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Do you fancy yourself a Voice Actor?

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  2. I'd like to get into it

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  1. If any of you folk have played "Off" and are a member of the blogging site "Tumblr", you have a somewhat slim chance of knowing who I am. I voice numerous characters in comics, fics, and comical chats from the game "Off", including The Batter, Zacharie, Dedan, Elsen, Japhet, and also Enoch. My voices are somewhat popular in the fandom, and I probably have more fans than followers on tumblr.

    But I must ask, are there any other people here who make a habit of manipulating their voices to multiple ends for the sake of giving voice to a speechless character?
  2. I've never been involved in any actual recorded voice acting. But when I've GMed for tabletop RPGs I always try to do something to make NPCs distinct. Speak more harshly, speak more softly, feign accents or vocal tics.
  3. Honestly, Voice Acting is something that I have SO much respect for, and it's something that I'd like to get into, just as a hobby; maybe doing stuff for things put on Youtube or whatever. I think it'd be kinda fun.
  4. It was something of a dream job of mine, and I was really looking into it, as I've something of a knack for voices, but unfortunately, upholding my personal code of honor and giving my all for my family for the past six years has stymied that.
  5. Consider I make voiced acted quest ill tell you a lot of folks do. Though most are full of shit.