly stepped from the corner, quietly walking down the roadside. Not many actually had the ability to notice her, to be truthful. It was something she had discovered very quickly, though she still preferred to stay away from living humans.. their company just seemed unsettling to her, each one with an overcompromised sense of religion. It was perplexing. She took a black scarf from her shirt's pocket, tying it around her neck to cover a symbol which ornamented the center of her chest. It was merely a brand, set onto all of her kind's forms as identification. She had found some humans had heard of it through legends, or something odd like that. They certainly didn't cherish the unseen company of their bearers. Her entire existance was cautious, even as she hated having to be that way. There was no way around it though, after all she was just 'a lone spirit lurking a chaotic city', as she often said to herself. She strode along, dodging the human bodies which passed by her, happily oblivious of her existance. She payed no mind as she had approached the tattered building, only turning her gaze to look at the jade-eyed girl which leaned against it an she stepped past, but she slowly halted after being a short distance away. Looking to a new alley at her right, she turned into it, dissapearing behind the corner to search for the door she wanted.
  4. Her slim, faint eyebrow raises as she watches the peculiar girl walks by her. As she watches her walk beyond the alley Aria's mind flies about, curiosity seeding itself in her clean cut thoughts. 'Curiosity killed the cat' hums in her head and she pauses, but turns to follow the girl silently. Her little black covered feet fall against the dirty sidewalk with a little to much silence to fit a humans normal gait. She grins like a Cheshire and sneaks about like a kitten on a playful prowl as her head pops into the alley the girl had dissappeared. Her jade eyes scan the alley looking for her as the widen in the dark light. 'Well here goes the cat'
  5. She stopped in front of the door, her hand already raised to the handle, when she felt another's prescence. Her head whipped aroound to the cat-like girl, studying her closely, lips tightly pressed together. Had she been seen after all? Her hand dropped back to her side slowly. Yes, she was obviously being looked at. That's nice.. she thought sarcastically, before rotating towards the female, mildly cautious. The last thing I need is another unintended enemy.

    "Who..." she sighed, feeling the cliche in the question, as her voice lowered. "Do I know you.. or vise versa? You've followed someone who shouldn't be seen." The energy of her was of slight annoyance. She wasn't usually partial to strangers; let alone ones who would follow her into alleyways. She didn't show how much it bothered her, however. She didn't feel threatened enough at the moment, so she simply kept her cool silence, facing her pursuer.
  6. The cat girl' eyes widen and her teeth clamp down on her pale lower lip. She'd been discovered. How would she answer the question that she didn't even know the answer to?
    She opens her mouth to speak but only air escapes her lips. "Hmm.." she hums. A simple shrug falls over her shoulders, causing her sleeves to raise up enough to show her own markings. The beginning of vein-lined scribbles shine against their silver shade against her skin. "I don't know you.. But.. Why I'm following you?" she falls silent, her narrow jade stare clouding over, like the way a cats would if they were tired or troubled.
  7. She sensed the other girls unease, and calmed her cautious hostility. She wasn't really a threat, she guessed, and examined the strange marking on her arm. She came to the conclusion that the girl had appeared not of her own kind, but not very human, nevertheless. Her pale being was longing to pass thtrough the doorway, but held off on the action until she could learn fully of the characters intentions. Arms crossed in front of her, golden eyes nearly glowing in the dark of the alley as she thought.
    "Mmhm. There a reason? Any reason at all?" She didn't know her; that could be good, in a sense that she wasn't a known enemy.
  8. She looked at the girls crossed arms. Did she even have a reason? Nope.
    "Not really," she answered. All she truly knew was that the pale golden eyed girl wasn't human. And curiosity of other things always struck her like a never ending chord.
    "You looked interesting... And... I dunno," she adds before mentally sighing. She sounded like a creeper when she said that. Her jade eyes turn down as heat licks at her cheeks, she never had had savior fare..
    A deep breath fills her lungs and she peaks up, noticing how she was bothering the stranger. 'Way to go Aria...'
  9. The girl watched the exchange from the safety of the roof. She rarely cared for what humans were doing, except....one seemed very feline and was she talking to some sort of blurry shadow?
    Some grit trickled off the edge as she leaned over for a closer look.
  10. She watched the girl for a moment longer before sighing out. This girl was no issue, might as well cease hostility. Hearing the sound of slight rockfall behind her she looked up to the female on the roof, and stepped closer to the building as if in an attempt to hide herself again. Her brows knitted together in slight unease. Since when was I such an attraction? She glanced back to the felineish girl, pressing to the door.
    "You mean that..? Or did you lead someone else here...?"
  11. a small boy walks right into the two of you, falling on his backside, he looks up at you two curiously, he has a black hoodie on, obviously too big for him, a silver neckless on his lightly exposed chest, he has an innocent face, white hair and grey eyes, hes probably the most adorable and random thing you two have seen.
