Voice-Over Demo Ideas

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People who know me well enough already know this about me, but for those of you that don't: I want to be a Voice Over Actor. For anime, western animation, dubbing foreign films, video games, commercials. . . and anything else that could fall into the category. While my imagination can be creative [Otherwise I wouldn't RP or want this job] my mind is running a blank on what do say when I want to record a demo tape.

A VA who has been around a while can just use clips from their previous work to fill up the demo tape. But anyone starting out has to pretty much make up all of the lines while still making them sound like they WERE from previous work. My brain is going through a mental block on this front right now at a very bad time. . . because I have a connection that could do a professionally recorded demo tape without costing money I don't really have as a college student. But I'm not sure how much longer that connection will be around in the local area. So my goal has been to create a Demo Tape by the end of this semester. . . and work or personal life has just gotten in the way.


Please Iwaku, you're my only hope~!
Dude who did a VA dubbing course here.

Get a show or an anime or whatever and do the lines of it.

Like, I don't know, the intro speech of a documentary, some dialogue and shit.

It's easier here because all we did was dub over movies and cartoons, but you can't really do that since it's the same language, I figure.
I thought you couldn't do that since the lines would be copyrighted or that if they actually thought you had worked on the show then found out you had not. . . that it would look bad or something.

Or am I just over-thinking?
Well if you are looking for lines to try out for yourself you can use ICSYL's lines. The last two pages should suffice for good "battle" lines. The RP itself is in the archives right now under Hall of Fame.
I thought you couldn't do that since the lines would be copyrighted or that if they actually thought you had worked on the show then found out you had not. . . that it would look bad or something.

Or am I just over-thinking?

Yep, over-thinking.

And uh, if anything you can make it a video and say in huge letters like "HAI GUYZ I DIDN'T DO THE STUFF AT THE START LOLZ"

And if things do go like they go in here, you've got to audition either way, and that works out better, you'll probably start with radio, but I don't know how it works in the gringo industry.

btw, <3 my new sig
Just look at some of the lines from any RP that tweaks your fancy. It might help.

Or read whatever Asmo posts.
This is just a thought but perhaps we can make this a Proffessional and Novice thread and put up examples we recorded onto youtube and share them here. (Just a thought) After all I've been thinking about seeing how the recorder treats my voice.
If you're interested in a career like this taking a Voice Over class is the best way to go, assuming your college/university has one. I'm currently taking one(about to finish next week). Even though they might not focus only on voice acting for cartoons/anime/video games, they still will be a lot of help to learn about how the industry works and what sort of voices you can do.

Depending on the class, they can at least get you a scratch tape or the professor might even be able to make you a demo disc like mine has offered to do. You'd have to pay for it but at least it's professional. Trying to make one for free just might not work out unless you know someone or really put time in to learn production techniques and editing.

In the mean time there's no harm in practicing.
I am also interested in voice acting...as there seems to be a modicum of interest int he subject methinks Piro's idea is a good one. We can work on lines for each other and practice voice range/pitch before creating demo tapes and the like. I'm game if others are.
Very well. Then I'll get to doing stuff with Audacity very soon here...I hope.
Alright despite my undeath of this subject I would like to bring up an important announcement. To those who are interested in Voice Acting I am now going to try to conduct monthly gatherings for us to get together and voice act various different media. Pretty much bring your own, find stuff online, and even on the Iwaku and we'll do it. Group voice acting sessions should be fun and they'll even be edited and put together on youtube under the account Iwakugeth. So far Jack Shade and I seem keen on the idea who else is in? (Date and Time Specifics not set yet but will come soon.)
I'm in! Except technically I don't have a working mic so I'm kindda screwed right now.
Glad to see we got a lot of interest and yeah I got a skype contact. Seeing as it hasn't been updated in my profile you can search for Pseudoping in the add contact category. I'll be the only one there and if not I'm the one from Minnesota.

Also if things go the way they should I will be having Monday the 31st off making that the perfect time for me to host things.
If you ever want to get your toes wet, you could hang around some game modding boards. They're looking for voices most of the time.

Just have to, y'know, hope you're in the 0.001% of mods that actually get released.
Alright today is the day. For all of you who haven't added me yet I'm Pseudoping in the add contact search. I'll be on all day today. If you are suffering some troubles when adding my name just contact me via MSN at [email protected] or post a visitor message on here I'll be checking the Iwaku throughout the day. Now let's enjoy.

Oh yeah forgot to mention I'll be recording people who want to be recorded with audacity so we can use the audio effects on the program to make your voice as insane or lol as you want.