  12. Her eyes tilt up to the girl on the stranger on the roof, her lips twisting downwards. The woman just stood there staring down at them silently. 'Great... More talking...' she sighs in her head.
    Aria looks to the first girl who had just accused her of leading her to her. Her pale lips form a perfect 'o' before she wildly shakes her head, letting her pale hair fly about her head in a whirlwind.
    "I don't know her. Promise," she says quickly before looking back. Suddenly something walks into them and she looks down, keeping her simple stance. She takes in the little boy who'd fallen and frowns pointing at him softly. "I do not know him either," she says, her repetitive answer echoing the small alley. Her hand blooms from its soft point into an open palm, waiting for the child to grab on and stand up.
    "Here.." she murmurs to him, waiting to help the boy up. Though she doesn't look at him, but at the first girl with confusion hidden in jade orbs.
  13. "Ah.." She wasn't used to so many near her at once, and was obviously quite uncomfortable. She was tapping her foot and thinking hard, seemingly in a hurry. I need to head back, now. Why must they all be here? No one should be here. I should have been alone. I should have paid attention to who was following me... Too late now, I have to go. Soon. Now. Right now. She looked from face to face before biting her bottom lip in frustration. Suddenly her hand had flashed out and grabbed a hold of the handle, and she had jumped through the flung-open door, the entryway nearly giving off a sudden shine as she disappeared into it.
    The vision of hers was engulfed in pure white, she simply ran through it as if it was an everyday tunnel. It was of course, for her. The whiteness slowly swirled, and faded into a different view; The world was transformed, not at all the inside of a building as it would have been expected. It was a seemingly frozen land, except it was not cold. The weather was very mild, almost warm. The entrance had transported her to a frozen branch, in a forest. She swiftly made her way across them, moving tree to tree. Her leaps were almost more of a float in her energy, and she cleared it all with ease. The leaved which had adorned them were a crystal white, the bark all gently frosted over in snow.
    She took a sharp right, and stood, hidden behind the base of the glittering maples.
  14. The Small boy's face lights up like on christmas morning and takes the hand. His hand is soft, but cold. He continues to sit, playfuly swinging the hand he holds. Out from his pocket comes a small black mouse, it crawls up the boys body from his pocket to his head. It stands on its head and looks around. it speaks "Adrias boy you did it this time, you got us lost! of all places. This is not Central park playground! how did you even get up here!. unless of course you used MAGIK but we all know you are not aloud to use THAT right Adrias!" Adrias looks at his friend apon his head and lets out a soft cute sound "Boo" From his sleeve a floating piece of chalk begins to write apon the ground. " Miss who holds my hand, Where are we?" The mouse jumps "Who is this Adrias! why are you holding her hand!" The Chalk writes, i fell.."
  15. The cat like girl watches the first woman leave and looks down to the boy who was shaking her hand. Her eyes narrow in on the mouse, who was scolding the boy. She keeps her hand in his, watchin as chalk stains the filthy ground. Her feline eyes turn sadly away from the mouse and to the mouse, she was on her beat behavior of course.
    "Well..... We are not in Central park.. In fact we are far from it.." she tells him, not fully answering the questions. Her jade eyes turning up to the other woman, confused. How did she get stuck in this position?
    She looks back to the boy and puts on her nicest smile. "Where should you be??" she asks, kneeling down despite her dress and tight combo. Her pale hand stays in his taking in the coolness. "Hmm?"
  16. The boy stares at your cat ears, he pokes them with his free hand, the chalk changes color to black it scribbles out "No where in particular, Where ever fate takes me, Who are you?" The mouse jumps up and down on the boys head "Adrias for all you know you could of walked into a different plane of existence! as your familiar i deam us Lost"
  17. She grins at the boy and eyes the mouse. "Call me Aria," she whispers. "Who is the mouse?" she asks, her cat eyes narrowing slightly on him. Though she would not move to touch the mouse, since it seemed like the only caretaker of the boy, her instincts still attracted her attention to the small being.
    She forced her eyes to turn to the chalk, wondering if this was how he would always talk.
  18. The mouse scurrys up Aria's arm to her shoulder and speaks softly "I am Monumo i am sworn to look after Adrias and keep him safe!" Monamo stands in a superhero pose, his face tells he is happy. The chalk turns a sad blue color and writes. "I Lost my voice and im looking for it, have you seen it?" The Chalk turns black and draws a cube with music notes on it, it then draws a Comic strip of Adrias sleeping, a reaper creeping up too him, cutting his throat and pulling the box out and vanishing.
  19. Aria resists her urge to flick the mouse from her shoulder, she was a cat after all. She just looks kindly at the mouse and then to the small chalk strip.
    "I'm afraid I've not seen your voice, sorry," she says lightly. Her jade eyes dialate as she takes a deep breath and the scent of her companions and the streets twirl in her lungs. "I'm sure you shall find it soon.."
  20. Adrias stands up, continuing to Hold the hand.
    The mouse vanishes
    he looks up at the catlady and stares